How to Find USB Connected Devices on Mac

Sometimes, you have inserted the USB device in Mac but it doesn’t actually connect with mac. In such situations, you need to Find USB Connected Devices on Mac. So, ensure about USB connection only after seeing it on connected device list.

If you have no idea that How to Find USB Connected Devices on Mac, then this article is useful for you.

how to find usb connected devices on mac
how to find usb connected devices on mac

Moreover, MacBook have different system compared to windows laptop and PC. Here, we will consider methods of Finding USB connected Devices on Mac. Further more, some of methods are also helpful to reconnect USB device with MacBook. So, let’s move forward and know How to Find USB Connected Devices.

How to Find USB Connected Devices on Mac :

There are many methods for finding USB connected device with your Mac. You can use anyone of them as per your preference to make sure whether USB device connected or not.

Method 1- Check USB device in System Information :

  1. Go to the Apple menu.
  2. Select the About this Mac Option.
  3. Choose the System Report option.
  4. From the System Information window, select USB option that is given on left panel.
  5. Now, mac displays the list of all devices that are connected to your Mac under USB devices tree.
  6. From the list, choose any device and know the details about that device.
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Method 2- Use of Terminal utility to Check USB connection :

  1. Open your MacBook and go to the Finder window.
  2. Choose Applications option and then move ahead by selecting Utilities Folder.
  3. Then open Terminal utility from utilities folder.
  4. Enter the command ioreg -p IOUSB -1 -w0 in terminal.
  5. Press the Return key. And you will get the information of all connected device to the USB ports of your MacBook.

Method 3- Change your connection :

You can change connection of USB when it is inserted but not find on list of connected devices. Checkout the USB with another ports or devices.

  • Remove USB device from USB port of Mac and insert it into another USB port.
  • If you are using adapter, then take it out of adapter and insert it directly to any USB port.
  • You can also try USB device in another MacBook or PC for ensuring that there is any issue with USB or not.

Method 4- Reset Mac USB ports :

Another way of Finding USB connected devices on Mac is Resetting your MacBook USB ports. For resetting USB ports, following are the steps to pass through.

  1. Reset your Mac.
  2. Hold Command + option + P + R until the Apple logo pop up.
  3. Then, press Command + option + Esc to close any application that isn’t responding.
  4. Insert the USB device that you want to connect with Mac. If you still don’t find USB connected, then Go to Apple icon and click on sleep option.
  5. Wake up your mac after few seconds. Then, turn off your Mac and remove USB.
  6. Turn on your Mac after a minute and insert USB again and see if your USB is showing up or not.
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Method 5- Change Mac Settings :

This one is also easier and quick to Find USB Connected devices on Mac. Following are the steps of finding devices that are connected currently.

  1. Go to Finder.
  2. Find out Preferences option and click on it.
  3. Then go for General settings option.
  4. Look for External Discs Options.
  5. After finding the External discs option, untick it for solving USB connection issue. And if it was already unticked then issue is solved.

Method 6- Use First Aid to Repair USB connected Device :

For Finding USB connected devices on Mac, this method is also effective. You can try this solution by going through following steps to reconnect USB device with Mac.

  1. Go to Applications and then click on Utility option.
  2. Find and click on Disk utility then select USB drive option from the left panel.
  3. Select First Aid and then hit Run. By doing this process, Your dusk utility would automatically repair any errors of the USB connected device.
  4. After the process have finished, select USB connected device again and press Unmount option which is shown on top toolbar.
  5. Now, remove your USB device from Mac and reinsert it after a while.
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Final Words :

Here, we are concluding this article with a hope that you have got enough information from this article. It is easy to find the USB connected devices on Mac with help of appropriate method. And even if you don’t find your USB device in the list of connected device, then you can try any method and reinsert USB. All the methods are equally effective and helpful for connecting USB device with Mac.