Best Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

Best Alternatives to WordPad for Mac:

WordPad is a simple application to create and edit documents in Windows PC. You cannot use the WordPad App on Mac computer, but you can find the best alternative to WordPad for Mac. WordPad is available for Windows OS only. If you are looking for the best alternative to WordPad for Mac then your search will end here.

You can create, save and share variety of documents in WordPad such as Posters, Notes and Letters. We have worked hard to find out some best alternatives to WordPad for Mac which you can easily install and use on your Mac computer. Some WordPad alternatives are free to use and some are paid software with more features.

Best Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

Here we provide the list of best alternatives to WordPad for Mac as follows:

  1. LibreOffice Writer
  2. Wordpad Online
  3. Vim Text Editor
  4. FocusWriter
  5. Blinky – Retro Text Editor
  6. iText Express
  7. Apache OpenOffice Writer
  8. Microsoft Office Word
  9. Scrivener
  10. Notepas

Let us discuss all the above given alternatives to WordPad for Mac in detail with their special features.

01. LibreOffice Writer

Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

LibreOffice is a free office suite developed by The Document Foundation. LibreOffice Writer is a component of the LibreOffice application package. So you have to download & install LibreOffice to use Writer App on your Mac computer. The LibreOffice Writer is the best alternative to WordPad as it contains all the modern feature you expect from a text editor app.

LibreOffice Writer is a very simple app like WordPad that allows you to create, edit and save various documents. It is very powerful app to create a complete book with contents, indexes, diagrams, symbols and other details.

You can create Quick Memo, Note, Letter, Poster and many other documents in LibreOffice Writer. It also has AutoCorrect and AutoComplete features to improve your writing efficiency.

02. Wordpad Online

Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

Wordpad Online is a live application that you can use for free. It is the best alternative to WordPad for Mac because it’s free and it does not require login. In addition, you can create all your documents online from a web browser on Mac. You don’t need to download or install any application package to use Wordpad Online on your Mac computer.

In Wordpad Online, you can process all types of media including text, pictures, videos, tables, special characters and much more. It has a large number of variety in fonts and it also supports Japanese formats. It allows copy, paste and edit of PDF documents.

Wordpad Online provides Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough and other options same as available in WordPad on Windows PC. In order to Save Document in Wordpad Online, first click on Print option and then select “Save as PDF” to store the file on your Mac hard drive.

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03. Vim Text Editor

Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

Vim is a text editor sponsored and created by Vim Development. The Vim Text Editor is a highly efficient app for creating any kind of text. It is an improved version of the Vi Editor with more features. The combination of a programmer’s tool and a simple notepad makes Vim the best alternative to WordPad. It is dependent on the user how s/he wants to use Vim Text Editor on their Mac computer.

Vim is often called a programmer’s editor, because it is so useful for programming that many people consider it as entire IDE. It is a perfect tool for all kinds of text editing from creating documents to composing emails and editing configuration files.

Vim is persistent with powerful search & replace, multi-level undo tree and extensive plugin system. It provides the feature to vertically split windows and shows the differences while you are editing two or more files in Vim.

04. FocusWriter

Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

FocusWriter is a simple text writing software just like WordPad. You should use the FocusWriter App on Mac computer to create a distraction free environment. It is available to download free for Mac OS X 10.12 or later. It utilizes a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of your Mac screen.

When you open FocusWriter, it will automatically load your current work in progress exactly where you left off the last time. It is simple enough to give you familiar look and feel like WordPad, it supports TXT, Basic RTF and Basic ODT files.

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The FocusWriter allows you to customize your environment by creating themes that control the font, colors and background image. It has some more features like Timers and Alarms, Daily Goals, Spell-checking, Live Statistics, Portable Mode and Typewriter Sound Effects.

05. Blinky – Retro Text Editor

Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

Blinky is a lightweight application developed by Secret Geometry, Inc.. It is a retro text editor created and designed exclusively for Mac OS X 10.6 or later, iMacs, Pro Macs and other Mac devices. It is the best alternative to WordPad for Mac with 12 vintage fonts and a stylish look inspired from the earlier time of 1970s and 1980s. It has simple interface with various colored fornts and black background to keep you focused while working.

Blinky has so many sliders for special effects including Curvature, Static, Burn-in, Jitter and H-sync. It has Glowing Halos to show up Intense Brightness. It provides Full Screen Mode to help you work with more focus. It also contains Auto-save, Gestures and Retina Support.

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The Blinky Text Editor allows you to open any image or photo to generate text art and use an image or webcam photo as glass reflection. It has Dynamic perspective, Lighting and Shadows. It also contains Pixels burn-in that slowly fade away when you turn them off.

06. iText Express

Best Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

iText Express is a small, simple and fast text editor with necessary features. The iText Express includes important features such as page numbers, columns, header-footer and footnotes. It contains everything you need while creating a document and that’s why it’s best alternative to WordPad for Mac. You need to visit your Mac App Store to download the iText Express App for free on your Mac computer.

iText Express includes the TextEdit basics and has compatibility with Microsoft(R) Word. It runs under architecture of Mac OS X NSTextView. It has some amazing features like vertical writing, hyperlinks, bookmarks, page layout and many more.

You can read and write documents in various formats including RTF, RTFD, TEXT, DOC, HTML, Unicode, Plain Text and Lightway Text. The iText Express allows the user to set paragraph indent, margins, alignment, line spacings, lists, bullets, tables, background color and picture embedding.

07. Apache OpenOffice Writer

Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

Apache OpenOffice Writer is a fully equipped application and a part of OpenOffice package. The Apache OpenOffice is developed for Mac OS X and other operating systems. It contains all important features you have seen in WordPad. In Writer App, you can create quick memo, documents, letters, agendas, newsletters, diagrams, indexes and much more.

It has a huge collection of templates which you can download and use for free. In addition, you can create your own templates in Apache OpenOffice Writer on your Mac computer or MacBook. You can increase the usefulness of your long, complex document by creating a table of contents or bibliographical references and illustrations.

Apache OpenOffice Writer can display multiple pages when you are editing the document, it is very useful while you are editing a complex document. It also includes some common features like AutoCorrect dictionary, Styles & Formatting, AutoComplete and Text Frames & Linking.

08. Microsoft Office Word

Best Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

Microsoft Office Word is one of the best alternatives to WordPad for Mac. Because it contains all the features you have in WordPad and many other features which the WordPad doesn’t have. You can create, edit and save your document in various languages. Moreover, you can insert picture, ClipArt, shapes, SmartArt, Chart and Tables into your document in MS Office Word.

Office Word App comes with intelligent technology that will help you spellings, grammar and stylistic writing suggestions. It allows you to share your document online with just one click. You can invite your teammates to edit the document in real time and give comments on it.

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The Resume Assistant in Office Word App helps you in crafting a more compelling resume and apply by contacting recruiters directly on LinkedIn. It has a large collection of templates in 40 different categories. You should choose your desired template and add to your document and save your time.

09. Scrivener

Best Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

Scrivener is a typewriter, ring binder and scrapbook. The Scrivener App combines all the tools you need in to craft your first document from beginning to the end. The latest version called Scrivener 3 is available to download for Mac OS X 10.12 or later. You can download the trial version of Scrivener which will provide full features for next 30 days, thereafter you need to buy it from Literature and Latte Website.

Scrivener unites everything you need to write, research and arrange long documents in a single, powerful app. For work purposes, you can break your text into manageable sections of any size and the Scrivener will stitch them together.

The Scrivener has integrated outlining tools that allow you to plan everything first or restructure later. As your work project grows, you will see that the Scrivener also grows with it. It is very convenient app for novelists as they can write each scene of their novel in a separate document or whole chapters as one.

10. Notepas

Alternatives to WordPad for Mac

Notepas is a portable and multi-platform text editor. It is made with an aim to provide all required features to developers which are not available with other text editors. Therefore it is the best alternative to WordPad for Mac. You can compile Notepas with multiple platforms and widget sets by using the advanced native Free Pascal Compiler.

Notepas contains Code Filter Tool that filters the lines that match a given search string or regular expression. It has Alpha Blending Coloring that supports multiple layers of transparency for both the text and background.

The Smart Select option in Notepas allows you to make customizable selections that depend on the active highlighter and context. It has many other features like Syntax Highlighting, Selection Folding, Region Folding, Line Numbers Display and Line Modification Indicators.

Final Opinion:

All the information given above about 10 Best Alternatives to WordPad for Mac is true and fair. You should analyze your needs first and then choose the text editor app from our collection of the best alternatives to WordPad for Mac computer.