How to refresh page on Mac: Mac refresh shortcut

Sometimes, you may be wondering how to refresh your Mac pages or is it necessary to refresh? Refreshing the page means to ask the browser to send their most updated version of page you are currently viewing. If you are using the Mac or want to switch to the Mac from using a Windows computer you may want to know how to refresh the browser on Mac.

There are many reasons to refresh the pages if your Mac is not working correctly or the pages are not viewing correctly or the apps are not working just press the refresh key and you are good to go. When using a windows computer all you know that we have to press F5 to refresh but it is not same with the Mac.

how to refresh page on mac
how to refresh page on mac

Why refreshing is necessary?

Refreshing the browser page is necessary as it will help you to reload the pages when it gets stuck sometimes. Refreshing the web page will provide you an updated information on the page that your are currently viewing and tells the browser to go back to the browser and check if there is anything new to loads.

What to do if refreshing doesn’t work?

If your refreshing doesn’t work it might be because of low internet connection or low speed. So kindly check if you have an internet connection or continuous speed. You can also close or re-open the page that you want to refresh or you can restart your Mac and try again.

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How to refresh Page on a Mac:

Now all the users may think if Windows computer pages are refreshing by pressing F5 then how to refresh the Mac browser or pages. Well, refresh can be divided into 2 types i.e. one which just helps to reload the page when you want to, while the other provides the hard refresh. In this article, we are going to learn how to refresh pages in both ways in Mac so, keep reading till the end to learn.

  • What is a Normal page Refresh?

The normal page refresh is simply an uncomplicated reloading function. The reloading website or any other pages won’t delete any internet files or cookies. You can reload the page by clicking the reload button or with the help of keyboard shortcuts Command + R to simply refresh the pages.

  • What is a Hard page Refresh?

Hard refreshing the web pages allow you to clear the browser’s cache for a specific page and forces it to reload the most recent version of that page including all new scripts, styles, or features. From time to time, completely clearing the cache is essential. Although, when changes made to a website may won’t be register immediately due to caching. Performing a hard refresh is easy and important.

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Here we provided the following steps to do a hard browser refresh for all the Mac browser.

How to Refresh Google Chrome Browser on Mac

Google Chrome is one of the most used and popular browsers on the internet, it is the safest browsing technology. Here are some points to do a hard refresh on the Google Chrome browser. There are two ways to refresh Google Chrome is:

  • For the first way, you have to hold Shift + Click the Reload button.
  • As for the second hold down command + Shift + R.

How to Refresh Firefox Browser on Mac

Firefox is the fastest web browser that offers you an extremely safe browsing experience. Below are some points to do a hard refresh on Firefox. There are two ways you can refresh Firefox as follows:

  • In the first method, you have to hold shift + Click the Reload button.
  • And for the second method, you have to hold down Command + Shift + R.
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How to Refresh Safari Browser on Mac

A safari is a web browser developed by Apple, Safari is the default browser for your Mac there are two ways to do a hard refresh on Safari as given below:

  • For the first way, hold Shift + Click the Reload button.
  • As for the second way, hold down Command + Option + R.

How to Refresh Opera Browser on Mac

Opera is a Web browser that is much smaller in size; opera is also known for being fast and stable. And there are also two ways to do a hard refresh on Opera browser is as follows:

  • In the first method, hold Shift + Click the Reload button.
  • And for the second method, hold down Command + Option + R.


In conclusion, I hope this article helps you to understand the process of refreshing any browsers or pages in both ways simple refresh or hard refresh. There are some significant benefits for the people who choose these browsers like safety, privacy, and security. Hence, you can choose any of these browsers in your day-to-day life. So, have fun refreshing the browsers and which is your favourite browser in your Mac of all time.

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