4 Best Ways to Use iMessage on Windows PC

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC: iMessage is a very useful application for iOS Devices and Mac Users. Apple Inc. provides iMessage App on all iPhone, iPad, iPod and iWatch devices. If you are using MacBook or Mac PC, the Messages App on Mac is iMessage. When I talk about iMessage, many people ask, Is there any way to use iMessage on Windows PC or Android Phone? If you also have this question in mind then you are on the right place.

iMessage is an amazing app to send and receive instant messages. Many people buy iOS devices because they love iMessage and some other features provided by Apple. We have tried to access iMessage App from Windows Computer. As a result, we found several methods to use iMessage on Windows PC.

What is iMessage? Use of iMessage App

iMessage is an instant messaging app for all iDevices. You can use Messages App (iMessage) on Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and iWatch. People use iMessage App to send texts, pictures, videos and many more things to each other.

iMessage Developer and Supported Devices

iMessage App is very popular among all Mac OS and iOS users. Apple Inc. is the authorized owner and developer of iMessage. Therefore, iMessage is developed only for Apple Computers and Devices.

Information Required to Access iMessage

When you launch/open iMessage App on your Mac or iPhone, you don’t need to enter any details. You are already login to your Apple Account on that device. That’s why you can directly access your conversation messages on iMessage. However, you need to provide your Apple ID and Password when you first time launch the iMessage. In addition, when you try to access iMessage from remote server, you have to login to your Apple ID Account.

4 Best Ways to Use iMessage on Windows PC

iMessage is an instant messaging app developed by Apple. The iMessage App is developed only for iDevices i.e. Mac OS, iOS and iWatch OS. If you have any of Apple devices then you can directly use the iMessage App on that device. In addition, you can remotely access iMessage directly on your Mac if you have same Apple ID on Mac and iPhone.

In case you have an iDevice and want to use iMessage on Windows PC then it is also possible. There is not any direct method to get iMessage on Windows Computer, but we have found some simpler and easier ways for you. Here we provide all four methods to use iMessage on Windows PC as follows:

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01. Get iPadian App to Use iMessage on Windows PC

iPadian is an application developed to provide iOS appearance and features on Windows PC. You need to download iPadian (or iPadian 2) App on your Windows Computer to use the iOS Apps. Once the iPadian is installed, you are able to run many iOS Apps which are designed for iPadian Simulator. This method is useful when you don’t own a Mac and still want to experience the iOS apps on Windows PC.

Steps to Install iPadian and Use iMessage on Windows PC

  1. Open a Web Browser on your Windows PC.
  2. Type “iPadian” or “iPadian 2” in Search Bar and click Enter.
  3. Find the website for iPadian Software/App and download it.
  4. Install the iPadian/iPadian 2 on your Windows PC, Accept its Terms & Conditions.
  5. Launch iPadian on PC and search for iMessage App.
  6. Download the iMessage App from iPadian App Store.
  7. Start using iMessage and enjoy conversation with your friends.


The iPadian App does not install or setup Mac OS on your Windows PC. It simply allows you to use several iOS apps (e.g. iMessage) which are designed for iPadian Simulator. You must not misunderstand it believing that you will get Mac OS installed on Windows PC, it won’t happen.

02. Get Chrome Remote Desktop to Use iMessage on Windows PC

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension to Chrome Browser. You can use this extension to remotely access your Mac PC and other iOS devices. However, you must have a Mac System and a Windows PC to apply this method. The Chrome Remote Desktop should be installed on both the computers to access one PC from another. This feature is very useful to access your Mac and view iMessage from Windows Computer.

Use iMessage on Windows PC

Use iMessage on Windows PC

Steps to Download Chrome Remote Desktop and Use iMessage on Windows PC

You must have one Mac System, one Windows PC and Chrome Browser with Internet on both the computers. Only then you can proceed to below mentioned steps:

  1. Open Chrome Browser on Mac and Windows PC.
  2. Search “Chrome Remote Desktop” and open the link.
  3. Download and Install Chrome Remote Desktop on both the Mac and Windows PC.
  4. Launch Chrome Remote Desktop on both devices.
  5. Download and Install “Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer” only on Mac.
  6. Follow instructions and use the code to connect Windows PC with your Mac.
  7. Once connected, you can see your iMessage on Windows PC.
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03. Use iOS Data Exporter to Access iMessage on Windows PC

A Data Exporter App can be helpful to see iMessage on Windows PC. You must have an iOS Device and Windows PC to try this method. During the data transfer process, you need to select Messages so that later you can access iMessage History on your Windows PC. In order to export data from iOS device to Windows PC, you have to connect your device via data cable with your computer.

Use iMessage on Windows PC

There are many apps that provide data exporting service from iOS Device to Windows Computer and Mac. You can use iPhone Data Exporter, iOS Data Exporter or any other app you like. Here we will consider iOS Data Exporter Software as an illustration. You should go through below steps to get iOS Data Exporter on your PC, export data from your iPhone to PC and access iMessage on Windows PC.

Part I – Download and Install iOS Data Exporter on Windows PC

Use iMessage on Windows PC

  1. Open a Web Browser on your PC and Search “iOS Data Exporter.”
  2. Select the concerned website and click on it to open.
  3. Download iOS Data Exporter App/Software on Windows Computer.
  4. Install the iOS Data Exporter on your Windows PC to get ready for next task.

Part II – Export Messages & Data from iOS Device to Windows PC

Use iMessage on Windows PC

You need to follow the steps given here to export data from iOS Device to Windows PC. Make sure you have already installed the iOS Data Exporter on Computer to begin this process.

  1. Launch iOS Data Exporter App on Computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone (or other iOS Device) with Windows PC.
  3. Select the task option given as “Back Up & Export from Device.”
  4. The PC will scan data on your iOS Device, it may take several minutes.
  5. Choose every type/category of data you want to export from your iOS Device (iPhone) to PC and click on Next button.
  6. See Preview and Select individual iMessage, WhatsApp Messages, Photos, Videos and other files for exporting to PC.
  7. Click on Export button to export all selected files from iOS Device to Computer.

Use iMessage on Windows PC

When you click on Export, the data exporting process will begin. It will take some time and you have to wait till the process gets over. You must not interrupt the data exporting process as it may cause you data loss. Kindly disconnect your iOS Device after the data exporting is complete.

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Part III – View iMessage and Other iOS Media/Files on Windows PC

iOS Data Exporter is a very useful app to transfer data from iOS Devices to Computer. Not only Device Data & Messages, but you can also export iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup to your computer. As a result, you can access iMessage, media files and iTunes & iCloud Backup Files on Windows PC after the data exporting process is over.

04. Jailbreaking iPhone to Use iMessage on Windows PC

This is the ultimate way to get access to iMessage from Windows PC. Jailbreaking your iPhone will allow you to read all your messages on your computer. This method can be divided into two parts i.e. Jailbreak the iPhone and Get “Remote Messages” to Access iMessage on Windows PC.

Use iMessage on Windows PC

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking iPhone will help to remotely access iMessage from Windows PC. But the question is “what is Jailbreaking?” Jailbreaking is a process that allows to customize your iPhone beyond the limit set by Apple. After Jailbreaking, you get control over default apps, lock screen and control center. You can also add Touch ID to old iPhone where company hasn’t provided that feature. Cydia is an app store that provides many apps on all Jailbroken iPhones.

Should I Jailbreak My iPhone?

Jailbreaking allows you to customize your iPhone in your style. But it also creates some troubles for you. First of all, Jaibreaking will void the Warranty of your iPhone. It may also create bugs or you will get malware attack on your iPhone. Jailbreaking can also brick your iPhone permanently. In case you have purchased extended service for your iPhone, the Apple Care will not provide it on Jailbroken iPhone. Therefore the Jailbreaking Process is not recommended for any normal iPhone user.

Warning: The Apple Inc. does not appreciate Jaibreaking of iPhone or any other iOS Device. Our Website Team does Not support or suggest Jailbreaking iPhone by any means. It is harmful for your iPhone and you should not perform it. If you still want to do it then you can do it at your own risk.

Final Words:

All the information given above about 4 Best Ways to Use iMessage on Windows PC is true and fair. The methods mentioned here are completely working as per our best knowledge. For more queries regarding How to Use iMessage on Windows PC, please contact Apple Helpline Number at 1-800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753) or visit Apple Support Website at support.apple.com.

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