How to reset a HomePod with the Home app & Physical Button

A HomePod is a smart speaker intelligent assistant that helps you control your smartphone. But, sometimes there might have some difficulties you have to face with this HomePod. If you are facing any difficulties please kindly check the HomePod Wi-fi connection. If there are no problems with the HomePod’s internet connection or speed then you have to reset your HomePod.

Resetting the HomePod is a troubleshooting method that allows you a high chance of working again. Resetting the HomePod helps you to analyse or check any problem to the point of deciding a solution. Luckily, resetting your HomePod is similar to resetting any other Apple device. You may have familiar with the idea of resetting the device to factory settings which helps to resolve all the issues normally.

reset a homepod
reset a homepod

While resetting an Apple HomePod should be a last chance, it might also help sometimes to solve the overlong problems. Are you planning to sell the Apple HomePod or give it away? Well don’t take any stress here we provide many different methods to reset the Apple Homepod which helps you to reset the HomePod without any difficulties.

How to Reset HomePod with the Home app:

One of the best and easiest ways to reset your Apple HomePod is by using the Home app that is installed on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Any of these devices will help you to reset the HomePod completely. Here, we provide some steps you have to follow for the resetting process:

  1. Start the Home app on your iPhone or iPad or any other device.
  2. Open the Home app on your device.
  3. Then tap and hold the HomePod icon that you want to reset.
  4. Now you are in the HomePod setting menu.
  5. Scroll down to the very bottom of this menu where you will see the option to reset your Homepod.
  6. Just tap on “Reset HomePod”.
  7. Then choose Remove Accessory to reset the HomePod.
  8. Next, tap remove.
  9. Finally, you will know that your HomePod’s all the content has been reset and your settings for your HomePod will be erased.
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Resetting with the help of the Home app is quite Easy right? So, this is the fastest and easiest way you can reset your Apple HomePod with the help of the Home app.

How to Reset HomePod with Physical Button:

Are you still having problems with resetting the Apple HomePod using the Home app? Don’t worry, you can also reset the HomePod with the help of Physical Buttons, this method is pretty straightforward because you don’t need any device for this. You will need to reset it using the HomePods physical buttons which is very easy. Here we provide the followings points to understand the process:

  1. You have to unplug your HomePod from the power source. Wait for 10 seconds and plug your device back in.
  2. After plugging it in, wait for another 10 seconds, and press and hold on top of your HomePod.
  3. Keep holding it even after the white spinning light turns to red.
  4. After holding it for a moment Siri will let you know that your HomePod is about to reset. After hearing the three beeps, you can remove your finger from the HomePod.
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And there you go this is how you can reset your non-responding Apple HomePod successfully without any stress within a few minutes you can reset it. Check your Home App after resetting the HomePod to remove the accessory.

After reset, you have to immediately set up your HomePod like you set up for the first time when you buy it. The physical button method reset is preferable if you have a HomePad that is unresponsive whereas the Home app reset technique can be used if you want to give away or sell the HomePod to someone. So, what do you all think about these methods? I hope, these two methods help you reset your device and solve your difficulties.


In conclusion, I know that the devices you use on your day-to-day basis as an Apple HomePod will not respond correctly then is quite a frustration for everyone. But, don’t you worry; you can always reset the unresponsive device with the help of this article. I believe that this method of resetting the Apple HomePod will help you reset your HomePod successfully.