Does Costco take Apple Pay?: Payment methods are accepted by Costco

Costco Wholesale is one of the large retailers in the world, as the name says Costco is one of the best wholesale stores to buy groceries in bulk quantities with categories like groceries, candy, appliances, TV, toys, furniture, houseware, and whatnot.

They accept many different payment options. But the question is, does Costco take Apple Pay?

As we all know, Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that allows you to make payments. You just have to tap your phone and pay for things you buy at local stores and online.

Does Costco Take Apply Pay?

Yes, Costco does take payments through Apple Pay. Costco accepts Apple Pay at all of its stores. However, in US Costco only authorize the use of Visa cards through Apple Pay.

Apple pay is not the only payment option Apple offers; some Costco customers also use an Apple card. However, Some Costco location does not provide an NFC scanner which means that customers can’t use Apple Pay at such Costco stores.

One of the biggest benefits of a Costco Apple Pay partnership is the ease of convenience, ease of use, security, and privacy when purchasing items at Costco. Over the last few years, the mobile payment methods like Apple Pay have showed an incredible growth in use at Costco and other stores.

So yes, Costco takes Apple Pay as an authentic payment method. If you want to know more about Costco paying system and to learn how to use Apple Pay at Costco then keep on reading.

How Do I Know if my Local Costco takes Apple pay?

By contacting them, All the Costco locations that have NFC contactless payments will accept Apple Pay, which is an easy way to pay for iPhone users.

You can find out if your local Costco accepts Apple Pay or not, by using the “Costco warehouse finder” website. You will get a contact number of a nearby Costco warehouse, call them up, and ask if they take payments using Apple Pay or not.

Do Costco Gas Stations Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Costco gas stations do accept Apple Pay. They have similar rules & regulations as to the Costco store, as long as the Costco gas station is equipped with an NFC reader and a visa debit card or credit card is connected to your Apple Pay wallet, you can freely pay for your gas with the help of Apple Pay.

Adding your desired card to the app is all that is require to set up the app. The Apple device can be tapped at the gas pump to make a payment and you are done. Now, you can quickly fuel up your vehicles easily with the help of Apple Pay.

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Does Costco Pharmacy Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Costco Pharmacy takes Apple Pay i.e. accepts payments via Apple Pay. It means that you don’t need to carry your debit/credit card or cash even for buying medicines. The all Costco stores, gas stations and pharmacy accept payment through Apply Pay with Visa card in entire US and Apple Pay with Mastercard in Canada.

Does Costco Food Court Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Costco Food Court takes Apple Pay so that you can pay for your burger, pizza and other food stuff in just one click from your iPhone. Almost all Costco stores have a food court inside for customers who want to eat something while shopping groceries and other stuff from the store.

So, you can use Apple Pay to make payments after eating your favorite sandwich and fries at Costco Foot Court.

How Do I Use Apple Pay At Costco?

Purchasing goods using Apple Pay helps you to make your life easier. To use Apple Pay at Costco for making a purchase you have to add your desired credit card or debit card to your Apple device. If you don’t know how to set up your Apple Pay then follows these directions to set it up.

Once you are at the checkout counter tell an employee that you want to pay using Apple Pay, bring your iPhone close to the NFC card reader to complete the payment process. Remember that you can only use Apple Pay with Visa cards in the U.S. whereas in Canada you can only use Apple Pay with MasterCard for the same reason.

In order to pay via Apple Pay at Costco, you need an iPhone or other iOS device. Make sure that you must have setup Apple Pay with a Visa card (for US) and MasterCard (for Canada).

Here we provide the steps to pay through Apple Pay at Costco as under:

  1. Bring your iPhone close to the NFC reader device at Costco payment counter or self check out counter.
  2. As you bring your iPhone close to NFC reader, you will see the payment information on your iPhone screen.
  3. Just check the information and double tap to proceed.
  4. Verify your identity with Touch ID or Face ID or Apple Watch to confirm the payment.
  5. You will receive a notification as the payment is successful.

That’s all, you can easily pay at any Costco store, warehouse, pharmacy, gas station, food court and others.

Does Costco Take Apple Pay In Canada?

Costco does take Apple Pay at most warehouses and gas stations in Canada. If your local Costco warehouses have contactless NFC readers then yes, you can use Apple Pay in Canada to pay for your goods.

Although, in Canada, customers can only pay for their goods using MasterCard debit and credit cards that are connected to their Apple Pay Wallet. So, yes you can definitely use Apple Pay in Canada.

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What Forms Of Payment Does Costco Online Accept? 

If you like online shopping and want to shop online at Costco’s Official website? Costco also provides additional methods of payment options on their website. Costco does not only limit their payment to only visa cards but you can also select your MasterCard to complete your payment at Costco stores in Canada.

Other than Apple pay, Costco accepts many other forms of payment whether it’s a gas station or warehouse, or even it is Online. For online payment, Costco also accepts Discover Cards, Costco Shop cards, the majority of PIN-based debit or ATM cards, and visa checkout. you can also learn if Costco accepts Amex and PayPal as payment methods or not. Google Wallet and Samsung pay are also popular mobile payment methods.

Why One Should Use Apple Pay?

At last, we are going to talk about how one should use Apple Pay, well, obviously Apple Pay is way safer and more convenient than your credit or debit cards. As you don’t need to carry your wallet or cash or cards with you anymore if you use Apple Pay. With Apple Pay, you just have to pull out your phone, unlock the home screen and put your phone close to the reader, and done. You don’t need to open any app-just unlock your phone and tap.

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I think the Apple Pay process is much safer than any other method as you can only access your device and use it. Since this payment is wireless and contactless, it also makes it very secure as you don’t have to touch any other payment devices or screens. Nowadays, credit cards are getting very slow but I really can’t get over it that is how fast and easy tap-to-payment is.

As well as it also allows you to keep multiple credit/debit cards and other payment methods in one place, which helps you to choose whatever payment source you like to use when you pay using Apple Pay. Now, you may be wondering that if one should use Apple Pay then what about the credit/debit card points? I want to clear this up Apple Pay works the same as how credit/debit card works, while using Apple Pay you will get all the points including bonus return cash which you can use whenever you want to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Costco accepts Apple Pay and many other payment modes/methods. Making payments with Apple Pay keeps your debit/credit cards information secure but you need to know how it works before you use your phone for paying at the Costco Store, Gas Station, Pharmacy, Food Court and online store as well.

Here I provide some common questions about using Apply Pay at Costco so that you can understand it and use it.

Q.1 Can I pay with my phone at Costco?

Yes, you can pay with your phone at Costco using Apple Pay or Samsung Pay or Google Pay app, whichever you prefer.

Q.2 Does Costco take Apple Pay at self checkout?

Yes, Costco does take Apple Pay at Self checkout to receive payment for the goods sold.

Q.3 Does Costco charge fees when I pay through Apple Pay?

No, Costco does not charge any fees when you pay through Apply Pay, so you will be charged the total amount of your purchase only and nothing more.

Q.4 How do I use Apple Pay on Costco app?

You can use Apple Pay on Costco app by choosing Apple Pay at checkout and confirming your payment with Touch ID or Face ID or Apple Watch.

Q.5 Does Costco accept Apple Pay with Mastercard?

Yes, Costco accepts Apple Pay with Mastercard in Canada. If you want to use Apple Pay in US then you have to use Apple Pay with Visa as the Costco accepts Apple Pay with Visa credit cards only.

The Bottom line:

To conclude, Costco does let you use Apple Pay at many places like warehouses, stores, and gas stations with safety and security. With the help of security, you can even start adding different payment sources to your wallet.

Apple Pay is now one of the easiest and fastest ways to pay for anything today. You can also shop online using Apple Pay which makes your shopping simple yet fast. Not only for Costco stores but you can use Apple Pay for almost everything which is pretty amazing.

Now, you understand the benefits of Apple Pay and that Costco does take Apple Pay to complete its payment. If you have more queries or questions then ask us in the comment box, we will answer them shortly.

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