5 Best Mac Browser in 2019

Best Mac Browser – Best Internet Browser for Mac:

Internet has become a part of our daily life. In order to search something online, you need only two things i.e. a web browser and internet connection. In Mac PC and MacBook, Safari is the default browser for users. Safari is designed and developed by the Apple Incorporation and it works quite well on Mac computer, MacBook and iOS devices.

If you are looking for the best Mac browser then you have reached the right place. When you use a web browser, you come to know about its features and performance. All browsers have built-in search engine(s) and some unique features. You should choose which one is best for you and the feature you must want.

Best Mac Browser

The ideal way to find best web browser for Mac is to install all browsers and use them one by one. We did an experiment of using several browsers to find out the best Macintosh web browser. As a result, we have five Mac Browsers in our collection of best browsers for Mac as under:

  1. Safari
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Opera
  5. Brave

Extension Support

Extensions are very useful tools in any Mac browser. Safari Browser has its own store with lots of extensions developed by Apple Incorporation. Google Chrome has the largest extension collection than any other browser. Brave Browser supports most extensions from Chrome Web Store. Mozilla Firefox and Opera also have their own collection of amazing extensions.

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When you choose a browser for Mac, you should think about your needs and usage. If you don’t need extra tools or features offered by the best Mac browser, it will be useless for you. You should choose the web browser that meets all your basic requirements. Here we provide detailed features and reviews of best browsers for Mac as follows:

01. Safari

Safari is the built-in and default browser on Mac and all iOS devices. It is also the faster and more energy efficient browser compared to other web browsers. Safari provides safe browsing experience to Mac users, that’s why it is best Mac browser. Your personal information and login credentials are completely secure with Safari Browser Security Features.

Best Mac Browser

Safari Browser Features:

Faster and Energy Efficient Browser:

With super fast JavaScript engine, Safari is world’s fastest desktop browser. According to Browsers Test Benchmarks, Safari is 3.2 times faster than other Mac Browsers.

Protect Online Privacy and Security:

You can use Private Browsing Mode if you don’t want Safari to keep record of your browsing history. Safari will also ask your permission before saving any of your login credentials.

Prevent Tracking and Enhanced Protection:

Safari uses machine learning to identify advertisers who track your online behaviour. It also removes the cross‑site tracking data they leave behind. Safari protects you from suspicious internet websites.

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Sandboxing for Websites:

Safari has a feature called Sandboxing. It provides full protection against malicious code and malware by restricting what websites can do. Safari runs each tab with separate process, so one website cannot crash your whole browser.

Highly Secure Passwords:

Safari automatically creates and stores strong passwords for you. These passwords get auto-filled on your apple devices connected through iCloud Account. You can check Preferences in Safari to see and update your saved passwords.

02. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a fast and popular web browser. It is developed by Google and it’s also one of the most used browsers of the world. Therefore we put Chrome in our Best Mac Browser List just after Safari. Google Chrome has one common bar to search anything that works as Search Bar as well as for typing a website URL. Many people prefer Chrome because of its simple design and memory optimization.

best Macintosh web browser

Google Chrome Browser Features:

More Tabs with No Lags:

Google Chrome constantly works on memory optimization. When you open dozens of tabs, each tab runs background process on your Mac System. The optimization by Chrome will prevent lagging when you switch among various tabs.

Be Secured with Convenience:

Google Chrome can generate unique passwords for every site and keeps them safe. It also saves your address and payment details to fill them automatically next time. All your passwords and personal information are fully secured in Google Chrome Storage.

Instant Search and Quick Translation:

When you type something in Chrome Search Bar, it starts searching before you complete typing. So you will get search results before you press Enter. No matter in what language your search results are, Google Chrome instantly translates it into English with its built-in translator.

No More Ads plus Browsing Protection:

With built-in Ad-Blocker, Google Chrome keeps you away from annoying ads. When you open an unknown website, Chrome will protect you from any danger caused by that site. It will give you warning about site certificates and other issues before loading the website.

Advanced Technology for Better Security:

Google provides Chrome Update every six weeks to keep it secure. With every update, Chrome Browser gets latest security features. It keeps you safe from security threats with help of its advanced technology such as Site Isolation, Sandboxing and Predictive Phishing Protection.

03. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is known for its highly secure private browsing. In past few years, Mozilla Foundation has worked hard to make the browsing faster and more convenient. We consider Firefox as one of the best browsers for Mac because it is much more faster than other web browsers. Mozilla Firefox has auto-enabled tracking protection in private window, it will prevent the ads that try to track you over internet.

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 best browsers for Mac

Mozilla Firefox Browser Features:

Real Private Browsing Experience:

Some Mac Browsers claim to provide private browsing, but Firefox is different. It provides actual private browsing with ad-blocker and tracking protection with no-saved history. You won’t see any advertisements when you are privately browsing your sites.

Browsing is Faster than Ever:

When you visit a website, your browser loads its content, codes, ads and scripts. Therefore it takes time to load some large sites. But Mozilla Firefox blocks ads and some irrelevant scripts. It makes your browsing speed 44% faster than earlier.

Send Tab to Device:

If you are using Mozilla Firefox on your Mac and iPhone, you can switch your work between them. Yes, you can send a running tab of Firefox from your Mac to iPhone in a second. You should have signed into your Firefox Account on both devices to use “send tab to device” feature.

Sync Your Bookmarks and Passwords:

When you are signed into your Firefox Account, Mozilla Firefox synchronizes your bookmarks and saved logins. If somebody uninstalls Firefox from your Mac, you should install it again and sign into your Firefox Account to get your bookmarks and passwords back.

Less Memory Usage:

Every browser uses memory on your Mac to manage sites and tabs. Mozilla Firefox is designed to use less memory without sacrificing its browsing performance. Therefore Firefox Browser is light enough to run faster and smoother for hours.

04. Opera

Opera Browser is designed to provide more speed and privacy together. It gives you best browsing experience with ad-free site visit and multi-tasking features. If you are looking for best Mac browser that works fast and saves battery then Opera is definitely on top rank. Opera Browser provides lots of customization options with its extensions and a wide range of themes.

best web browser for Mac

Opera Browser Features:

No More Ads and Free VPN:

Opera Browser comes with built-in ad-blocker that saves your time and internet data. When you open a website, Opera loads it in half the time than other browsers. You can use Free VPN provided by Opera to download everything without revealing your privacy.

Visual Bookmarks and Pop Out Video:

Your saved bookmarks are generally appears as icons or list. But Opera shows visual bookmarks when you open the browser or new tab. It also features a floating video that pops out and you can watch it along with doing your work with other apps.

Battery Saver for Longer Browsing:

Opera for Mac can be used on Mac Desktop or MacBook. The Battery Saver feature is developed for MacBook Opera Users. You know that online browsing and streaming drain the battery faster. So just Turn On Battery Saver on Opera and extend your MacBook Battery life by 50% to browse for more hours.

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Instant Currency Converter for Easy Shopping:

When you visit an international shopping website, it will show product price in their currency. The Opera Browser will convert and immediately show the product price as per your currency. So you get to know how much you have to pay for that product from your pocket.

Stay in Sync on All Devices:

You can store your bookmarks, passwords and browsing history in Opera Browser. If you are login to Opera Account, you will be able to access the stored information on your other devices. Whether you are on Mac or iPhone, you always have your bookmarks and logins in Opera Browser.

05. Brave

Brave Browser is popular for its browsing speed. The developers claim that Brave can load any website 2 times faster than any web browser on desktop. Brave Browser is almost 8 times faster on mobile devices. Therefore it has become best internet browser for Mac and iOS devices. In order to browse faster on Mac, you don’t need to learn or manage anything, just install Brave Browser and experience the speed.

best web browser for Mac

Brave Browser Features:

Secure Browser By Default:

When you install Brave Browser, you don’t need to check/change its settings. Brave default settings are set to give you full security against phishing, malware, malvertising and harmful plugins.

Personal Information Safety:

Brave Browser stores your browsing history it the app on your Mac. Your personal data is never seen or stored on Brave Servers. Your data and history are safe in your Brave Browser until you delete them.

Unparalleled Privacy and Security:

All web browsers offer private browsing and security features. Brave has gone one step ahead. It provides ad-blocking, fingerprinting prevention, block scrips, cookie control, per-site shield settings and much more.

No More Unwanted Content:

Some contents get downloaded automatically when you visit some websites. Such contents take space on your Mac hard drive and you have to pay data charges for data used. Brave blocks all such ads and scrips to save your money and prevent unwanted content.

Deep Level Private Browsing:

When you choose to browse webs in private mode, Brave blocks everything that can track your activity. Your connection gets fully encrypted with Brave Private Browsing Mode. It means you can truly enjoy private browsing with Brave Browser.

Final Opinion:

All Mac Browsers mentioned above are simple, fast and good to use for everyone. The decision of choosing the best Mac browser is dependent on your purpose to use the browser. So get the best internet browser for Mac based on your own need and choice.