How to Delete Bookmarks on Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

You should remove the bookmark from the folder or bookmark list if you don’t need it anymore. So that, you can easily arrange the other bookmarks as per your current need. In this article, we are going to discuss How to Delete Bookmark on Mac. So, if you are a new user of MacBook device this will be very helpful for you. Because, MacBook functions in different way compared to computer and laptop. We will discuss the bookmark deleting process for three different browsers which are mostly used in MacBook. The Safari is the default browser of all apple devices so it is first in list of three browsers we are discussing. And the other browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which has wide popularity among users.

What is Bookmark?

Bookmark is a thing which we use to mark where we stopped to read/write. But in the case of MacBook, PC, iOS and android, it means to mark any website that we want to visit again. You can create it very easily to watch or read anything later whenever you are free. How to Delete Bookmarks on Mac Sometimes, it is hard to find a page that you want to revisit. So, if you have bookmarked that page, then you can quickly access to the webpage. You can also create different folders of your bookmarks as per your preference. Thus, it is one of useful things while watching any videos or scrolling new & interesting feeds on browser.
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Why should you delete Bookmark?

delete bookmarks on mac
delete bookmarks
You can keep your bookmarks saved in different folders. Hence, it can be useful for you to delete bookmarks which you don’t need anymore. There are no any specific reasons for deleting Bookmarks. But it is only essential for you to make your finding process of the site you want to revisit, straightforward. It will be convenient for you when there is no existence of bookmark that are no longer required. Deleting Bookmark is one of easiest task to do on Mac. As well, it also takes less time for being unsaved from saved. So, let’s move ahead and know How to delete Bookmark on Mac.

How to delete Bookmark on Mac?

how to delete bookmarks on chrome firefox safari internet explorer more
how to delete bookmarks on chrome firefox safari internet explorer more
Now, we are going to learn about deleting Bookmark on Mac. We will discuss bookmark deleting process in Safari, Chrome and Firefox respectively. Moreover, you can also delete the bookmark folder in all three browsers if whole folder is no longer useful. So, here is the solution for deleting multiple bookmarks or the whole bookmark folder.

On Safari :

For deleting Bookmark on your mac in Safari browser, you need to go through following steps.
  1. Open safari browser on you MacBook.
  2. From the top left side, Click on the Sidebar menu. It will show you all your favourites of browser that you have bookmarked.
  3. Then tap on Bookmark icon to get the list of your current bookmarked websites.
  4. Select and right click on the bookmark you want to delete. And press delete option. Or hold ⌘ key and select multiple bookmarks and delete them together.
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You can delete the whole bookmark folder if you have many bookmark sites saved. Here, are the steps to delete the Bookmark Folder.
  1. Go to the Sidebar menu and click on bookmark icon.
  2. Select Edit Bookmark option and right click on bookmark folder.
  3. Then choose delete option to remove whole bookmark folder.

On Chrome :

Now, let’s have a look on how to delete Bookmark in Google Chrome browser. Following are the steps for deleting/removing bookmark from chrome.
  1. Open Google Chrome in your Mac.
  2. Click on Bookmarks from the top menu.
  3. Then choose Bookmark Manager option.
  4. Navigate the bookmark you want to delete and tap on three dot option and click to the delete.
> You can delete many bookmarks at once by pressing command key while selecting bookmarks and then press delete key. For deleting the Bookmark folder, you can use the steps given below.
  1. Access to the Bookmark Manager Option by pressing Option+⌘+B.
  2. Right Click to the Bookmark Folder and hit the delete button.

On Firefox :

Mozilla Firefox is also one of well known browser for providing amazing speed and other multiple functionality. So, if you are using Firefox instead of Safari, then following are the steps you need to follow for removing Bookmark.
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For deleting single bookmark :
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser on your Mac.
  2. Click and open saved Bookmark you want to delete.
  3. Tap on Star icon and your saved bookmark will be unsaved.
For deleting multiple bookmarks at once :
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser on your Mac.
  2. Go to Bookmarks and select Manage Bookmarks.
  3. Then the Library window will displayed on your MacBook.
  4. Click on Bookmark Menu and tap on bookmark folder from which you want to remove bookmark.
  5. Press Command or Ctrl key and select the bookmarks.
  6. Tap on gear icon and click on delete option.
For deleting Bookmark folder :
  1. Go to Bookmarks and select Manage Bookmarks.
  2. From the Library Window tap on Bookmark Menu option.
  3. Navigate the bookmark folder and right click on it then click delete option.

Final Words :

We expect that now you know How to Delete Bookmark on Mac whether using Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Bookmarks which are no longer useful for you are needed to be deleted. Moreover, it has no difficult or long time taking process. So, you can delete your bookmarks anytime whenever you are free. You can follow any of above described steps as per the default browser you are using in your MacBook.