7 Best Audio Interface for Mac in 2022

Do you ever wanted to record music or podcasts and don’t have good quality audio? An audio interface is one of the essential devices for every recording whether it’s home or professional.

Do we need to have an Audio Interface for Mac?

An audio interface is a physical hardware that connects your audio instruments such as microphones, headphones to your computer. Now, you may be wondering do we need to have an Audio Interface? Why not just use the computer’s built-in microphone and speakers jack? It is needed if you are interested in making music and want to improve the quality and have better playback then Audio Interface is excellent for you.

Any microphones, speakers, and headphone jacks in a computer are not made for maximum quality while the Audio Interface provides more versatility and much more control for recording music or broadcasting, and many more. The great function of an audio interface is to get sound in and out of the computer or other device, an audio interface does these using analog-digital converters on the inputs and digital to analog converts on the output.

7 Best Audio Interface for Mac:

Mac computers usually come with the same feature as an audio interface called Sound Card. An audio interface offers you so many features which your default sound card doesn’t. Just like a sound card, an audio interface is hardware that provides recording and music producing power and it works by sending and receiving information to and from any available audio device connected to your computer like speakers, microphones, headphones, etc.

If you are planning to purchase the audio interface and don’t know which one is compatible. Here, we provide the best available Audio Interfaces which will be suitable with your Mac as follows:

1. Audient ID4 USB Audio Interface:

Best Audio Interface for Mac
audient id4 usb audio interface


An Audient ID4 Audio Interface is an excellent audio interface that features a class-A mic preamp plus a reasonable audio-to-digital conversion rate. This audio interface is made up of metal and it is pretty portable to carry around. This device is not bulky and also has an ultra-low noise floor, which makes sure that you will get the best clarity and quality for those who are looking for that crisp clear sound.

This audio interface comes in a very compact size and offers two input options- one is a JFET instrument Direct Input and the second is a mic/line-in combo input. You don’t have to fear any damage as this device is constructed with all-metal also adds durability. This interface is also equipped with a jack and mini jack, providing you to utilize headphones with up to 6000hms impedance.

With the help of its oversized volume button which also acts as a virtual scroll wheel, allows you to control so much including various recording parameters. With the help of its phantom power, you can also use this device to connect condenser mics. It also comes with an instrument DI for musical instruments like your bass or guitar. If you are interested and looking for the excellent and affordable best sound quality device, then you should consider buying the Audient ID4 Audio Interface.

To conclude, if you are craving amazing clarity and quality Audio, then Audient ID4 Audio Interface is for you which is not just suitable for all Mac devices but also very affordable when you have a little tight budget in your hands. All the excellent features like JFET instrument input and all-metal constructions won’t damage your Audio Interface in any way.

2. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface:

Best Audio Interface for Mac
focusrite scarlett 2i2 audio interface

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a two-in and two-out audio interface that comes with a USB cable so you can plug the cable into your computer to connect to any device. This interface provides you with excellent quality sound and great clarity. It features two mic preamps with an optional Air mode, which helps you to have brighter vocals and more open audio. This Focusrite Scarlett allows you to record up to four audio sources through two line-in/mic input and two line-in inputs.

This Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface is currently the 3rd generation of this Scarlett series. The 2i2 provides two mic preamps and gives a 24-bit/192kHz sample rate. This audio interface is built with all metal and on the front of the interface, you are going to find two identical channels each having an XLR combo jack for either an XLR or quarter-inch input. The interface also has a loopback feature for adding software audio sources as a dedicated line input which is perfect for listening to any music or podcasting and streaming.

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There is a good feature in this interface is the addition of the err button which is a circuit that is found in focus rights higher and is a mic preamp, with this you’ll also find a 48-volt phantom power button to turn on or off the phantom power and they also added a new direct monitor button which you can turn on/off direct monitoring, you can monitor your inputs this is perfect for recording and mixing with zero latency.

At last but not least, this device comes with an easy start, which allows you to easily set up the interface and get you started the recording within a few minutes. This interface is suitable for all IOS devices. To set the interface, the Focusrite Scarlett also includes Pro Tools, Ableton Live Lite, Focusrite Control, Softtube Time and Tone Bungle, and many more which is great according to the price we pay for this audio interface.

In closing, I think this is the best third-generation audio interface for recording, streaming, and podcasting. This audio interface allows you to quickly set up and you can achieve a professional sounding recording and allows you to record and mix at up to 24-bit/192kHz. It is very easy to get up running your Scarlett with the help of online tools; this audio interface is an easy start.

3. PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 Audio Interface:

Best Audio Interface for Mac
presonus audiobox usb 96 audio interface

The PreSonus AudioBox Audio Interface is equipped with 2 combo mic/instrument inputs on the front of the interface, a 48-volt phantom power switch, and the volume control for Channel 1 and 2. This PreSonus interface is one of the most compact and affordable audio interfaces, featuring a nice heavy-duty steel chassis which makes this interface durable enough and allows you to take this interface for traveling purposes.

This audio interface is a small device that provides two line-in/mic inputs, one main stereo output, a headphone jack interface, and a MIDI In and Out connection. It also outputs studio-grade sound, letting you record audio at 24-bit/96kHz which provides you excellent sound quality and clarity. The two-line input is perfect for Bass guitars and microphones.

This interface uses 2.0 bus-powered USB cables, since it is suitable for a wide range of workstations this device comes with the Studio One Artist Digital Audio Workstation. It’s also packaged with professional recording software, including Ableton Live Lite and Studio Magic plug-in suite. This is one of the cheapest audio interfaces for mac and it is suitable with Apple silicon. So, if you are using any new model of Apple then you don’t have to worry about finding suitable drivers for this device.

In closing, this PreSonus AudioBox comes with a simple, heavy-duty steel chassis, and a portable little audio interface which is the perfect little feature we need for our recordings. These interfaces also allows you to plug-in and start recording anything up to 24-bit/96kHz audio. It is a full package from a bus-powered USB cable, travel friendly plus a complete recording software package with Studio One Artist and the Studio Magic Suite making this audio interface perfect for every Mac user.

4. Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Audio Interface:

Best Audio Interface for Mac
universal audio apollo twin x audio interface

The Universal Apollo X audio interface features unique Thunderbolt 3 connectivity for both Mac and PC. The Apollo Twin is available in the duo which has two shark processing DSP chips inside and the quad which has four processing chips. The Thunderbolt connection is suitable for any Mac computer. This audio interface offers a standard and premium design quality.

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The Apollo twin X comes packed with the analog classics which gives you a wide variety of plugins that are going to get you started right away making your sound quality great. Most of the audio interfaces can’t power plugins without needing a CPU, But the Apollo Twin carries out Real-Time UAD processing, enabling it to track vintage compressors, EQs, mic preamps, guitar amp plugins, and tape machines.

Apollo Twin X also comes with two high-quality inputs and six excellent outputs which allows you to expand your inputs. On the front panel of the audio we have control of a preamp level using a large rounded bump in the center, you can access the high-pass filter and 48-volt phantom power, and also we can link the two channels into the stereo. Apollo Twin X provides a 24-bit/192kHz sampling rate, one of the standard audio conversions in the industry.

In my opinion, the Apollo Twin X audio interface is perfect, as it’s built with premium designed quality which provides a unique feature of Thunderbolt 3 connection for Mac. This interface also comes with Real-time Analog classics UAD plug-in bundle that provides you with a stocked analog studio in front of you. This audio interface is one of the most popular devices which is recommended to everyone.

5. Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD Audio Interface:

Best Audio Interface for Mac
behringer u phoria umc404hd audio interface

The U-PHORIA UMC audio interface is built with a nice aluminium casting which gives it a great sleek look to it which makes this device feel solid. This interface features four combo inputs on the device means you get both line and mic inputs. Each input is occupied with its controls. This interface comes with four to eight high-quality preamps perfect for XLR or ¼ inch cables.

The audio interface also comes with instructions to set up the audio and a USB 2.0 Audio and MIDI interface while giving about four outputs, which is great to connect 4 different devices. At the bottom of the interface, you can get the four rubber pad that helps you to keep the interface in place when using it. It is the most portable, compact, and affordable interface which makes this audio interface perfect.

If you are a creator and want an audio interface that provides great quality sound? Then you should look for a U-Phoria UMC interface. Its 24-bit/ 192 kHz sample rate, provides you with an amazing high-sound quality. This device is suitable for most audio workstations and also offers a low delay rate.

I think this is a pretty good audio interface for those who want an interface that has more than two inputs and also it is great for people who want to start podcasting. This interface is great for the studio because of the 4 units so you can connect 4 different microphones or instruments and it is perfect for recording loud sounds anywhere.

6. Native Instrument Komplete Audio 2 Audio Interface:

Best Audio Interface for Mac
native instrument komplete audio 2 audio interface

Our Native Instrument Komplete Audio 2 comes with a pretty cool design and style which makes the people attracted to it. This interface is built with a 48-volt phantom power indicator and a USB signal indicator to connect across all the inputs with a single controller, with the help of this feature you can make use of all microphones available. This device offers two combo-XLR/jack inputs offers connection-type flexibility, allows you to plug in any microphones or instruments.

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The Komplete Audio interface also features direct monitoring knop on its frontal panel plus a headphone output with independent control. So, you can control the main output level from a large knob that is given at the top of the device. It also comes with stereo jack outputs which allow you to listen to your production over high-quality speakers.

Behind the Komplete Audio 2 audio interface for Mac are USB B connectors, balanced output fixed on TRS quarter- inches plus a Kensington Security slot. For detailed information, you can also get up to seven pro-grade apps that help you to learn the audio interface professionally. This device is suitable with all Mac devices which makes this Audio interface one of the best interfaces.

To conclude, the Komplete Audio 2 audio interface is made for easy recording, it is a great audio recorder for people who want to do podcasts or any performance it will provide you great high-quality audio. The big volume knob allows you an easy adjusting output and USB 2.0 powered for maximum portability. This audio comes with one of the best stylish and compact designs.

7. Steinberg UR22C 2×2 USB 3.0 Audio Interface:

Best Audio Interface for Mac
steinberg ur22c 2×2 usb 3.0 audio interface

The Steinberg UR22C audio interface is built with metal construction, which makes this interface sturdy. The knobs on the front of the device turn smoothly and feel solid. This interface features a USB 3.0-bus with each interface offering Type-C USB for fast and reliable connectivity to Mac, PC, and other IOS devices. The loopback function of this interface offers the easiest way of streaming performances to the internet.

On the front of the device, you can find the two gain knobs for two audio inputs, these two inputs are XLR and TRS composites. It provides a 32-bit rate, which should be higher than every interface on this list, so still, this is one of the best Mac audio interfaces out there. The audio gives out a 192 kHz sample rate, which brings about a 32-bit/192kHz audio resolution which is perfect.

With built-in DSPs, this audio interface provides zero-latency monitoring with effects for every DAW, with straightforward control of all settings. The UR22C audio interface is also equipped with a MIDI port to connect any MIDI device, making them extremely flexible for recordings or podcasting. The audio interface provides great high-quality sound. You’ll not get a hard time assembling its drivers, which means durable and will stand for the longest time period.

In conclusion, you will surely get impressed by the amazing features of this Steinberg UR22C audio interface. The durability and high-quality audio sounds are perfect as well as it is compatible with all the major audio software. An amazing features like super speed USB 3.0, plug-in condenser, and dynamic microphones onboard D-PRE preamps, this audio interface will not disappoint you with its ideal portable production interface.


To conclude, I believe that this article helps you to understand the different features and functionalities this different audio interface stands for. There are various reasons that you should buy the audio interface if you’re a creator who works on music-making or podcasting, it is worth investing in one good audio interface because it helps you improves the sound quality of your recordings. Don’t know which Audio interface you should buy? There are many important benefits this device holds, for in-depth knowledge please go to the above-given article on Audio Interface for Mac will surely help you to clear all your doubts.

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