How to Download Music from Google Play to iTunes

How to Transfer Music from Google Play to iTunes Library: iTunes and Google Play Music are the most popular music apps. Both the apps work independently and offer a huge collection of music. You can purchase your desired songs or albums and enjoy playing them on BT devices or listen to them on your headphones.

When you download or import a new song to iTunes library, it automatically appears in Google Play Music but iTunes does not sync songs from Google Play Music library.

Therefore you need to know how to download music from Google Play to iTunes and follow the procedure. At present, there is no option or feature that can automatically sync your Google Play Music Library to iTunes Library. So, you have to do it manually but before that let us know why you need to transfer your songs to iTunes.

Is Google Play Music Shutting Down?

In December 2020, Google published an announcement about closing of Google Play Music which disappointed many android and iOS device users. But the new app YouTube Music was already launched and it is going to take the place of Google Play Music.

Google Play Music has been Discontinued and the users are advised to transfer their free and purchased music/songs to YouTube Music app. So, the answer to the above question “Is Google Play Music shutting down?” is YES, the Google has already stopped providing updates to Google Play Music app.

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Is Google Play Music app still available to download?

Yes, the Google Play Music app is still available to download but it is going to be removed by Google in near future, we don’t know the exact date and time.

How to Download Music from Google Play to iTunes

The Google Play Music has a huge collection of rock, hip-hop and many other types of songs by artists from all over the world. You may have purchased many songs and albums for playing them on your iPhone, iPad or other apple device.

All your purchased songs are limited to Google Play Music only. If you take a look, you can’t find them in iTunes library. Therefore we suggest you to transfer all your songs from Google Play Music to iTunes library as soon as possible. The process is very simple and you can do it on your own.

Simple Steps to Download Music from Google Play and Transfer It to iTunes:

#1. On your Mac desktop, create a new folder “My GPM Library”, here GPM stands for Google Play Music and you can also choose your desired name for the folder.

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create new folder on mac desktop

#2. Open Google Play Music and make sure you are signed in to your Google Account.

If you use Chrome browser, you should download “Google Play Music for Chrome” and sign in to perform this process.

#3. Go to “My Music” and select “Music Library” to see your songs collection.

go to music library in google play music

#4. Select “Albums” tab and click on “three dots” of your desired album to open relevant options.

go to albums tab in google play music

#5. Click on “Download Now” option and choose the new folder you have created on desktop in step 1.

click on download now option

Note: You need to download all your favorite and/or purchased songs from Google Play Music to the “My GPM Library” folder on your Mac desktop.¬†You have to do this process manually and download each song/album one by one, because there is no bulk-download option available for it. After downloading all your favorite songs from Google Play Music, you can go for the next step.

#6. Now, open iTunes app and also open the “My GPM Library” folder on desktop.

#7. Select your desired songs in “My GPM Library” folder and drag them to iTunes to add them to iTunes library. If you want to add all songs then drag & drop the folder to iTunes library.

drag my gpm library folder to itunes library 1024x640

#8. Once, all your songs are added to iTunes library, you should delete them from the “My GPM library” folder to avoid duplication of files.

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In this way, you can download music from Google Play to iTunes library and enjoy listening to your favorite songs in iTunes music.

Alternate Ways to Download/Transfer Music from Google Play to iTunes

The above explained process is simple and easy to follow for everyone. But we always look for alternatives of everything, so there are some third party apps (or web apps) that allow you to transfer your Google Play Music Library to iTunes Library.

We don’t suggest anything about whether you should use or not use any third party app to transfer your music. It is completely your choice. But we want you to note down that most third party apps provide paid services. So, you have to bear the cost of web app/software or fees they charge on you for using their software.

Wrapping Up:

The Google Play Music is not going to get security updates or support from Google Inc.. So, it is strongly recommended to download all your songs from Google Play Music library and transfer them to iTunes library. If you still have a query or doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.