How to Fix Mac Error Code 5010f – 3 Easy ways to Fix Error Code 5010f

How to Fix Mac Error Code 5010f – 3 Easy way to Fix Error Code 5010f on your Mac:

Fix Mac Error Code 5010f: Apple Computer and Laptop run on Macintosh Operating System i.e. Mac OS. MacBook Users love the Mac OS X because it gives faster and smoother performance. But the Users need to Reinstall Mac OS X when the System gets slow down or system files corrupted. The Apple Mac developers provide Internet Recovery option by which Mac Users can easily Reinstall Mac OS X right from their home or office.

The only problem with Reinstalling Mac OS via Internet Recovery is that it requires an uninterrupted internet connection. When you Reinstall Mac OS with Internet Recovery, whole OS Data is transferred from Apple Server to your MacBook. Any interruption during the process you will face Error Code 5010f. In this article, we will discuss what is Error Code 5010f, Why it occurs and best way to resolve the Error Code 5010f.

What is Mac Error Code 5010f?

How to Fix Mac Error Code 5010f

Error Code 5010f is a critical error arise in MacBook. With Error Code 5010f, the MacBook gets stuck on error screen and the User cannot use the PC until the Error Code 5010f is resolved.

When does the Error Code 5010f occur?

Generally, the Error Code 5010f occurs when the User tries to Reinstall Mac OS with Internet Recovery feature. But the Error Code 5010f may occur by some other reasons such as System Files are deleted or corrupted etc.

Causes of Mac Error Code 5010f

An error is solved in two steps, first step is knowing the cause and second step is finding proper solution. So we should know the Causes of Error Code 5010f before we proceed to fix/resolve it. The Error Code 5010f may occur on MacBook by various reasons. Here we explain all possible causes of Error Code 5010f as follows:

[I] Mac OS Installing/Reinstalling Process is Interrupted

When you are Reinstalling Mac OS on your MacBook by Internet Recovery and the Re-installation Process is interrupted by something, it will show Error Code 5010f.

[II] Internet Connection is Lost during Reinstalling Mac OS

The Reinstalling of Mac OS by Internet Recovery option requires continuous internet connectivity for hours. Because whole Mac OS Data is transferred from Apple Server to your MacBook. Therefore, Internet Connection must not be lost or disconnected during Reinstalling of Mac OS otherwise you will face Error Code 5010f.

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[III] Improper Installing or Uninstalling an App/Program

When a Program or Application is not installed properly, it may create some errors on Mac. When you install or uninstall a program, make sure you complete the task properly otherwise your Mac System will display Error Code 5010f.

[IV] Emptying Trash

Many Mac Users have a habit to clean Trash Folder, but it’s important to check if it contains any system file. If there is a Mac System File in Trash and you Empty Trash, it will result in Error Code 5010f.

[V] Change in BIOS Settings

It is strongly recommended to Mac Users that they shouldn’t modify BIOS Settings if they don’t have its knowledge. If you make an unsuitable change in BIOS Settings, the Mac System will show Error Code 5010f and other errors.

[VI] MacBook PC System is infected by Virus Attack

A Virus Attack may cause the Error Code 5010f in MacBook. You can resolve this issue by running a full-scan your Mac System with a Strong Antivirus Program.

Other Causes of Error Code 5010f

In addition to above five causes, the Error Code 5010f may occur due to some other causes. You can see the list of such causes below:

  • Mac User accidentally deletes some System Files or formats a Disk.
  • Problem in Catalog Nodes Files.
  • Header Files are corrupted.
  • Sharing Data or Files on an Unsupported Platform.
  • Problem in Boot Sector.
  • Kernel Panic Issue.
  • Sudden Power Off Mac System without Proper Shutdown.
  • Interruption in an Ongoing Read/Write Operation.

After understanding various causes, let us move towards Best Solution of Mac Error Code 5010f with some simple techniques.

How to Fix Mac Error Code 5010f

For Reinstalling Mac OS X on MacBook, you need Shutdown the System and press Command+Option+R keys before the PC is started. Thereafter you select “Reinstall OS X” option and it is interrupted by Error Code 5010f. But you can fix the Error Code 5010f on your Mac by various methods given below:

  1. Reset NVRAM on MacBook
  2. Reinstall Mac OS X using different Internet Connection
  3. Erase Data and Reinstall Mac OS X with Mac OS Utilities
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Now we will explain each of the above methods to fix Mac Error Code 5010f in detail.

01. Reset NVRAM on MacBook

Non-volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM) is a portion of MacBook System Memory. The NVRAM stores some basic information settings like MacBook System Location, Startup Disk Selection, Speaker Volume, Screen Resolution and Recent Kernel Panic Reports. When you face Error Code 5010f on your MacBook, it will be helpful to Reset NVRAM first and then Reinstall Mac OS X. Kindly follow the easiest steps given below to Reset NVRAM on Mac:

  1. Close all open Apps and Shutdown the MacBook normally.
  2. Wait till the Mac System is turning off.
  3. Press Power button to start MacBook and press & hold Command+Option (Alt)+P+R.
  4. Hold these four keys for 20 seconds and Release the keys when you hear Startup Sound/Chime.

After the NVRAM is Reset, you need to configure some settings again. These settings include Time Zone, Screen Resolution, Startup Disk Selection, Speaker Volume, Default Language and more.

02. Reinstall Mac OS X using different Internet Connection

When Reinstalling Mac OS X with Internet Recovery is interrupted by Lost Internet Connection, you should try again. If you face any problem to launch Internet Recovery Menu then Reset NVRAM (as given above) and then try to Reinstall Mac OS X using different Internet Connection. You can use WPA PSK or WPA2 PSK Secure WiFi Network or Ethernet LAN/MAN Connection. It’s highly recommended to use a Secure and Strong Internet Connection to Reinstall Mac OS X by Internet Recovery option.

After connecting your MacBook with a Different Internet Connection, just go through the step by step procedure given below:

  1. Restart the MacBook and wait till the System restarts.
  2. Press and Hold the keys Command+Option (Alt)+R to launch Internet Recovery Menu.
  3. Thereafter it will start downloading required resources.
  4. Then Mac OS X Utilities Menu will appear on screen when downloading is done.
  5. Now select “Reinstall OS X” and follow the instructions.
  6. Let the Reinstalling Process get completed and show Set up Assistant on screen.

If the Reinstalling with different Internet Connection is also failed, you should try Erase Data and Reinstall Mac OS X with Mac OS Utilities Menu as mentioned in next method.

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03. Erase Data and Reinstall Mac OS X with Mac OS Utilities

Reinstalling Mac OS X with Internet Recovery option is a great tool for Mac Users. But it creates more trouble when the Reinstalling is interrupted or failed and System shows Error Code 5010f on MacBook Screen. Therefore, we recommend you to Reinstall Mac OS X by using Mac OS Utilities instead of using Internet Recovery feature. Please check the below steps to know complete procedure:

Step I: Erase Data using Mac OS Utilities

  1. Turn off your MacBook System with Shutdown option.
  2. Start the MacBook with Power button and hold the three keys simultaneously i.e. Command+Option (Alt)+R.
  3. Release all these keys when Apple logo appears on MacBook screen.
  4. You will see the Menu of Mac OS Utilities.
  5. Select Disk Utility and Continue, select your Mac System Drive and select Erase.
  6. In Format Menu select “Mac OS Extended” then APFS, give name of your Disk and click Erase button.
  7. Your Data has been Erased successfully.

Step II: Reinstall Mac OS X using Mac OS Utilities

After your Data/Disk is Erased as mentioned in Step I, the MacBook will get back to Recovery Menu i.e. Mac OS Utilities. Now you need to follow further steps as given below:

  1. Select Reinstall MacOS option and click on Continue.
  2. Follow the instruction displayed on your MacBook Screen.
  3. Let the Process of Reinstalling Mac OS gets complete.
  4. After completion of Reinstalling Mac OS, the MacBook System will Restart.
  5. You can see the “Set up Assistant” on your MacBook screen.

Important Note: When you Erase Disk with Mac OS Utilities, it will wipe your MacBook Hard Drive. It will also delete your personal data, information and files. So you should take a backup of important personal data before you Erase Data with Mac OS Utilities.

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Final Words:

All the information given above about Mac Error Code 5010f is true and fair. In case you have a question regarding any of the methods to fix/resolve Error Code 5010f on Mac, you can leave a Comment below or contact a Professional Mac OS Expert at 1-800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753) or visit Apple Website at