7 Best Fax Software for Mac

The MacOS does not have its own fax app, so you have to find the best Fax software for Mac so that you can send and receive fax to your friends and business contacts.

There are many popular apps and software that offer fax services on Windows computer. But it is difficult to find the Mac versions of those Fax software and apps in market. That’s why we are here to give you the list of best fax apps for Mac in 2021 with brief reviews.

The best part of Fax software is that they allow you to send and receive fax without any phone line or wired lines. You just need to install the best fax app for Mac and configure it. Thereafter you can use it for your everyday faxing needs without any issue.

Best Fax Software for Mac

Fax is an old but useful service for every business organization. Sending and receiving fax through phone lines is too old fashioned now. You should have a software or app that can send/receive fax online. Here we will show you some most useful fax software for Mac that can make your work life easier than ever.

The Microsoft Windows comes with its own Fax and Scan software, while Mac doesn’t have such thing. However, you can use a multi-functional printer for scanning, printing and fax services. But the latest MacOS Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur don’t support the multi-function printers.

Therefore we have selected several Fax apps for Mac which we are going to review here. You should read ahead to get the most useful fax software for your Mac computer, MacBook or iMac.

#1. CocoFax

Best Fax Software for Mac

CocoFax is the best fax software for Mac to send and receive hundreds of faxes every month. The fax service is not limited to United States, it allows you to send/receive fax at domestic level as well as international level.

The CocoFax fax service is very easy to use for Mac users. You can access the fax service from a web browser on Mac and also from your email client. The email to fax facility is one of the best features offered by CocoFax to all professional users.

The CocoFax provides 30 Day Free Trial to every new user. First, you need to purchase a plan from CocoFax. If you are not happy with it, you can claim for refund within 30 days of purchase. The CocoFax will refund your all money without asking any further question.

The CocoFax provides Lite, Basic, Premium, Business and Enterprise plans. You can choose your desired fax plan and start using the Faxing service of CocoFax. The CocoFax allows you to send 60 pages/month to maximum 1200 pages/month in its highest plan.

If you own an enterprise and want CocoFax for Mac then you can discuss your faxing needs with the CocoFax service person. The CocoFax will adjust the number of faxes per month based on your requirements, this is the best offer they give to its customers.

CocoFax Features:

  • Free Fax Number
  • Delivery Reports for Sent Faxes
  • Permanent Storage
  • Email to Fax Service
  • International Faxing
  • Safe and Encrypted Faxing
  • Supports Smartphone Faxing
  • Cyber Resilience
  • No Need to Install A software
  • Fax Preview and Archiving
  • Multiple Numbers
  • Multiple Team Members
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Support

#2. RingCentral Fax

Fax Software for Mac
Ringcentral Fax

RingCentral is a software based online fax service for Mac and other users. The RingCentral is compatible with all popular devices including Mac PC, Windows PC, Android devices and iOS devices. You can use the fax service on any of your devices with RingCentral app.

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For Mac users, the RingCentral has developed a desktop app. It means you don’t need a web browser every time you want to send a fax or check the new faxes in your inbox. The RingCentral provides secure faxing and cloud storage integration to keep your faxes encrypted and private.

The RingCentral for Mac provides a unique fax number so that you can use it just like the old paper and phone line fax service but with many great features. You can continue your old fax number or get a new toll free or local number for using the fax services.

The RingCentral is free for first 30 days i.e. trial period. Thereafter you need to buy a plan. There are two plans available for you i.e. RingCentral popular plan with 1500 faxes per month and other plan that provides unlimited faxes per month plus voice calls, video calls, texts and much more.

We recommend RingCentral Fax for Mac because nobody provides 1500 faxes/month at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the unlimited video meeting service reduces your cost of other software that you use for video conferences with your business clients and partners.

RingCentral Features:

  • Toll Free or Local Numbers Option
  • Up to 1500 Faxes/Month
  • Text Notification on Phone for New Faxes
  • Access Voice Calls and Video Conferences
  • Support Mac, iOS, Android and Windows
  • Electronic Faxes Arrive As Emails
  • Easy to Use and Quickly Send A Fax
  • Faxes Transmission Over Encrypted Connection
  • Online Account and Fax Logs
  • Box, Dropbox and Google Drive Integration
  • Create Groups and Send Faxes to All at Once

#3. WiseFax

best Fax Software for Mac

WiseFax is a wonderful fax app that lets you send faxes without taking a subscription. It is on the 3rd position in our list of best fax apps for Mac to use for business purposes. You don’t need to subscribe any plan for sending a fax, but you need to subscribe to receive one.

WiseFax app is available to download at free of cost at Mac App Store. In order to send a fax, you need to provide some details and upload desired documents. Thereafter you have to pay $0.99/- for sending one fax. You can buy a WiseFax subscription for $4.25/- per week or $8.00/- per month.

The WiseFax provides online fax service at domestic as well as international level. You can send faxes from anywhere and to almost anywhere in the world. However, it does not offer 30-day free trial. When you buy a WiseFax subscription, you will get your unique fax number.

The WiseFax for Mac supports automatic retries and automated re-routing of outbound faxes. It lets you track fax status for delivery confirmation. It also optimizes documents with edge detection, contrast enhancement and other changes for perfect fax transmission.

WiseFax Features:

  • Send Faxes Without Taking Subscription
  • Provide Domestic and Worldwide Coverage
  • Highly Secure and Reliable Fax Software
  • Affordable Price at Only $8.00/Month
  • Ideal Fax Solution for Teams, Business and Enterprise
  • Support MacOS, iOS, Web App, Android and Others
  • Your Faxes and Personal Data Are Secured
  • Optimize Documents for Better Visibility
  • Online Signature and Document Editing

#4. eFax

Fax Software for Mac

eFax is one of the easiest and fastest fax services for personal and professional uses. The eFax provides domestic and international fax service without any additional charge. That’s why it is used by millions of customers in United States and across the world.

The eFax works online without the need of phone lines or fax machines. When you buy a plan, the eFax gives the choice of selection from local numbers, toll-free numbers and international numbers, you can make any of them your permanent fax number.

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Your location or device does not stop you from using eFax software. You can access eFax on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Tablet and other devices. The eFax for Mac provides electronic signature, file sharing, large file share (3GB), enhanced security, unlimited online storage and much more.

In order to use eFax, you can buy its one of the plans called eFax Plus, eFax Pro and eFax Corporate. The eFax Plus provides sending 150 faxes and receiving 150 faxes per month, while eFax Pro offers 200 faxes limit. Addition faxes cost $0.10 per fax. The eFax also charges $10 setup fee which is an additional cost for every new customer.

eFax Features:

  • Quick Setup and Easy to Use
  • International Faxing Without Surcharge
  • Unlimited Lifetime Online Storage
  • 3 Plans with Monthly & Annual Options
  • Toll Free, Local and International Fax Number
  • Free Mobile Fax App
  • Third Party Cloud Storage Support
  • Electronic Signature
  • Send/Receive Faxes from Up to 5 Email Accounts
  • Address Book and Fax Search Option
  • Large File Sharing Up to 3GB Size

#5. iFax App

Fax Software for Mac
Ifax App

iFax is a popular fax app that provides online fax service across 17+ countries of the world. This fax software for Mac is not limited to a computer. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad and Android Phone as well.

The iFax app is the best replacement of an old physical fax machine. This app does not require the machine, paper or wired lines. It works completely online and allows you to send and receive faxes in a few taps right on your Mac computer.

The iFax App for Mac provides many amazing features. It allows you to scan and upload documents that you want to send via fax. You can also add your brand or company’s logo or signature on those documents.

You can use the iFax for free with its 7-day trial option. After 7 days, you have to purchase its plan based on your needs. You can buy iFax Plus with maximum 200 pages limit per month or iFax Pro with maximum 500 pages of sent faxes of 500 pages of received faxes.

If you own a large business enterprise that requires more than 500 pages of faxes every month then you should choose iFax Enterprise plan. It provides 1000+ pages for sent faxes and 1000+ pages for received faxes per month.

iFax App Features:

  • Low Cost Fax Service with Great Features
  • Domestic and International Fax Service
  • All in One: Scan, Import, Fax and Storage
  • Simple User Interface
  • HIPAA and GLBA Compliance
  • Mac, iOS, Windows and Android Apps
  • Email to Fax for Ease of Use
  • 256-bit AES Security
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • More than 5 Million People Use iFax

#6. FaxFresh

Fax Software for Mac

FaxFresh is a simple and very useful fax software for Mac and other computers. Sending a fax through FaxFresh is as simple as filling up an online form or sending an email. You can use its web fax service or app on your Mac computer.

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The FaxFresh has upgraded its coverage and now it allows you to send faxes to 100 countries. You just need to enter the correct fax number, upload your documents up to 8 pages per fax and pay $1.99/- per fax sent. If you have more than 8 pages then it will charge additional 25 cents per page.

The FaxFresh provides military grade security, so the faxes and documents you send are completely safe. It is a four step process which is mentioned below:

  1. Enter Receiver’s Location, Fax Number, Upload PDF document.
  2. Pay the nominal amount charged for the one time fax service.
  3. Verify all information and send the Fax.
  4. Get Confirmation if the Fax is Reached to the Receiver.

In order to use FaxFresh for Mac on your PC, you need to download FaxFresh app from the Mac app store. The FaxFresh is a free app for all Mac users, you don’t need to pay a penny until you send a fax. If your fax sending fails, you won’t be charged for it.

The FaxFresh is a great fax service for people who need to send faxes occasionally. But it may not be suitable for business enterprises and companies who need to send many emails on everyday basis. Moreover, the FaxFresh has not mentioned anything about receiving faxes and fax inbox functions.

FaxFresh Features:

  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Send Faxes to 100+ Countries
  • Get Charged Only When the Fax is Sent
  • Up to 8 Pages Per Fax Limit
  • No Subscription, No Setup Fee
  • Ideal Fax Service for Occasional Users
  • Access FaxFresh Via Web and Mac App
  • Charge Only $1.99/- Per Fax
  • Provide Confirmation of Fax Delivery

#7. myfax

Fax Software for Mac

myfax is an online fax service designed for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It offers monthly and annual subscription at very reasonable prices. You can choose your desired plan from Home Office User, Small Business User and Power User.

The best thing about myfax is that it provides domestic and international faxing service. You can send faxes to 39+ countries without paying any surcharge. It means you don’t need to bear additional cost for sending faxes to other countries.

The myfax for Mac provides 14-day free trial for all new customers. You don’t need to buy a new fax number if you already have one, simply port your fax number to myfax service and start using it.

The myfax provides online fax, fax by email and fax on your phone features. You can send faxes to up to 5 email addresses in one time and up to 50 fax numbers simultaneously. It not only makes the faxing quicker but also saves your valuable time.

myfax Features:

  • Very Easy to Use for Everyone
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Fax by Email & Fax by Phone
  • Support Android and iOS Phones
  • Multiple Faxes to 5 Email Addresses
  • Send 1 Fax to Up to 50 Fax Numbers
  • Domestic and International Fax Service
  • Fax Archive Keep Record of Your Faxes
  • Unlimited Lifetime Fax Storage
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

Final verdict:

Online fax service is a necessity for many business enterprises and professionals. Each Fax software for Mac we have reviewed above is a must buy for you. You should select the fax app that meets all your needs and also fits in your wallet. For more queries on any of the fax software for Mac, you can ask us in the comment section.

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