How to Control PS3 with iPhone

You can control Your play station 3 video game consoles with iPhone. Even, you can also try to connect it with iPod touch and Apple MacBook with it for controlling instead from its remote. If you connect iPhone device with PS3, it enables you to control streaming videos, YouTube and Hulu besides games. In this article, we are going to inform that How can you control PS3 with iPhone. We will discuss briefly about steps of controlling different activities of PS3.

How to Control PS3 with iPhone

You can control your play station gaming console in both the ways. You can control streaming videos as well video games through your iPhone. Now let’s start to discuss about how can you control streaming videos and gaming on PS3 from iPhone device respectively.

Controlling Streaming Videos :

Streaming control is one of general uses of iPhone while using PS3. When you connect iPhone and PS3 with same Wi-Fi network connection, some apps enables iPhone to control. You can search, select titles and playback anything from watching either movie or shows or podcasts.

Control Netflix :

Netflix is the most popular streaming app that used for streaming new movies, videos any many other things. They allow you to control your PS3 if you have iPhone device in order to control and handle. Ensure that your iOS is running on 5 or on latest version.

Firstly, you need to install Netflix application on both iPhone and PS3 gaming device. Then open the Netflix app and log into the same account on both devices. Search for the small ‘cast’ option on upper side of iPhone. This small button helps to mirror PS3 screen on the other big screen you want. Lastly, tap on PS3 and now you can enjoy videos, movies and many other things.

After pairing iPhone and Sony PS3, you don’t need to look at screen to browse anything else. You can do it on your iPhone and continue browsing movies and series. Once, you have select the movie or series to watch and within few seconds PS3 prompt to start video. Then you can easily pause, forward or backward movie as per you watching/ listening desire. You can also enable the subtitles of movie or series in your preferred language.

Control YouTube :

YouTube works in same way as Netflix on Sony Play Station 3. You just need to open the app in both iPhone and PS3 devices. Then tap on ‘Cast’ option and enjoy the videos or movies you desire to watch. While using YouTube, you have no requirement to add any account. So, just install YouTube on both the devices and watch anything.

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Explore anything you want to watch or listen and just tap on it so that it starts to play. On YouTube, there is one interesting feature that allows you to queue the video list, you wanted to watch up next. This amazing feature enables you to put your iPhone aside and enjoy it with eating some snacks.

Control Hulu :

If you are using Hulu app for listening music and watching videos then you can also control it from iPhone. Just install the Hulu app on both iPhone and play station 3 app. Choose whatever you want to watch/ listen and control it from iOS device.

This works similarly as Netflix and YouTube as prescribed above. So, Just install Hulu app on Your iPhone from iOS app store. And also install it on Sony play station 3 from the Play-station store. Only these three streaming apps are supported with both iPhone and PS3. Because, the other apps like amazon prime, twitch and similar apps doesn’t provide casting option.

Controlling Games :

iPhone is not as same as remote controller for Sony Play Station 3 device. However, you can use it instead of remote in order to save money. It is necessary to jailbreak your iOS device before using it to control PS3 gaming. Following is a way to control PS3 gaming from your iPhone device.

  1. You should visit Cydia’s Bigboss repository to download and install the ‘Blu trol’ app on your iPhone.
  2. After installing it, open it on your home screen.
  3. Go to the ‘controller’ section of application.
  4. Select the controller you want to pair with your Apple device.
  5. After scanning PS3 option, click on connect. It takes few tries before connecting so just keep trying until it connects with iPhone.
  6. Then capture a screenshot of game you want to control from iPhone. The screenshot should be captured in a way that it contain control on screen for proper identification.
  7. Open Blu Trol app on your iPhone and click on ‘games’ tab.
  8. Select the game you want to play on PS3 and choose the screenshot you have taken.
  9. After that, drag around the controls of PS3 game towards the controls in screenshot of game carefully.
  10. And lastly, tap on ‘Done’ option and now you can control particular game through iPhone.
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For controlling any other game on PS3 from iPhone, you need to start from above screenshot step. And enjoy your gaming by controlling through iDevice.

Controlling Music :

In the music applications, you can only control Spotify and iPhone music. So, here we will discuss both the music application to control on PS3 from iPhone.

Spotify :

The Spotify app is similarly supportive to be controlled just as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. So, just open the app in both iPhone and Sony Play Station 3 devices. Select any song and tap to play it. Find the ‘Devices available’ option on your iPhone and choose the PS3 option to stream songs.

You can control Spotify music application on both devices even if you have no subscribed account. There is only need that your iOS version should be 2.7 or later. If you are using earlier version than 2.7 than you can’t control PS3 Spotify from iPhone. Therefore, you need to keep your iOS version updated.

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iPhone Music :

For controlling iPhone music on PS3 from iDevice, first you need to ensure about both device’s network connections. Both the devices should be connected with the same Wi-Fi network connection. Then navigate to ‘Music’ section on PS3 where you find iPhone as Menu option. Select on iPhone menu option to see the other list of folders. Then, choose any song you want to play and press ‘X’ button. And that’s it, now you can easily play songs on PS3 device and control it from your iPhone.

Moreover, you can also use iMediashare app to control music on PS3 from iPhone. You just need to search Your iPhone device option on Play station 3. And then navigate to ‘Music’ option. You can go through following steps if you don’t find iPhone option in PS3 device.

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select on ‘Network settings’ option.
  • Open ‘Media Server Connection’ settings and click to enable option.

Final Words :

You can use many applications to control on PS3 by your iPhone devices. We hope that if you are new user of iPhone or PS3 device, this all information will be helpful to you. You can also use any other application which is supported to both devices and it has ‘casting’ option. So, just enjoy your movies/ shows/ music on PS3 screen by controlling it from iPhone.