How to Install GBA4iOS on iPhone Running iOS 12 or iOS 11

How to Install GBA4iOS on iPhone: GBA4iOS is a gameboy emulator for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is basically a mediator app that lets you play gameboy games on your iPhone. If you want to enjoy the game boy advance games on iPhone or other iOS device, GBA4iOS is the best option for you. … Read more

9 Best Ways to Fix iPhone Error 4013

How to Fix iPhone Error Code 4013 – Best Solution for iPhone Error 4013: iPhone is a smart phone device made by Apple Incorporation. Most people love iPhone because of its smooth iOS and camera quality. iPhone is also popular for its security features. However, every electronic gadget comes with some favorable things and some … Read more

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone – 5 Easiest way to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock: iCloud Activation Lock is the best security feature on iPhone. This lock is useful when you have lost your iPhone. You can lock your iPhone remotely by using iCloud Activation Lock. But this lock can create trouble when … Read more

How to Fix: Airpods connected but sound coming from Phone

airpods connected but sound coming from phone

Air Pods are one of useful thing invented by Apple for making better and convenient usage. Air pods makes it easier to receive calls, listen music without taking out phone from pocket/ purse. As well, you can also access Siri from your air pods. However, there are also few problems with air pods and one … Read more

How to Fix: iCloud and iMessage Accounts are Different

icloud and imessage accounts are different

Imagine if you have to send someone a pretty important message using iMessage app and an error pops up saying iCloud and iMessage accounts are different. And you can’t send and use your iMessage properly. It can be very frustrating as you don’t understand why this error keeps coming to you. But, the issue is … Read more

How to Access the Deep Web On your iPhone

how to access the deep web on your iphone

The name, deep web is only enough to take people in deep curiosity to see what the deep web really is. Are you always curious and wanted to access the deep web on your iPhone? Well, you are not the only one here. However, accessing the deep web might be seemed difficult for many of … Read more

How to delete Email Address on iPhone

Deleting an Email address from the iPhone might sound tricky right? but it’s just a simple process. An email address is an electronic mailbox that allows someone to send and receive messages from another person. Removing an email address from the Mail app does not delete the email account, but it does remove all your … Read more

What happens when you reset your iPhone

What happens when you reset your iPhone

An iPhone is one of the most popular Smartphones designed by Apple, in which you can text messages, call someone, listen to music, and have so many different applications you can use in your iPhone. There may be some times when you have to reset your device. Or you can reset your iPhone if you … Read more

How to reset a HomePod with the Home app & Physical Button

reset a homepod

A HomePod is a smart speaker intelligent assistant that helps you control your smartphone. But, sometimes there might have some difficulties you have to face with this HomePod. If you are facing any difficulties please kindly check the HomePod Wi-fi connection. If there are no problems with the HomePod’s internet connection or speed then you … Read more

What to do when iPhone Storage is not Loading?

iphone storage is not loading

Am I the only one who is facing the error saying iPhone Storage is not loading? I don’t think so… Recently many iPhone users have been aware of the storage issue when they try to check their available iPhone Storage, it’s just doesn’t load, no matter how many times you come back and check it. … Read more

How to Download Music from Google Play to iTunes

How to Transfer Music from Google Play to iTunes Library: iTunes and Google Play Music are the most popular music apps. Both the apps work independently and offer a huge collection of music. You can purchase your desired songs or albums and enjoy playing them on BT devices or listen to them on your headphones. … Read more