How to Connect iPhone To Chromecast

Chromecast is streaming media adapter which allows users to play videos or music on digital television. It is one of affordable device that makes easier to watch videos or listen music on your smart TV. Combining Chromecast with iPhone makes all the features more convenient to use and enable you to cast anything from iPhone with just a tap. Here, we are available to help you if you are going to connect your iPhone to Chromecast first time. We will prescribe the Way for Connecting iOS device with Chromecast and steps to stream videos from iPhone. So, let’s start the discussion regarding How to connect iPhone to Chromecast.

How to Connect iPhone To Chromecast :

Following are the steps to connect your iPhone to Chromecast for casting videos on your smart TV.
  1. Plug Chromecast device cable with HDMI port of your smart TV.
  2. Go to Apple App store to download Google Home App on your iPhone.
  3. Install it and and add your Apple account. Make sure that Chromecast and iPhone are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Set up your google home application and it starts scanning your surroundings. Just see the name of your google Chromecast device name carefully.
  5. Once, setting up process is finished, google home app will show name and locatioin of your Chromecast device around your house.
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So, this is the simplest and quickest process to connect Chromecast with you iPhone device. Use Chromecast screen mirroring app to mirror your iPhone screen on Smart TV.

How to Stream from iPhone to Chromecast :

The Google Home App enables you to run and stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and other streaming services form Chromecast to TV. You need to follow steps given below for streaming anything from iPhone to Chromecast.
  1. Open Google Home app and tap on Media icon.
  2. On ‘Manage your system’ section, select any option you want to access from Music, Video, Podcast or Radio options.
  3. In the list of available apps, Tap on ‘Link’ option and add your streaming service app on Google Home app.
  4. On displayed confirmation box, tap on ‘Link account’ option to reach on service login page where you need to enter your name and password of certain streaming service app.
  5. Once you log in on streaming app, close Google Home app and open streaming service.
  6. Select the media you want to run on your smart TV through Chromecast.
  7. Then navigate ‘casting’ icon on Google Chromecast.
  8. Choose Chromecast device name from available list and enjoy your favourite show or movies.
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Reasons Why you can’t connect iPhone to Chromecast :

There may be certain reasons when your iPhone won’t connect with the Chromecast. In most of cases, we observed that reasons could be like this,
  • The iPhone and Chromecast are not connected with same Wi-Fi connection Network.
  • Router Network speed is not enough as required.
  • Ensure that your iPhone supports 5GHz connection as google home app only detects Chromecast in 5Hz Network connection.
  • Your HDMI port is not plugged appropriately.
  • When Chromecast or Google Home app are running with their older version.

Final Words :

Just try and connect your iPhone with Chromecast to enjoy your music, videos, podcast on big screen. As connecting process become easy with the help of Google Home App. As well, you should also be aware about above prescribed reasons while connecting. We hope that the above given information will be enough helpful to you for now and in future.
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