How to Update Python on Mac Terminal

The Mac user should keep all the things updated so that device can work smoothly without being pause. Updating Python on Mac is quite easy and quick to be done by anyone. There are many benefit of having upgraded version of python on your Mac device. So, let’s get know about How to Update Python on Mac. There are mainly two ways for the purpose of updating Python on your Mac device. Either you can update python by the Mac Terminal or from the Python’s official website. Both are equally effective and less time consuming ways to update. Therefore, it depends on you that which one method of Updating current version you prefer. So, we are going to start this guide with way of updating python with Mac Terminal software.

How to Update Python on Mac Terminal:

The easiest way to update Python version is with Homebrew on Mac terminal. You can go through following steps for updating your Python version.
  1. Open your Mac Terminal from the launchpad of your device.
  2. If you have already installed Homebrew in your Mac device then you can skip this step. Install Homebrew and run the command given below./bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL”
    Then you need to enter the password of your admin account which you are using for logging into your device. Keep your attention to the display because you may have to press enter or confirm password again.
  3. Then go to Terminal software and enter the command as shown follows for getting latest version of Python.brew install Python Once you have completed this step, the latest version of Python will be installed to your device.
  4. Now, you can use the new version of Python in your device as command python3.
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You are still able to use the older python version with original command python. This older version should remain in your device instead of removing. Because, in some of instances you are required to use older python version.

How to Update Python on Mac via Its Official Site:

Here is the second way to upgrade your python version from its official site. You can use this method if you don’t want to update it by using Mac terminal. Following are the steps for updating python version from its official website.
  1. Open your preferable browser from the Mac desktop and go to site.
  2. Click on the Downloads menu so that it can detect your current version and display the option for update if new updates are available.
  3. If you have older version then double click on the displayed python installation package.
  4. Then click on Continue option to install the latest python version.
  5. Follow the each of instruction displayed on your screen.
  6. Once the installation process completes, open the IDLE application to verify upgraded python version that it work well.
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Benefits of updating Python Version:

There are five reasons that you should upgrade your python from version 2 to version 3 or to more upgraded versions. These reasons can be described as below which are able to make your usage easeful.
  • Faster Dictionaries
  • Better Security
  • Fantastic New Tools and Libraries
  • Better Community Support
  • Use of AsyncIO
  • No more passing through UnicodeDecode Error
  • Enable to Debug your code with breakpoint () built-in feature

Final words :

We hope that any of these both methods helps you to upgrade your current python version. As we said above, Both the methods are similarly effective to be used. Moreover, we have also described the benefits of updating previous python version. So, you can properly think about you need to upgrade your Mac’s python version or not.