How to Find the Path of a File on Mac Terminal

Your MacBook have many of files accumulated from downloading or shared files by others. That’s why, it is difficult to find the path of File on Mac sometimes. If you are facing the issue with finding file path, you have reached to the right site. Here, we are providing information about How to find the path of a file on Mac Terminal. It is hard to reach to the file when you have no idea that where you saved it. As well, finding path of a file on mac is also bigger task. So in this article, we will discuss about what is path and the methods of How to Find the Path of File on Mac Terminal.

What is Path :

Path is just what it’s name indicates. It is a directions that you give to command or application. Path is also useful to define that where file or folder is located. Mac terminal uses Linux/ Unix based command styles. That’s why, paths are formed by putting name of directories together. As well, directories are prescribed with a (/) in between names and the root directory is also denoted by (/).
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How to Find the Path of a File on Mac Terminal :

The terminal app have ability to show you the path of any file located in your MacBook. It is helpful for not only finding files but also for moving or deleting files. So, here we are going to discuss about methods of How to Find the Path of File on Mac Terminal. You can go through following steps for the purpose of finding path of file. Method 1:
  1. Open Terminal of your MacBook.
  2. Enter this Command: sudo su.
  3. Then press return Key on your Mac.
  4. Enter Password of your MacBook device.
  5. Press Return again.
  6. After that enter this command: find / -name [filename].
  7. Hit enter button and wait for a while until Finder completes its task. And if your display shows ‘operation not permitted’ then you should ignore it.
  8. Find the path of File you are searching and then select File path.
  9. Right click on the text selected and choose ‘Copy’ option or press Ctrl+ C keys together for copying file path.
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Method 2: There is also another way of finding of file on Mac terminal. This method is more easier and rapid than the first method of finding file path. So, if you have no more enough time to pass through first method, use this one. Following are the steps of this simple and quick way of finding path.
  1. Open Applications.
  2. Look for Utilities option and click on it.
  3. After that, go to Terminal.
  4. Drag the file or folder into Terminal window.
  5. Then, you will see the entire path for file or folder you have dragged. And copy that file path if needed.

Final words :

We hope that, this both method will be helpful for you to finding path of File on Mac terminal. Both the methods of finding file path with use of terminal are similarly effective. But if you want to know file path as soon as possible then second method is preferable. So, just use anyone of them and get your file path with use of terminal on MacBook.
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