How to Fix: MacBook Pro Beeps 3 Times and Won’t Turn On

When the MacBook Pro device beeps 3 times and won’t turn on, then it tries to give a sign that there is issue with RAM. As, the RAM connected with all the settings and saved data, its issue would affect to the functioning.

So, when you see error like this, there are two choices you only have. Either you can try to fix it by yourself or you can take it to professionals for getting accurate solution of error.

Here, we are going to discuss about How to fix MacBook Pro Beeps 3 Times and won’t turn on. We will also consider that what is RAM and the reason of occurring 3 beeps sound error. It is necessary to know that how RAM is important to the Mac device. So, let’s go forward and discuss about RAM, 3 beeps sound error and the fixes to be tried for solve issue respectively.

What is RAM ?

RAM is a Random Access Memory where system temporarily saves data. And all the applications also run under the RAM. Without RAM, your computer, laptop or Mac cannot function. Generally, the RAM inside your Mac is group of microchips. The memory of your device depended on the size and numbers of chips inclusive on your device’s system.

On the older version of Macs, you can look the removable RAM which can be upgraded or replaced. Whereas, in the new versions of MacBook, the chips are soldered into the logic board which is hard to replace or upgrade.

Sometimes, Removable RAM might be improperly seated during upgrade or replacement. On the other side, soldered RAM have less chance of being loose, but it is also difficult to upgrade or replace it when one or more chips become failed. So, both kind of RAM have their own plus and minus points. Its up to you that which kind of RAM you want in your MacBook.

What does 3 Beeps on Mac Pro Mean ?

The 3 beeps on Mac Pro indicates hard drive failure or improperly seated RAM. However, there could be not problem with chips of RAM all the time. Sometimes, there can be issue with software which is probably easy to solve with some methods. So, let’s go ahead and know about the issues and its solutions when MacBook Pro beeps 3 times.

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How to Fix: MacBook Pro Beeps 3 Times and Won’t Turn On:

Now, let’s discuss about how to fix the 3 beeps issue of MacBook Pro. Following are the 5 solutions that can be tried to fix error related to RAM of your Mac. You can try any of these 5 fixes on the basis of your preference. And in case, no one solution help you to fix issue, you should go to the professionals and take help for getting out of this situation.

Try resetting System Management Controller :

You can also try resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) of your MacBook when you hear three beeps. Sometimes, this can also fix the error of three beeps in Mac and not turning on issue. You should go through the steps given below to reset SMC.

  1. Go to the Apple menu and shut down your Mac.
  2. After your mac shut down, hold the Shift + Ctrl + Option from the left side of keyboard and press the power button/ Touch ID at same time up to 10 seconds.
  3. Release all the keys together after 10 seconds duration.
  4. Press the power button again and turn on your MacBook Pro device.


Non Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM) or Parameter (PRAM) are locations in memory. In this memory, Mac stores all the settings and other important parameters. All the settings remain saved even if you turn off your Mac.

But sometimes, this memory area gets corrupt which could be a sign that there is RAM issue. So, there could be this reason behind 3 times beeping sound of your MacBook. As a solution for this situation, the simple reset of Mac is enough. For resetting NVRAM/ PRAM of your Mac, go through the following steps.

  1. Shut down your Mac device.
  2. Turn it on after a while and instantly press and hold Option + Command + P + R keys at the same time till you hear the sound of starting up process.
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After the starting up process finishes, the NVRAM/ PRAM will be clear from all the issues. And you won’t face the 3 times beeping error again.

Improperly seated RAM :

If you are using a MacBook with a removable RAM, then you may face the issue of improperly seated RAM. This situation can occur when you upgrade or replace your current RAM and insert new/ upgraded RAM in Mac.

Thus, if you have recently inserted RAM in mac and three beeps sound comes then this could be reason. In this situation, you need to fix improperly seated RAM so that your device will work properly.

For fixing Improperly seated RAM, you need to open up your system back up. Look at the RAM and gently push it for ensuring that is it loose or not. Or remove it and insert it again properly to its place. Then turn on your MacBook pro device and checkout that error is still remain or not.

If your Mac sounds 3 beeps again even after properly seated RAM, then the reason behind that error is different. This loose or improperly seated RAM issue can also arise in New MacBook versions with non-removable RAM device. It can be improper on its place if you have dropped your Mac device though there RAM is not removable.

So, if you have dropped your Mac pro hardly enough even by mistake then you should take it to professionals. And then do the things as per their advice for enabling MacBook work just smoothly like before dropping.

Defective RAM:

The 3 beeps sound can also arise when RAM of your Mac is damaged/ defected. The slight damage in chips or or module can affect to whole RAM device. If you have removable RAM, then remove all RAM module from mac and then booting up to see that you can detect the defected one or not. While trying this solution, you need to connect one module with mac.

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You can try different combinations of modules and also try them in different slots, so that the bad RAM module would be detected. Be careful, when you are using this way to solve three beeps error. Otherwise, another damage may also arise by accidental static discharge while solving this error.

However, the best solution for this issue is to take your mac to the professionals for having look at it. So, that they can fix your problem from the root without any other accidental damage chances.

Replacing Bad Motherboard:

Motherboard is the main board of computer, laptop as well of MacBook. The RAM of your Mac and all the other settings are connected with it. Motherboard can also be crack from hard impacts or damage by overheat. It can be also cracked after reaching to the end point of its useful life years.

The damage or defect to the related thing of RAM, can also have worse impact on it. So, if you don’t seem that above 4 reasons responsible behind error, then it could be because of having bad logic/ mother board.

Replacement of defected motherboard is quite complicate. But it is possible to do if you have good knowledge of MacBook. Otherwise, you need to take it towards apple care centre so that the professions can look after to the error.

It will be costly if your Mac is of older version and you’re going to replace motherboard. Instead of replacing, you should go for buying new MacBook device. However, you can choose any option regarding motherboard as per your preference.

Final Words:

Now, we are concluding this article, with a hope that it would be helpful for you. You should use the solving way as per the problem you are intuiting about. If the way you choose not work to solve error, then go for another way. And last but not least, if you are not sure about the issue from any above mentioned, then once take an advice of professionals.