How to Connect iPad to Printer

Apple is all about making things easier and faster for iOS users. It is very convenient to print out any important document or any project file with Air Printer. You can connect your iPhone or iPad with Air Printer wirelessly. In this guide, we are going to let you know How to Connect iPad to Printer. Before jumping towards Connecting iPad to Printer, you should also know Certain things related with it. That’s why, here we will not only discuss about Way of connecting printer but also about AirPrint and Air Printer. Let’s move ahead and start the discussion regarding connecting iPad to Printer device.

What is Air-Print ?

Air-print feature is one of built-in features in both Mac OS and iOS devices. With Air-print feature technology, it becomes easy to print full quality photos, documents from any Apple device. Moreover, you have no need to install or download other additional drivers/ applications for getting printed output. You just need to keep one thing in mind that iPad and Printer have the same Wi-Fi Network. If you have connected it with mobile hotspot then you may face issues. The iPad and Air Printer have bonjour to find each other. This Zero configuration technology enables them to connect printer and iPad without doing any setting up.

How to set up Printer to your iPad device :

Now, let’s know that how can you set up printer with your iPad. This connecting process is much easier and less time taking. Following are the steps, you need to go through.
  • Make sure your iPad have latest and upgraded iOS version.
  • Go to settings > General > Software Update to download new version.
  • Checkout that Air-Print is supported to your iPad or not by visiting Apple’s Air Printer list.
  • If you have not switched to printer, let it remain for some minutes after pressing power button. This step may take couple of minutes to connect to your internet.
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How to Connect iPad with Air Printer :

Now, we are going to discuss that how you can connect iPad with Air Printer. Following are the steps that you can use for getting your desired print output.
  • Open document you want to print out.
  • Though all the apps have not similar method for printing, just find share button and click on it for getting airprint.
  • Click on Print icon.
  • Then Select Printer.
  • Choose the number of copies and pages you need for getting your desired printing output.
  • After that, click on the Print Option.
You can use this on certain applications like Safari, Photos, Mail and pages. If you have a Printer that doesn’t support with AirPrint, then there is also another way to get print. The Canon, Lexmark or HP printer comes with such app facility that enable you to print documents. You just need to download that application from Apple store and then pair it with your iPad.
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How to Connect iPad with HP printer :

You can also connect your iPad device with HP Printer for getting print out of necessary document. Just go through following steps one by one and complete your work of getting print.
  1. Turn on your HP Printer.
  2. Ensure that your HP printer has wireless option in settings or not.
  3. Press CTRL+For Command+ F to connect your Apple device.
  4. Make sure that your printer is not connected with any other device.
  5. Connect your Printer with Wi-Fi connection.
  6. Open iPad settings and connect with the same Wi-Fi connection of Printer.
  7. Then click on the document you want to print from iPad.
  8. Tap on share icon and you receive pop-up notification on iPad then click on Print option.
  9. After that select your printer from displayed printer list on iPad and get your desired print out.

What to do If you don’t find your printer device on iPad ?

The process for printing out any document or photo is quite easy as prescribed above. Hence, it it not necessary that all the time you can do your work smoothly. Sometimes you may pass through not finding printer error. So, here is the solution that what you should do when you can’t find printer device option on iPad.
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These tips and tricks are most preferable if you have iPadOS 13 and iPadOS 14. They are also applicable on all current iOS supported devices. Main reason behind this issue is because of weak network connection. You can try this steps on iPad if printer device not shown in available printer list for printing document. To Do list :
  • Checkout printer status by ensuring that it is turned on properly.
  • Verify Wi-Fi connection and network speed.
  • Make sure that both iPad and Printer devices are connected with the same Network connection.
  • Keep refreshing your iPad device’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • If all the above given steps not work then try rebooting your iPad device.

Wrapping Up :

Connecting printer with iOS device is not big thing. You can easily connect them by following its process. Though if you seem any issue while connecting them, you should ensure above mentioned things of To Do list. In case, if you still can’t connect printer with iPad then search for the main problem and solve that. We hope that all this information will be helpful for you and you can connect Printer with iPad easily.