4 Simple Way to Connect iPod to Home Stereo System

Connecting Your iPod to Your Stereo – How to connect your iPhone or iPod to your home stereo: The iPod models are dedicated to the music lovers across the world. So, connecting your iPod to your home stereo system is going to improve your music experience. The Apple has upgraded its iPod design to make … Read more

3 Simple Ways to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac

How to convert HEIC to JPG on Mac: The pictures you capture on iPhone and Mac are saved in HEIC format. But sometimes you need to submit or upload some pics to a website and it is possible that the website does not support HEIC image format. So, you have learn how to convert HEIC … Read more

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7 Best Fax Software for Mac

The MacOS does not have its own fax app, so you have to find the best Fax software for Mac so that you can send and receive fax to your friends and business contacts. There are many popular apps and software that offer fax services on Windows computer. But it is difficult to find the … Read more

[SOLVED] MacOS Big Sur Installation Failed Issues

Apple Inc. recently released its new MacOS version called MacOS Big Sur. According to the developers and Apple device users, the Big Sur was the most awaited software update for them. However, many Mac users have faced MacOS Big Sur Installation Failed issues while updating their Mac computer system. What is MacOS Big Sur? The … Read more

How to Crop a PDF on a Mac in 2022

crop a pdf on mac with google chrome

Want to crop a PDF on a Mac and didn’t know how to? If you are new to using Mac, or in general a Mac user, then it might sound difficult for you to understand how to crop a PDF on your Mac. A PDF is one of the most important and popular files as … Read more

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Where are Voice Memos Stored on Mac

where is the voice memo files stored on my mac

Maybe you have recorded some important meeting or message on Voice Memos, but you can’t find where it is stored on a Mac. Voice Memos is one of the essential tools for every user, as it is very convenient to use. If you are a new Mac user, then you already know how easy it … Read more

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Where is the Utilities Folder on a Mac

where is the utilities folder on a mac

Just switched from using Windows to Mac? There is a great possibility that you might be confused and wondering why can’t I find the Utility folder. And Where is the utility folder on a Mac? If you didn’t know already, your Utility folder contains many tools for Mac like Bootcamp Assistant, Monitor Activity, Disk Utility, … Read more

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How to Change Your Default Web Browser in macOS

Safari is a default browser in all the macOS devices which is developed by Apple. This web browser works quiet well and quickly. In addition, it provides most same features of its competitors. But, as a coin have its two sides, this web browser has also its drawbacks. It works slowly in few websites compared … Read more

How to Fix Handoff Not Working on Mac and iPhone

How to Fix Handoff Not Working on Mac and iPhone: Handoff is a wonderful feature available on Mac and iOS devices. Apple Inc. introduced Continuity to make your day-to-day work faster then ever. Handoff is a part of continuity that allows the user to start work on one device and continue it on the other … Read more

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How to Download Free Snapseed for Mac

Snapseed for Mac – How to Download Snapseed on Mac for free: Snapseed is a photo editing application created by Nik Software. The Snapseed App is presently owned by Google. It is an application developed for Android and iOS devices. The users are waiting for Snapseed for Mac and Snapseed for Windows for a long … Read more

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What is Documents and Data on iPhone? How to Delete it

What is Documents and Data on iPhone? – How to Clear Documents and Data on iphone: Apple iPhones are popular for their amazing features and data security. Every iPhone comes with internal storage only. They do not support storage expansion by memory card. Therefore, some iPhones with limited storage may have low storage problem. Most … Read more

How to Connect Selfie Stick to iPhone

how to connect selfie stick to iphone

Do you own a selfie stick and want to use and don’t know how to connect the selfie stick to the iPhone? Well, you are not alone, many of you might didn’t know, how to actually connect a selfie stick to the iPhone. A selfie stick is designed to take selfies, but not just only … Read more