5 Best Ways to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

How to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working – 5 Easiest way to fix iPhone Home Button Not Working:

Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working: iPhone home button is situated right below the iPhone screen. You can use it as a home button as well as the fingerprint scanner. The iPhone home button not working is a serious problem for iPhone users.  The home button is very useful to exit any app and get back to main screen of iPhone. When your iPhone home button stops working, you have to find its solution. Here we will discuss the home button problem and show you some easiest methods to fix iPhone home button not working.

Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

Is Your iPhone Home Button Broken?

Many people believe that iPhone Home Button stops working only when the button is broken. But this is one of the reasons and not the only reason for iPhone home button not working. It can happen because of a software problem or hardware issue in your iPhone.

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If you have recently updated your iPhone Software and problem appeared after update then it may have some software issues. In case your iPhone was dropped from your hand or physically damaged, it can be the hardware problem. You have to figure out the problem before you give your iPhone in repair.

How to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

When iPhone Home Button stops working, you get into a big trouble. You cannot exit any app and also can’t go to iPhone home screen. You want to fix this issue as quick as possible and that’s why you are here. We have worked hard to find some simple techniques to fix iPhone home button not working issue. Here we provide all those methods in detail as follows:

01. Clean iPhone Home Button

iPhone home button gets dirty after several months or one year of regular usage. It is possible that your iPhone home button is not working because it is filled with dust & dirt. You should clean the home button to make it work again. In order to clean the iPhone home button, you should buy Isopropyl Alcohol and One Eraser. If you have already bought them then go through the process given below:

  1. Clean the iPhone home button with soft cotton cloth.
  2. Pour 3-4 drops of Isopropyl Alcohol on iPhone home button.
  3. Get the Eraser and tap around the iPhone home button so that the Isopropyl Alcohol gets inside for cleaning.
  4. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes.
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We hope that your iPhone home button has started working after you have cleaned it. If it is still not working then you should try our next method.

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02. Align the iPhone Docking Port

You need to connect the USB Cable to your iPhone for charging purpose. Perhaps you charge your iPhone everyday and you plug/unplug the connector. Sometimes, it moves some internal parts that may result in iPhone home button not working issue. You should align the docking port again to fix this problem on your iPhone.

  1. First of all, you should plug in the USB Cable to your iPhone.
  2. Push down the 30-pin connector.
  3. The connector will push the home button behind.
  4. Keep some pressure on connector and hold the iPhone home button at the same time.
  5. Finally remove the Cable from your iPhone.

It will fix iPhone home button problem if it’s not working because of docking port issue.

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03. Calibrate iPhone Home Button

When your iPhone Home Button is not working, it can be because of software or hardware problem. If there is a software glitch, you should calibrate the home button to fix the issue. Here we provide the step by step procedure about how to calibrate the iPhone home button as follows:

  1. On your iPhone, open a stock app such as Clock or Weather.
  2. Press and hold the Sleep button until you see the Slide to Power Off option.
  3. Leave the Sleep button and press & hold the Home button for 10 seconds.
  4. The Clock or Weather App will be closed.
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After the app is closed, you should check if the iPhone home button is working or not.

04. Restore iPhone from iTunes

Your iPhone may have some software issues and therefore the home button is not working properly. In such circumstances, we recommend you to restore your iPhone from iTunes on Mac. It will definitely fix the iPhone home button not working and some other issues. Before you proceed to restore iPhone, make sure you have completed following tasks:

  1. You have the Latest iOS version on your iPhone.
  2. You have the Latest iTunes App version on your Mac Computer/MacBook.
  3. You have the Latest Backup of your iPhone data on Mac PC or iCloud.

If you have completed all the above tasks, you are ready for Restore iPhone Process. Kindly follow the simple steps given below to restore iPhone from iTunes:

01. On your Mac, Launch iTunes App.

02. Connect your iPhone to Mac with help of Original iPhone USB Cable.

03. The Mac will soon detect your iPhone and show its icon in iTunes.

04. Click on the iPhone icon and click on Summary section.

Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

05. Click on Summary section and go to Manually Back Up and Restore section.

Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

06. Click on “Restore Backup” option and select the latest backup file.

07. Again click Restore to start the restoring process.

08. Wait till your iPhone gets restored from iTunes on Mac.

After the restore process is over, you should disconnect your iPhone from Mac PC. Now you should check if your iPhone is working well and the home button issue is fixed. In case you are still facing the home button problem, you should take a look on our next method.

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05. Use On-Screen Home Button

This is the best alternative of iPhone Home Button. Your iPhone home button is not working and above methods could’t fix it. Now you should use on-screen home button as a temporary solution to this issue. Here we provide several steps to enable the virtual home button on iPhone as under:

01. Go to your iPhone Settings.

02. Select “General” tab to open General Settings.

03. Find out “Accessibility” and click on it.

Use On-Screen Home Button

04. Finally click on “AssistiveTouch” and turn it ON.

5 Best Ways to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working

05. Now you can see the AssistiveTouch Menu and on-screen home button.

After setting up AssistiveTouch, you should use the virtual home button instead of physical home button on your iPhone.

Go to Apple Service Center

You can use the on-screen home button when the iPhone home button is not working. But it is not the permanent solution. You have to give your iPhone to Apple Service Center for repairing. You need to Find Nearby Apple Service Center and visit it with your iPhone to repair its home button. The Apple Employee will either repair or replace your iPhone home button. If your iPhone is under warranty, the repairing will be free of cost for you otherwise you will have to pay the charges.

Final Words:

All the information mentioned above about How to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working is true and fair. In case you have more queries regarding iPhone home button issue and AssistiveTouch, please contact the Apple Helpline Number at 1-800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753) or visit Apple Support Website at support.apple.com.

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