5 Best Genogram Maker for Mac

Best Genogram Maker for Mac – How to make a Genogram on a Mac:

Genogram is a diagram cum chart about a family, its history and relationships. Many professionals and students are required to create genogram drawings. You can make a genogram physically with help of a pen and paper. However, the pen & paper can create a limited genogram and it takes more time to generate it. Therefore we suggest you to find the best genogram maker for Mac and create a family diagram on your Mac PC.

In order to make a genogram on a paper, you must have some drawing skills. On the other hand, there is no need of drawing skills to create it on a computer. All you should know is how to operate genogram software on Mac. In addition, the genogram charts created with software looks clearer than paper genogram. Here you will find complete details about Genogram and list of Best Genogram Maker for Mac.

What is Genogram?

A Genogram is a Picture of a person’s family with relationships information and medical history.

What is Genogram Maker?

An application or software that is used to create genogram (family diagram) is known as Genogram Maker. The technology experts have developed Genogram Maker Software for Mac, iOS device(s), Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android and other operating systems. Some genogram maker software are especially designed for Mac OS. So you should have a Mac PC or MacBook (Air/Pro) or iMac to use the genogram maker.

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Importance of Genogram Maker Software

Genogram Maker is very useful for professionals, students and other people. Because genogram is a pictorial display of a family relations as well as its medical history. We all know that picture is easier to understand than words written on a paper or website. Even low-educated people can easily understand the genogram instead of information written as points or as paragraph. Therefore you must get a genogram maker software for Mac for creating as much as genogram projects you want.

Who Need to Use Genogram Maker?

As per our best knowledge, Genogram Maker is very useful for following categories of people.

  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • AP Psychology Student
  • Relationships Counselor
  • Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The list of people mentioned above are required to make and use genogram on regular basis. Here we will give you some best genogram maker for Mac.

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Best Genogram Maker for Mac

Genogram Maker Apps help you to create any genogram with least possible efforts. When you choose any genogram maker software for Mac, you must know about its features and capability. Here you can find best genogram maker for mac as under:

  1. Edraw Max for Mac
  2. Genogram Analytics
  3. SmartDraw
  4. ProGeny Pedigree
  5. GenoProX
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Let us discuss each genogram maker for mac in detail to understand which one is suitable for you.

01. Edraw Max for Mac

Edraw Max is a best Genogram Maker for Mac. It is developed by EdrawSoft and its availabe for Mac OS, Windows and Linux operating systems. The Edraw Max App is capable to create more than 260 types of drawings for a genogram. Whether you want to create genogram, flowcharts, infographics, gantt charts, mind maps or anything, Edraw Max will make it easier for you. You can download trial version on your Mac and use it for free. If you like it then buy its licensed version called Edraw Max Pro for Mac @$245 and enjoy all features for lifetime.

Genogram Maker for Mac

Features of Edraw Max

  • It has built-in genogram templates that saves your time. For example: You want to create a medial genogram for a family. So you have to create a family tree, add symbols and arrange the members in genetic order. Here you can use Edraw Max Template that gives your ready-to-use template to create the medical genogram faster and easier than ever.
  • It has a library of complete genogram symbols. So you can add the symbols from library to your genogram. These symbols are useful to show family relationships, emotional status and medical situation as per requirement in your genogram.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use User Interface (UI). When you first time launch Edraw Max on your Mac, you won’t feel unfamiliar. Because its user interface is similar to Office Word App on Mac i.e. Home, Insert, Page Layout and other options.
  • Sharing is must for any genogram maker. Edraw Max provides various sharing options such as .png, .jpg, .html, .svg, .pdf, .word and .ppt.
  • Once the genogram is created in Edraw Max, you can Edit it easily in Word, Excel and PPT applications.

02. Genogram Analytics

Genogram Analytics is a simple yet powerful genogram maker software. It helps you to create genogram that shows heritage, interpersonal relationships, occupation, illnesses and much more. The user-friendly interface of Genogram Analytics makes it easy for everyone to create all types of genograms with no difficulty. There are two options for buying Genogram Analytics, you can buy Student Version (1 year @$39 or 2 years @$54) if you are a student or choose Professional Version @$195 if you are a professional.

Genogram Maker for Mac

Features of Genogram Analytics

  • It comes with Snapshot in Time feature. You can view any genogram by just selecting the date on Genogram Analytics. For example: You created a genogram last year and recently you have created same family’s genogram. So the snapshot feature allows you to see the changes happened in family dynamics in one year.
  • It protects the confidential data you have saved within the genogram app. No one can see or have unauthorized access to the important and personal data saved in form of genogram.
  • It provides features to show complex family situations such as blended families, multiple partners, divorces, same gender relationships and alternative living arrangements i.e. live-in-relationship.
  • It allows to create diagrams so efficiently that improve productivity of students, researchers and therapists.
  • It has many predefined attributes such as income, heritage, occupation and education. In addition, you are free to create unlimited attributed for your genogram, e.g. relationship status, behavior, mood pattern and others.
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03. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is one of the advanced genogram maker. You can create a genogram online on SmartDraw Website and also download SmartDraw Software on your Mac. It has built-in genogram starter template that already includes common family members. The SmartDraw is available to buy @$297 for Single User Lifetime without monthly/annual fees. You can create any type of genogram with help of SmartDraw features, library and ready-to-use templates.

Genogram Maker for Mac

Features of SmartDraw

  • SmartDraw Software has automatic tools that help you to keep all the elements of a family research diagram aligned and arranged. As a result, your genogram will appear perfect and easy to understand for the viewer.
  • It has intelligent formatting feature that allows you to create and edit various genogram projects in limited time period.
  • With help of SmartDraw’s smart integration, you can easily export a genogram to Office, G Suite, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • It provides easy and quick link sharing service. You can email your genogram project link to your colleague and s/he can view it online without creating an account.
  • It is actually a smart genogram maker with 34000+ Symbols, 4500+ Templates and 70 different diagram types in one software.

04. ProGeny Pedigree

ProGeny is an enterprise that provides Genogram Maker App for iPad. You can also use ProGeny on Mac or other computer through its Online Pedigree Tool. ProGeny is the worldwide leader in pedigree software and tracking family history data. It offers amazing features and simple interface to help you create genogram as quick as you want. You should use ProGeny Pedigree 30-Day Trial Version for free and thereafter, if you are satisfied, you can buy ProGeny Pedigree Plan as per your requirement.

Genogram Maker for Mac

Features of ProGeny Pedigree

  • It allows you to create unlimited pedigrees (family trees) by drawing or using the auto-generated option in ProGeny Online Pedigree Tool.
  • It provides you individual attributes and relationship attributes. You can apply and modify the attributes in every genogram.
  • You can customize each and every Pedigree on ProGeny by choosing its looks and adjusting its size and space.
  • It allows you to save the genogram as Image on your Mac PC.
  • It provides best printing options for your genogram that also includes ‘Fit to Page” and other custom specifications.
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05. GenoProX

GenoProX is a genogram maker software for Mac and mobile devices. At present, GenoPro is available for Windows Operating System, but the developers have started working on GenoProX. The upcoming software will work on Mac PC, MacBook and some mobile devices. The GenoProX will have all amazing features that GenoPro has and it will also get a few advanced features that will take your genogram making experience to the next level.

GenoProX will be Free if your want it on One Mac with ‘View Only’ feature. However, premium version will remain up to date and have more features for creating/editing genogram projects. You can give $25 to GenoPro Developers as a part of Crowdfunding. In return, you will get the Membership of GenoProX Family worth $105 when the GenoProX will be released officially.

Genogram Maker for Mac

Features of GenoProX

  • GenoProX is a family tree and genogram creation tool.
  • It offers premium subscription and one time purchase options.
  • You can draw, view and generate any genogram project in GenoProX App on your Mac by using its templates, symbols and other features.
  • With GenoProX Software, you will get 5 GB of secure encrypted storage. Your data is kept in a private secure server.
  • It allows you to save any medical data and documents into the Health Journal.
  • GenoProX also provides GenoShare Membership that includes private text, voice and video chat with any member of your platform.

What is iGenogram? Can I use it on Mac?

iGenogram is a genogram maker app developed by iLogoTec Company. The iGenogram App has many amazing features that are useful to create a beautiful genogram. But this app is developed for iOS devices only. It means you can use iGenogram on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but not on Mac. However, the iLogoTec has mentioned on its website that they are in the process of developing iGenogram App for Mac. So not now, but you will be able to install and use the iGenogram App on your Mac PC and MacBook.

Final Opinion:

All the above mentioned apps are great for creating genogram on Mac. You can choose one app out of the five best apps we have shared here. You need to analyse your requirement in a genogram maker to get to know which software is suitable for you.