How to create Apple ID without iPhone – 2 Simple Methods

The Apple ID allows you to use App store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, Facetime and many more apps. If you don’t have an Apple ID then you should create it to have access to all these apps and services. Here, we will show you two simple methods for creating an apple ID without iPhone in a few minutes.

It is not necessary that all the people have an iOS device. However, You can create Apple ID without any iOS device. In addition, there is no need of having a credit card. You just need to have a browser and that’s it. So, here we are going to inform you that how to create an Apple ID without iPhone.

How to create Apple ID without iPhone

You can create your Apple ID without iPhone in two ways. Either you can create it with the help of Apple ID link or iCloud link. The only difference between both ID is that they are created from different links. Otherwise, you can use Apple ID made from any link in any Apple app in the same way.

Create your Apple ID with the help of Apple ID link :

You should do as per following steps if you want to create your Apple ID via Apple ID link.

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1) Open the browser (chrome/ Firefox/ safari) in your Computer, android device or non-apple tablet.

2) Search for Apple ID page –

3) Tap on “Create Your Apple ID” option.

Create your Apple ID with the help of Apple ID link

4) Enter your name and password. And then, fill up all the required details about you.

  • Fill up your name, location and birth-date in its appropriate section.
  • Enter your current Email ID and this will also be your Apple ID.
  • Apple will send you a verification code to make sure that it is your email address.
  • Then enter a password of 8 characters which is enough strong to save you from Apple ID scams.
  • Answer any three questions asked by Apple which helps to reset password if you forgot it.
  • Enter the captcha and then click on continue.

5) After clicking on continue, a popup notification will ask you to enter verification code. Just check your email and enter the code. And then click to the continue option. You can only enter this verification code within 3 hours. As, this code will expired in next three hours of its sent time.

And, finally your Apple ID is created to use. Now, you can use your Apple ID without iPhone for iWork online via browser.

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Create your Apple ID with the help of iCloud :

You can also create your Apple ID from iCloud just as Apple ID link. So, let’s check out steps for creating Apple ID from iCloud.

1) Open your preferable browser and go to the

2) Click on “Create one now” option.

Create your Apple ID with the help of iCloud

3) Then Enter your active Email ID address.

4) Set your password which should be strong enough and enter it again in conform password section.

5) Enter other necessary details about you and answer three security questions.

6) Apple will send you a verification code that you need to enter when you sign in first time to And, your Apple ID will be created to use without any iOS device.

Now, you can also create, edit and share iWork documents in your computer or android phones. It also allows you to use pages, numbers and keynotes. As, iCloud works similar to the Google Drive. iCloud drive is also helpful to save your documents.

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Final Words :

It is an amazing way to create Apple ID and use it for iWork online via web browser in android phones. So, you have no need to have iOS device to use iWork online service or Apple Id. You can follow any of these two ways and create your Apple ID. As, both the methods have almost same process so both takes equal amount of time.

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