How to Delete Bookmarks on Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

delete bookmarks on mac

You should remove the bookmark from the folder or bookmark list if you don’t need it anymore. So that, you can easily arrange the other bookmarks as per your current need. In this article, we are going to discuss How to Delete Bookmark on Mac. So, if you are a new user of MacBook device … Read more

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How to Type a Check Mark on Mac: Check Mark keyboard shortcut

how to make a check mark on mac: A tick mark or check mark is a useful symbol in various documents. When you are preparing a document, application form or presentation, you need to add a check mark symbol to it. But you don’t know how to type a check mark on Mac to complete … Read more

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How to Access Old iPhoto Library without iPhoto on Mac

How to Access Your iPhoto Library Without Opening iPhoto – How to Recover an Old iPhoto Library: iPhoto is a popular app made by Apple for its Mac computer and iOS devices. But the iPhoto apps were discontinued in 2015. If you have a backup of iPhoto library then you have to learn how to access old iPhoto library … Read more

3 Easiest way to Find WiFi Password on Mac

Find WiFi Password on Mac

Easiest way to find WiFi Password on Mac – find your WIFI Password on mac without keychain: WiFi Password is a necessary information required to connect a device with Internet Router. When you connect your MacBook to WiFi Connection for first time, you know the WiFi Password. Thereafter, your MacBook saves the WiFi Password and it … Read more