8 Ways to Fix Discord Update Failed on a Mac:

Do you also get an error message saying Discord Update Failed while using the Discord app on your Mac? Well, it is because the discord app failed to update.

Sometimes, Discord needs an update to work with new features and also bug fixes. The Discord app comes with the ability where it automatically updates to provide you with new features and also fixes all the other problems like bugs.

If Discord failed for the updates means, you will not be going to get all the incredible new features. At times, you can’t do anything as discord neither update the app, nor allows you to use the app until it’s fixed.

In today’s guide, I will show you some solutions that help you to fix the issue with the discord. So, you can also easily update Discord for its latest updates and features. Keep on reading till the end!

Why Am I Getting the Message Discord Update Failing?

I have got you four main reasons why Discord Update keeps failing are:

  1. One of the reasons why the Discord Update failed error occurs is because the Discord app is not getting the administrative rights to do that. This means without the administrative rights, Discord can’t take some actions and install the updates properly.
  2. Another reason is maybe the Discord app is facing some network issues. Without a good internet connection, the incomplete downloaded updates that discord tries to install may result in you failing on a loop. 
  3. Or maybe you have damaged or missing cache files that cause you to face the error of Discord update failing.
  4. And lastly, Discord is not updating because of some of its corrupted files and data. 

As you can see, there are many reasons why Discord update error occurs on your Mac in the first place. Sometimes, you can’t really figure out what is the real reason for the error you are facing.

Well, I have covered some of the best solutions for you in this article, which you can try to solve issues with Discord on your Mac. Please try all the solutions to get the required results. 

Fixing the Discord is Not Updating Failed Error on Mac

Today, I will be showing you some of the methods to fix the issue of not updating failed error of discord. Please follow the process step by step to get the result. These methods are pretty understandable and easy to apply. So, let’s get into it.

1. Try Restarting your Computer:

The easiest solution that you should try first before doing anything is to restart your Mac. Yes, sometimes simply restarting your computer can solve all the little issues like bugs, and errors and fixes them easily.

Your Discord app might get stuck because of some bugs or lag, simply hitting the computer with a restart can solve that issue. So, try to restart the computer first and check if the Discord is updating as you wanted to.

2. Check Discord Server Status:

You must be thinking all the time that the problem of discord update is related to your Mac. But sometimes, the problem is in the Discord servers. You are facing the issue of an update failed error on Mac because of none other than Discord servers.

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So, if you think that the Discord servers are down, then it is clear that the problem is not with your mac but with the Discord servers. Don’t know how to check? Please follow the given below steps to find out more.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open any internet browser.
  2. Go to https://discordstatus.com/
  3. Check if all the servers are in green or not at your current time.
check discord server status mac discord
check discord server status mac discord

As you can see from the above-given screenshots, if you also face any orange or red color in your status, means you are facing potential server downs. you may be wondering what’s the solution to it? Nothing but you have to wait for some time so that the discord servers get up their own and run again to the green.

However, if the servers are already all green, then the problem is with your Mac, not with the Discord servers.  

3. Clear Discord Cache Files:

Once done checking the service status, are you still facing the issue of updating? Another thing you can try is to clear the Discord cache files. Maybe there are some corrupted or damaged cache files that are creating the issue so that the discord app won’t be updating.

So, what you can do is delete the cache files. The discord will try to download new and fresh cache files directly from their servers so you can easily update the Discord. Here are some steps to delete discord cache files on your Mac:

  1. Go to Finder and head over to the Go section.
  2. Type in ~/Library/Application Support/discord in the appeared window and click Go.


library application support discord mac
library application support discord mac

3. Find the folders named Cache, GPUCache, and Code Cache. 


mac discord cache gpucache and code cache
mac discord cache gpucache and code cache

4. Select these folders and move them to the trash or bin.

5. Go to the Dock, right-click on Trash, and hit the Empty Trash to delete the cache files.

After completing the above steps, restart your Mac and start running Discord. It will be going to automatically bring out new cache files and may fix the update issue of the discord. I have heard people saying that this method is very useful and actually fixed the Discord update failed problem. 

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the macOS and the newest version of the Discord app to run this method. As the new Discord versions do not run on older macOS.

4. Re-installing Discord:

Have you already tried all the above methods and still facing the update issue? Now the most efficient thing you can try is to re-install the Discord app. That means you have to uninstall and re-install a fresh copy.

Re-installing a fresh copy would definitely solve the issue of updating as well as solve any other problems like bugs and errors too. If possible, check the latest version of Discord and try to install that. So, here is how you can reinstall a fresh version of Discord as follows:

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1. Open the Finder app and select Applications.


re installing discord 1

2. Find the Discord app.

re installing discord 2
re installing discord 2



3. Right-click on the app and select Move to bin or Move to trash whichever shows for you. 

4. Go to the Dock, right-click on Trash, and hit the Empty Trash to uninstall Discord.

5. Download the latest version of Discord from their official website and install the fresh copy on your computer.

If you take it a simple way, reinstalling the Discord app is the most straightforward thing to do. As you don’t have to update the app again because you are only downloading and installing the latest version of Discord on your Mac. 

5. Check Internet Connection:

One of the most common problems that are essential to check before updating the app is to check the internet connection. You have to check whether there is good internet connection status and speed.

To check that, please see that your internet speed is at least running in a double-digit in MBs to complete a successful update process.

6. Run Record as An Administrator:

Still, facing a problem with updating the Discord app? Well, try to run the Discord app with an administrator rights. Sometimes you may need to run the Discord app as an administrator if it is not updated by the client itself.

Running as an administrator means you can get the admin rights where you require all the necessary permissions to install and update the software like Discord. Here is how you can become an administrator.

1. Make sure that the Discord is not currently running, either visibly or in the background, before doing anything.

2. To check that, right-click the Start menu > Task Manager by searching for the Discord process.

3. After finding the Discord as shown in the given screenshot, right-click the process and select End Task.

task manager end discord process

4. To run Discord as an administrator, open the Start menu and find the Discord enter listed in the Discord Inc folder.

5. Right-click the app, then select More and select Run as Administrator.

open discord as admin


7. Rename the Discord Update Executable File:

Are you stuck in a Discord update failed loop and want to solve the issue? You can try to rename the Discord executable file. Now, this method is not recommended for the long term. But still, without updates, you won’t get the benefits of all the features and bug fixes.

Many users have fixed the update failed issue by renaming the Executable File on the Mac. If you want to learn how to then follow these steps:

1. Press Windows + R keys and open the Run menu.

2. Type %localappdata% and hit the Enter key.


rename the discord update executable file

3. Open the Discord folder from the following menu.


rename the discord update executable file 2

4. Find the Update file and rename it to anything like Updatex.


rename the discord update executable file 3

Try installing pending updates and check the new Discord app in action.

8. Disable Antivirus on PC:

The one last thing you can try is to Disable antivirus on the Mac. Sometimes a threatening antivirus can also be a reason you are facing the Discord update issue. Because of the antivirus, the Discord app might have difficulty connecting to the company server. Simply disable the antivirus software on Mac and try updating the Discord app and see if it is working for updating.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I force Discord Update?

You can force the discord update by pressing Ctrl + R on your keyboard. When you press it, the application will immediately close and start itself, forcing the update. The discord automatically detects the new updates and features and installs them automatically.

Why is Discord 502 Bad Gateway?

If you are using or trying to launch Discord and face the error of 502 Bad Gateway means you won’t be able to access discord. This error occurs because of some servers you are connected to.

What you can do in this type of situation is to wait until Discord itself solve the issue. As this is a server-based error, you just have to wait as you can’t do anything other than that. However, the Discord team is very fast in this type of situation so they will easily solve the problem as soon as they can.

Why is Discord stuck on update failed?

There are many reasons why the Discord app might stick on update failed error like, it needs administrative rights, corrupted caches, bad internet connection, and many more.

If you are facing this type of problem, I have explained why the Discord update is failing and how to solve it in this article. Use any methods that might actually help to solve the issue.

Why does my Discord download keep failing?

If Discord download installation keeps failing you, means some apps are still running in the background. If Discord download is keep failing simply end all the unnecessary processes in the background and see if it’s working or not.

You should also verify if you have already installed an old version of this app.


The Discord app is quite popular nowadays because of its gaming community and entertainment. It is pretty necessary to use the Discord app for anything, whether it’s gaming, communication, and many more. But the error like update failure makes you annoyed as you can’t understand why you are getting it.

As I said earlier, many people have faced this issue of Discord, and it is pretty normal. You may get this error because of many reasons that I have already mentioned in this guide. Gladly, if you are facing this problem too, then you can easily fix this on your own by trying the above-given methods.

I have provided many different solutions which you can try until you solve the “Update Failed while using the Discord app on your Mac” error message. I hope that any of the above methods have helped you solve the Discord update failed problem. Thanks for reading and supporting us.