How to Block or Unblock Websites on Mac Terminal

Blocking and Unblocking websites on MacBook is one of useful features. This can be helpful for you when your Mac device has many users. It is best facility when you want to stop kids from vising certain websites. So, in this article we will discuss about how you can Block or Unblock Websites on MacBook. You can easily block websites or unblock websites from your browser. There are many ways to block and Unblock websites. Though it becomes less time consuming and quick to do in your default browser by using Mac terminal. Therefore, let’s move ahead and know about How to Block or Unblock Websites on Mac Terminal.

How to Block Websites on Mac Terminal :

Following are the steps for blocking websites on Mac by using terminal. It is one of quick and easy process but you need to have an administrator’s account.
  1. Click on the Finder option of your Mac and type Terminal Tab by the use of double click.
  2. In the terminal window, just type the command sudo nano /etc/hosts and press enter key.
  3. Then enter your Administrator account password into the next window displayed. This will not display if you have not applied security password in your MacBook device.
  4. Now, drag the curser downwards and type followed by a space and add website. You can add your websites in different ways like, or Before inserting any websites, first you need to add as compulsory.
  5. Add any website or websites that you wanted to delete from your Mac Terminal.
  6. After adding websites to blocking list just press Ctrl+X then press Y and hit enter key for finishing blocking process.
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How to Unblock Websites on Mac Terminal :

Now, here we prescribe the process for Unblocking Websites on Mac device using Terminal. You can use this method for unblocking Website when you want to use that site again.
  1. Click on the Search option from the top right side of display and type terminal to open.
  2. From the terminal window, simply type the command sudo pico /etc/hostsĀ and press enter.
  3. Then you need to enter the password of your Mac Administrator account and then hit enter.
  4. Click on the website you want to unblock and remove them from the list. By pressing Ctrl+X and Press Y key then hit enter and your site will be unblocked. And you are done with the website unblocking process.

Wrapping Up :

We hope that you have learnt about how to Block or Unblock the websites on Mac terminal. However, you can try either Parental control or adjusting router settings or other way to prevent displaying certain websites.
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