How to Fix: Mac volume button not working

MacBook have gained much popularity for its advanced hardware and high quality speakers. So, Volume Button keys are very important when you are habituated with them for balancing volume. You can change the volume as per your preference as well mute it via buttons. But users also face issues relating with volume buttons.

mac volume button not working
mac volume button not working

That’s why, here we are with many solutions of Mac volume button not working issue. Every time changing volume level from settings is very time consuming. So, it is better to fix the Mac volume button is not working issue as soon as possible.

In this article, we will discuss about reasons and its solutions when Mac volume button doesn’t work properly.

Reasons why mac volume button not working :

There are few reason why Mac volume button not working sometimes. So, you just need to resolve the issue as per the responsible reason behind it.

  • It can be possible when you have changed your keyboard preferences and enabled the option for function key. Thus, there may be problem using F10, F11 and F12 for the purpose of controlling volume.
  • Chrome extensions can be also reason when Mac Volume button is not working.
  • You MacBook have bug or malware issue which interrupts software, audio drivers and other system.
  • There can be also hardware problem in speaker or keyboard.

Solutions for mac volume button not working :

For solving volume button not working error, here we are providing some solutions that are mostly effective. So,  you can try anyone of these solutions until your mac volume button start to work again.

Check Sound settings of Mac :

You should first check sound settings of your Mac when Mac volume button not work. As, there is a possibility that you might changed sound setting on your Mac.

  1. Go to System preferences and find Sound setting option.
  2. Tap on Output option and check that mute option is enabled or disabled.
  3. Ensure that no wireless headphone or speaker is not connected with Mac.
  4. Then reconnect your Mac with the speaker you are using right now.
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If you cannot still control the volume from keyboard buttons, then disconnect all the peripheral devices. And then recheck volume button works properly or not.

Check Keyboard settings :

There might be also problem within keyboard of your MacBook. That’s why, it is also essential to check keyboard settings if volume buttons not working. Following are the steps for ensuring that keyboard settings are correct.

  1. Press Command and Space key together for reaching to Spotlight.
  2. Run Keyboard system preference.
  3. Then check that function keys are enabled or disabled.
  4. If it is enabled then turn it off. As, enabled function key prevents F10, F11 and F12 keys from working.

Reboot your MacBook device :

Restarting and rebooting process makes MacBook and other devices run flawlessly. So, you can also reboot Mac when its volume button are not working properly. Just restart mac and check whether volume button started working or not.

  1. Open the Apple Menu.
  2. Click on restart.
  3. Wait for Mac to restart and then check volume buttons.

Restart Core Audio :

You can also restart Core audio of your MacBook if above all methods don’t work. For restarting Core audio, there are two methods. So, use any of them which is preferable to follow for you. Both the methods are quite effective to restart core audio of Mac device.

Method 1

  1. Press Command and Space key together for reaching to Spotlight.
  2. Find Terminal by using search bar and click on it.
  3. Then enter the command, sudo killall coreaudiod.
  4. After that, hit enter again for running command.
  5. Enter the password of your Mac device to complete the process if asked.
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Method 2

In spite of using terminal, you can also use Activity Monitor to restart Mac. So, following are the steps of second method of restarting MacBook.

  1. Open spotlight search by pressing Command and Space keys togather.
  2. Type Activity Monitor by searching and click on it.
  3. Then type coreaudiod on the available search bar option.
  4. Tap on (x) option to force close audio system of Mac.


All of the information related to your speaker is saved on either PRAM or NVRAM. This RAM is depended on the model of your MacBook. If you have latest version of Mac, then you have NVRAM. Whether, if you have old version of Mac, then you have PRAM data storage. For making your volume button work again, You can also reset all the information from PRAM/ NVRAM. Following are the steps for resetting PRAM/ NVRAM.

  1. Turn off your MacBook.
  2. Then press power button of Mac to turn it on again.
  3. Before you see the apple logo, press and hold these keys rapidly, Option (alt), Command, P and R. You should done this step after hearing start-up sound.
  4. Do not leave these all four keys until Mac restarts and realises a chime sound.
  5. Mac will start booting as usual. And then enter your login information and passwords.
  6. Then check whether Mac volume button started working or not.
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Update your Mac :

Updating you MacOS device may enable the volume button start to work again. So, you can also try this solution if above mentioned solution are not helpful for your Mac. Make sure to take a backup of essential data before updating device.

  1. Go to System preference of your MacBook.
  2. Find out Software Update option and click on it.
  3. Check out for new updates. If there are new updates available then tap on Update option.

Remove Google Music Extension :

The Mac volume button not working error may also occur when you have installed some extension on google chrome. It is observed that if you download google music extension, it prevents volume buttons from working. Google Music extensions also controls media keys beside volume keys. So, just delete google music extensions and restart your Mac. Then check if volume keys started to work or not.

Contact Apple Support :

If all of the above described solutions are not working for your Mac volume buttons, then contact to Apple Support. They will surely help you to get out of this volume button not working issue. If you think that there is any hardware issue behind error, then check your Mac warranty status. You can get free repair or replacement Apple’s terms and condition if your warranty period is not yet finished.

Final words :

So, we hope the above given solutions are being helpful to you. You can also refer this article again if the mac volume button not working situation arise again. Just try anyone solution and hence, you could not remove that issue, then visit nearest apple service center.