9 Best Hard Drive Cloning Software For Mac 2022 Mac Cloning Software

Cloning a Hard Drive is an essential process to back up your data on your Mac. Cloning software allows you to provide a bootable backup of your Mac hard drive.

Sometimes, our data get damaged or lost for one reason or another, and you may lose your important data from your Mac hard drive. It can be so frustrating as we don’t want to lose any of our data. By using cloning software, you can back up your data easily and restore them if you lose it.

You must be thinking that we can use Time Machine for our backups. Yes, Time Machine is a built-in app on our Mac. However, Time Machine is not as effective as cloning software. Cloning software allows copying data from one hard disk to another. It is very useful when you want to change your hard drive.

If you never heard what cloning software is, and how to use it then, don’t worry. Today, I am going to show you some of the best cloning software for Mac that you can use to clone your Hard Drive on your Mac.

What is Disk Cloning and it is necessary?

Disk Cloning allows you to copy the exact data of your computer’s Hard Drive. Cloning software is used to clone hard drive for hard drive update or disk backup. Basically, Disk Cloning is important as it copies the data of your Mac hard drive, which you can use, to restore it when you lose your data or you want to upgrade or even change your hard drive.

Disk Cloning is necessary as it completely copies your computer in just a time. Disk cloning is simple to use and secure as you don’t have to worry about your data, as it is always protected. Cloning software also allows you to choose what to backup or what to not.

Why one should use Disk Cloning Software?

We all have known the pain of losing our data on our Mac. You may lose all your important data anytime with one wrong move and it is all gone. With the help of Disk Cloning, you can prevent from happening that. As cloning will protect all your data if anything happens and your hard drive gets corrupted or damaged. Here, are some reasons why one should use Disk Cloning.

Backup your system completely:

Hard drive cloning has the ability to backup your system completely. It creates the exact copy of your Mac hard drive when you want to. You can easily clone your hard drive data and move it to another hard drive. And it will copy your hard drive within a short limit of time which is pretty great. You just have to connect and select the hard drive you want to clone and you are done.

Restore them easily:

If you have backup your data using disk cloning software. You can easily restore them when you want to. If your file is accidentally deleted or damaged, you can restore them easily with the help of Disk cloning software.

Easy to transfer data:

With the help of Disk cloning software you can easily transfer all your data and files from one computer to another. It can be quite stressful when you have to install everything again on the new computer. However, it can be done within minutes using Disk Cloning software now.

As you can see, there are many benefits and features of disk cloning available. If you also want to protect your data on your Mac, then you should definitely use Disk Cloning software. Now, let’s see some of the best Disk Cloning software, shall we?

9 Best Hard Drive Cloning Software for Mac:

1. EaseUS Todo Backup Software:

Are you Backing up your system for the first time? Use EaseUS Todo Backup is one of the many backup and cloning tools used to back up your hard drive content from any Mac device. It is a free backup and restoring software. You can back up any of your content whether files, system, or your hard drive. With the help of EaseUS Todo, you don’t have to stress about losing your data as it provides you with easy backup and security as well.

EaseUS Todo also allows you to backup only files that you want to backup. You can clone your hard disk with full, incremental, and scheduled backups. You can schedule your backups within a few clicks and Todo automatically start running backups with the time. EaseUS software cloning features make it easy for us to migrate the system to a new disk and upgrade your system.

EaseUS Todo Backup is one the best backup device. with the help of EaseUS, you can access many advanced features like Backup scheduling, file syncing, and many more. Are you afraid of losing data? Don’t be, you can use EaseUS Todo Backup software now. It is free software, however, for more features and benefits, it also has paid version which you can also try.

2. Acronis Cyber Protect:

Nothing is more valuable than your personal data. Maybe if you have deleted your data or your data gets corrupted. To keep it safe, you need Acronis Cyber software. It is a disk cloning software that allows you to back up all your personal data which you can restore if anything happens. This software provides the flexibility to backup data to your cloud, clone a hard drive, and also migrate your system to a new machine with the help of Acronis Cyber software.

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Acronis Cyber software not just clones your disk but also protects your system with security and privacy features, like antivirus scan capability, Web filtering, and video conference security. As well as, you can also select the files and folders you want to backup which is great. Acronis provides full protection against malware, including ransomware. It is a perfect cloud-based backup software that offers in-depth file backing and restoring process.

I think Acronis Cyber Protect is the best software to provide you with easy and secure disk cloning. As well as, protects your drive with amazing features like antivirus scan and many more. It allows you to back up everything to restore anything on your Mac. Overall, Acronis Cyber protect is a versatile, easy-to-use, and secure backup software.

3. Carbon Copy Cloner:

Have you ever deleted your important files or data on your Mac and can’t get it back? If so, to prevent that situation from happening again, you can use our one and only Carbon Copy cloning software that back up your hard drive and any important files on your Mac. So, if you ever lose your content you can easily restore them. You can back up any of the folders or files you want to, or you can completely back up your hard drive.

As its name says, Carbon copy exactly copies your content from your Mac. And you can easily restore them if anything happens like file corruption or deleted them. With the Carbon copy software, you can schedule your backup whenever you want to hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, and it will automatically start backing up with your given scheduled time.

This software comes with many amazing features you can also pause your backup if you have to work on something in between and restart your backup. And a new detailed progress indication chart, which performs the real-time performance of your backup so, you can clearly see how to backup is performing. If you are facing any difficulties while backing up your data, you can also ask for some tips or solutions which is one of the great features.

From my point of view, Carbon Copy cloner provides the best functionality because of its features, easy-to-use, and scheduling system for data backup. Carbon Copy cloner will never fail to amaze you with its amazing features like pausing your backup or detailed progress chart, and also you can ask for tips if you have stuck somewhere and need solutions.

4. Clonezilla:

Clonezilla is yet another free, open-source software for disk imaging and cloning. Clonezilla also allows you to copy the content of your hard drive and create a backup of your personal data, which you can easily restore again if you deleted any data or files you don’t want to. Clonezilla is a perfect software for multicasting, you can use Clonezilla to do system development, bare metal backup, and data recovery.

Clonezilla app comes with three types i.e. Clonezilla Live, Clonezilla lite server, and Clonezilla SE. In Clonezilla Live, you can create a backup and restore it on a single computer. While Clonezilla lite server and Clonezilla SE, allow you to create a backup and restore many computers together. It means you can clone over 40 computers at the same time with the help of Clonezilla. It also supports the large ange of file systems for various operating systems like HFS+ of Mac OS.

I think Clonezilla is the best, fast, simple, and even completely free software for disk cloning. Clonezilla is used to create copies of the content of your hard drive and restore them for you. Clonezilla is the perfect open-source free cloning software for your Mac.

5. SuperDuper:

SuperDuper software is designed to prevent any data loss. As its name says, SuperDuper software allows you to create a fully bootable backup with its super easy and user-friendly features. SuperDuper allows you to back up any of your data or file, or you can even completely back up your all system. With the help of the SuperDuper program, you can even schedule your backup which allows you to save a lot of your time, as your system will automatically enable the backup on your scheduled demand.

SuperDuper also features a sandbox backup option which allows you to create a partition of your hard drive. SuperDuper is a perfect software for beginners as it comes with a very simple and easy-to-use interface, which can be used and understood by anyone.

SuperDuper allows you to create backup and restore files with the help of three functions. It is Smart Wake, Smart Update, and Smart Delete. In the Smart wake, you can update any backup file at a certain date and time, You can use Smart Update to automatically updates your backup. While Smart Delete, allows you to delete any duplicated files that appear.

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Thanks to SuperDuper software, which provides you with an amazing disk cloning and backup tool for your Mac. It also offers many advanced features to choose from as well as it is one of the best powerful software out there. It is free to install the software however, for more advanced features you can also purchase its premium version.

6. ChronoSync:

Need easy to use and simple backup software? ChronoSync is for you, it is amazing software that allows you to sync devices like file sync, backups, bootable backups, and cloud storage for your Mac. You can keep all your important data and files safe with the help of ChronoSync. It creates an exact copy of your files and restores them to protect you against data loss. If you are away from your Mac or you are not using your computer, you still can schedule any backup at any time with the help of ChronoSync.

ChronoSync provides you the flexibility to backup anything you want, you can sync no matter how many files or folders, and you can do that in Mac to Mac synchronization. ChronoSync also allows you to share files from Mac to your clouds storage, also if you want to transfer or sync any files with a Windows PC, then you just need ChronoSync for that.

ChronoSync can back up any data by connecting any device to your Mac like hard drives, internal drives, other Macs, cloud storage, NAS drives, and whatnot. As well as you can even back up your iPhone and iPad too with the use of ChronoSync. Even photographers, video editors, filmmakers, and other professionals also use ChronoSync to sync files and data, because of its flexibility and easy interface.

From my point of view, I think ChronoSync is one of the best backup and Sync apps out there. With the help of ChronoSync, you can perform any task like performing a bootable, cloning your hard drive, synchronizing files between two computers, and storing redundant backups in the cloud storage. ChronoSync is the smartest and easiest way to sync and backup your Mac.

7. Get Backup Pro:

Afraid of losing your important data and files? I got you, Get Backup Pro is an advanced Mac Backup software that allows you to keep your data safe with backup archive, disk cloning, and folder sync for your Mac. Using Get Backup Pro you can quickly backup your data, create bootable and encrypted backups and sync folders to any device from your Mac, and also restore them anytime if your data gets deleted or corrupted.

Get Backup Pro allows to create backups incremental, which means that if you back up, the files that are new will only get copied, and not the others that you have already backed up. So, it will not duplicate your files. With Get Backup Pro, you can even choose the only files and folders you want to backup, as you don’t have to waste time backing up all the other unnecessary data.

Get Backup also offers customizable scheduling; you can backup your data by scheduling them, daily, weekly, or monthly. You can backup anything with any type of source and destination like an external hard drive and CD or DVD with the help of Get Backup Pro software. It also supports both unidirectional as well as bidirectional sync. The Get Backup Pro is free to download however, for a better experience and features you can also try its version.

Get Backup Pro is a simple and easy-to-use backup solution for anyone that helps you to prevent data loss. It is a user-friendly interface with an amazing powerful backup that synchronizes files and folders of your Mac to a hard drive or any other system. It also provides many advanced features which you can’t find in any other software.

8. Stellar Drive Clone:

Stellar Drive Clone can backup your entire hard drive or your entire Mac device easily. It also allows you to create an image of any volume or entire Mac hard drive. As the hard drive image stores all the content of your entire hard drive, it can be useful to restore if you have data loss or corruption. With the Stellar Drive clone, you can back up the files and folders of your choice, as well as you can schedule your backup with the time you want to backup.

Stellar Drive Clone provides you a much faster speed of restoring all your files and data than any other ordinary software can’t. Not only this, Stellar Drive allows you to also resize your Mac partitions to utilize the space of your hard drive. This cloning tool performs a complete scan of the storage media to create a replica or boot drive. With Stellar Drive Clone, you can even clone hard disks with an MBR partition map scheme. This software provides you with an easy-to-use interface and provides you with hard drive cloning without the risk of losing your data.

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From my point of view, you can clone, create disk images and restore your Mac’s hard drive, resize the partition using this amazing software called Stellar Drive Clone. This tool exactly copies your Mac, and any drive content and restores to you if anything happens like data damage, data loss, or corruption. Now, you can experience the most powerful and perfect backing up tool Stellar Drive Clone.

9. Donemax DMclone for Mac:

Looking for a simple and easy way to take backups? Donemax DMclone is yet another powerful and easy-to-use software that helps you to easily clone a hard drive, create a disk image, and back up any files or data on your Mac. You can easily clone any data from one location to another, this way you can keep your data safe and restore them if you want to. Just need a few clicks to copy all your data from any device.

With the help of Donemax DMclone, you can quickly back up any of your data within two simple steps. You just need to select your source drive and destination you want to store your data, and then just click on the Clone button to copy all your data from that source drive to your selected destination, and you are done. DMclone allows you to create a disk image of your hard drive and you can save that disk image anywhere you want. What’s more? It also helps you to securely clone HDD, SSD, memory card, USB drive, etc. from one location to another.

To finish this off, DMclone is one of the easy and 100% safe hard disk cloning software. It easily clones any type of hard drive or operating system without any loss of your data. With the help of DMclone, you can quickly backup any data and save your precious time from reinstalling the system applications.

What to look for in Best Hard Drive Cloning software?

Now, that you have seen there are many cloning software available on the market for Mac. You can use any of the above software. If you don’t know which software you must use then, here I provide some points you should keep in mind before using or buying any software. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Features: One of the important points while choosing cloning software is features. Make sure the software provides some of the advanced features like scheduling backup, controlling the files that need to be copied, and cloning software must be user-friendly. The most important one, make sure that the software allows you to clone multiple computers together, if so then it is the best. As we don’t want to waste our hours and days just transferring data on the individual computers.

2. Easy to Use: Make sure that the software provides you with an easy understanding and user-friendly interface. If you are a beginner and want to copy your data suddenly, you must understand the process easily. Basically, use cloning software which offers you security and the easiest way to backup and restore your data.

3. Flexibility: Always make sure that the software must be compatible with the latest versions of macOS. You should also check your Mac version and whether the software is going to work for you or not before using it. As well as, it must provide you an option of what and where to backup your data.

4. Security: Before using any software, make sure it is 100% secure and your data is protected and safe while using it. The software must not contain any viruses or malware. As losing our data is the last thing we want in our lives and it might also damage your system.

5. Budget: There are many free disks cloning software available in the market, which you can choose. However, some of the software also comes with a paid version. You can choose paid version if you have enough budget. The premium version also provides you with more features and Functionalities. If you do not have enough requirements, then you can definitely use any free software which will also work best too.

These are some of the points you must keep in mind before using and purchasing any software to have a safe and secure backing up process for your Mac.


Hard Disk Cloning is the perfect way to keep all your precious data and files safe with you and restore them if anything happens. Whether you want to backup one computer or the multiple computers you can clone them together and that is within minutes. As you can see, I have provided quite many few cloning software, they are all easy to use and user-friendly and allows you to back up and fully protect your data. You can use any of the software according to your requirements. Hopefully, after reading this article you understand what the use of cloning software is and how important it is to backup and protect your data.