Remove Genieo from Mac: 3 Best Way to Remove Genieo from Mac

How to Remove Genieo from Mac – Best way to Remove Genieo from Mac OS:

Genieo enters your Mac system as a fake update and modify your browser settings. It changes homepage settings, new tab, URL and other settings without your permission. Genieo will also show popup ads and disturb your browsing experience. Therefore you must learn how to remove Genieo from Mac to save yourself from any harm caused by Genieo.

Genieo is an adware program that creates trouble in your Mac System. You may have installed it from Genieo Website believing that it is a search engine provider. The Mac users don’t install it intentionally, but Genieo comes up as a fake update to a software or an extension.

For example: Genieo will show up on your Mac screen as Your Flash Player is outdated, update it now! If you choose “update”, the Genieo will get installed on your Mac PC and manipulate your web browser settings.

What is Genieo?

Genieo is a content recommendation engine that gets installed in your Mac system. When you install a software, extension or update from unknown sources, the chances of adware and malware attacks are higher. Genieo tracks your browsing activity and display ads & offers relating to your activities. It is an unwanted adware that entered your Mac system without your knowledge.

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Is My Mac Infected by Genieo?

You should check if your Mac is infected by Genieo, only then you can proceed to remove Genieo from Mac. Here we provide some important signs & symptoms that will confirm that Genieo is entered in your Mac system.

  • You are not able to change your browser homepage.
  • You are not able to change your browser search engine.
  • All web browser settings get changed without your knowledge and permission.
  • When your open Safari, Chrome or Firefox, it displays on the browser home screen.
  • There is a House Icon in your Status Menu Bar on Mac.
  • application is present in the Applications folder.
  • Many files names starting with “com.genieo” are appearing in LaunchAgents folder of Library on your Mac.
  • A folder with the name “Genieo” is present in “your home folder”>Library>Application Support folder.
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When you see one or more symptoms (mentioned above) in your Mac system, you should believe that your computer is infected by Genieo. It simply means that the Genieo has hijacked your web browsers to steal your surfing, browsing and other personal information.

How to Remove Genieo from Mac

Genieo Search Engine is available on Official Genieo Website. It appears like Bing, Yahoo! and Google that provides free search engine and other services in a browser. But the Genieo is actually a threat to your Mac System as it modifies settings, preferences without your permission.

Genieo collects your personal information from your internet activities and browsing history. This information includes your very confidential details such as your logins, credit card info and other details as well. Therefore Genieo is harmful to you and your Mac computer.

Best Ways to Remove Genieo from Mac

Genieo is a browser hijacker that tracks your activities and collects your private information without your knowledge. Its appearance is similar to other search engines and extensions, but its activities are suspicious and unethical. That’s why we strongly recommend you to remove Genieo from your Mac computer as quick as possible.

Genieo app comes with an Uninstaller, but it is not helpful at all. Many Mac users have attempted to remove Genieo using its Uninstaller, but it did not work out. If you clear browser history, cookies or even reset all browsers on your Mac, the Genieo will still be there in your computer system. So you have to take some tough steps to remove Genieo from your Mac. Here we provide some most effective and best ways to remove Genieo from Mac as follows:

01. Use Adware Removal Tool for Mac

The Adware Removal Tool is a kind of software that cleans up your Mac. It removes Genieo and other adware programs existing in your computer system. You can use Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool, AdwCleaner or any other software. The procedure is very simple, just download & install the Adware Removal Tool. Thereafter launch it and scan your Mac with Adware Cleaner App. It will find and remove Genieo from your Mac system.

02. Use Antivirus Software for Mac

An Antivirus Software is made to protect the computer from virus attacks. When a reliable antivirus app is installed on your Mac, it will provide real time protection from adware, malware and malicious contents. The Antivirus Software is recommended for the Mac Users who work online and open many websites in a day. Because a virus or malware can enter easily from internet to your Mac System.

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You can use the Antivirus App to remove Genieo from your Mac. Before you start scanning the Mac with Antivirus, make sure that the Antivirus Software is the latest version. Kindly launch the Antivirus App and run Full Scan on your Mac System. On completion of scanning, choose clean to remove Genieo and other malware, adware from your Mac computer.

03. Manually Remove Genieo from Mac

You can use an Adware Removal Tool or Antivirus Software to remove Genieo from Mac. In case you don’t want to use any of them, there is another way to get rid of Genieo i.e. Manual Removal Method. This is a typical way to remove Genieo from Mac System, because it requires your full attention and efforts from beginning to the end of the procedure.

Quit Genieo App

You must quit the Genieo App before you start the manual removal procedure. In order to quit Genieo App, you need to click on the Genieo icon in the Apple Menu Bar. Thereafter select “Quit” option for quitting & closing the Genieo App on your Mac.

How to Remove Genieo from Mac

After you quit Genieo App on Mac, you can proceed to manually remove it.

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Steps to Manually Remove Genieo from Mac:

You must have logged into Mac as an Administrator to Delete Genieo App and related files. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to manually remove Genieo App from your Mac System.

01. On your Mac desktop, click on Finder to launch it.

02. A Search Bar is mentioned in the right corner of the Finder Window.

03. Click on Search Bar and type “launchd.conf” and press Enter/Return button.

How to Remove Genieo from Mac

04. Now click on (+) button given on right side to change the search criteria.

05. Select “Kind” option below Search: This Mac heading and choose Other in kind tab.

06. In the dialogue box given as “Select a Search Attribute”, just scroll down and tick the box titled as System Files.

07. Click OK, open Drop Down Menu from System Files Search Criteria and select “are included” option.

08. View the Search Results, select launchd.conf and move it to Trash.

Warning: If you cannot find “launchd.conf” file in Step 8, please Do NOT delete “.dylib” files in Step 9. When you delete system files inappropriately, it may Freeze your Mac System. It will be a bigger problem for you, so please follow these instructions carefully.

09. Select “Go” Menu in Finder and click on “Go to Folder” option. Here .app, .dylib and .plist are system files for Genieo. You need to type following paths in Go to Folder option and move those files, folders to Trash.

  • /Applications/InstallMac
  • /Applications/Uninstall Genieo
  • /Applications/Uninstall IM
  • ~/Library/Application Support/com.genieoinnovation.Installer/
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Genieo/
  • ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
  • ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.genieo.completer.update.plist
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/com.genieoinnovation.macextension.plist
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/com.genieo.engine.plist
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/com.genieo.completer.update.plist
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.genieoinnovation.macextension.client.plist
  • /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.genieoinnovation.macextension.client
  • /usr/lib/libgenkit.dylib
  • /usr/lib/libgenkitsa.dylib
  • /usr/lib/libimckit.dylib
  • /usr/lib/libimckitsa.dylib

10. Finally Empty the Trash and Restart your Mac computer.

Final Words:

All the information mentioned above about How to Remove Genieo from Mac is true and fair. The methods we have shared here are completely authentic and working. You should choose your suitable method for removing Genieo from your Mac System.

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