What to do when iPhone Storage is not Loading?

Am I the only one who is facing the error saying iPhone Storage is not loading? I don’t think so… Recently many iPhone users have been aware of the storage issue when they try to check their available iPhone Storage, it’s just doesn’t load, no matter how many times you come back and check it.

You must be thinking what’s the reason behind iPhone storage not loading? Well, sometimes there must be some bugs or errors in the iPhone storage and that results in you a slowdown. Maybe your phone storage might be full, and the iPhone storage keeps stuck on loading forever.

You will happy to hear that there are some ways to solve the issue of iPhone storage not loading. I will suggest you some troubleshooting methods in this article that will help you to solve the issue of iPhone Storage not loading.

Why iPhone Storage is not Loading in the First Place?

When you open the iPhone storage space, it might be visible but below that keeps loading and never finishes loading?

iphone storage is not loading
iphone storage is not loading

Well, there are many reasons why iPhone storage is slow loading or not loading at all. One of the main issues, why iPhone storage is not loading, is because there must be some bugs and errors that result in slowing down the processing speed of the device.

So, to help you solve the problem of iPhone storage not loading, I have come up with a bunch of solutions in this guide. Please follow the next portion of the article.


How to Fix iPhone Storage Not Loading Screen?

If you are also facing issues with your iPhone storage and it is not loading, then check out the given below methods. All the methods mentioned below are pretty easy to understand and easy to follow.

1. Wait and Be patient:

The first thing you should try is to wait for some minutes to check if the iPhone storage is start loading or not. Generally, it takes around three minutes for that the storage space to start to load again.

But, for some waiting doesn’t give the desired results, and so you have to use other ways. If you don’t want to wait, then you can directly go to the next method of this article.

2. Force Quit Settings:

The second method on the list that you can try is to Force Quit the Settings. App Switcher is an easy way to switch from one app to another on your iPhone.

how to fix iphone storage not loading
how to fix iphone storage not loading


  1. Open the App Switcher by swipe-up the bottom of the screen.
  2. Swipe the Settings card up and dismiss it from the screen to force close the app.
  3. Return to the Home Screen and relaunch Settings.
  4. Browse for General > iPhone Storage. See if it is loading or not?
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3. Reboot iPhone:

Yes, you heard that right. Sometimes, just restarting a device can also solve issues and fix bugs. A quick restart can easily remove glitches and fix any minor issues you are facing with iPhone Storage.

Maybe after the restart, the iPhone storage may start loading. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Click & release Volume Up followed by Volume Down.
  2. Next, press 7 and hold the Side Button until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen.
  3. Release and be patient while the iPhone reboots.
  4. Provide your passcode and check if iPhone Storage loads without glitches.

4. Update iOS:

If after rebooting the iPhone, your iPhone storage is still not loading, then you can update your iPhone to the latest. Updating the device to the latest version can also fix all the errors and bugs.

Following given below steps is how you can check for the latest updates:

1. Take your iPhone.

2. Then go to Setting

3. Open general

settings general iphone

4. Tap on Software Update.

software update

5. Check for any pending iOS updates for your iPhone.

6. If you see any update available, then tap on Download and install.

software update download and install

5. Free Up Storage:

If your iPhone is not loading at all, then another thing you can try is to free up some space. You can remove or delete some files or data from the iPhone and see if it’s loading or not.

The easiest way to free up space is by removing old files, pictures, videos, and apps that you don’t need or use anymore.

Delete all the data you want from your iPhone. But, the thing is it will be not going permanently deleted from your device. To permanently delete the files,

  1. Go to the Files.
  2. Search Recently Deleted in the browser bar.
  3. Go to the page in question to verify that you surely want to delete those files.

Keep the ones that you want, and delete permanently all the other files and data. Delete the data by allowing them to be automatically erased from your device in 30 days.

You can also delete the applications that you no longer use. Especially the one that contains too much storage. Delete all the old phone messages if necessary or you can even set the automatic deletion feature turned on.

Try to delete the data that you don’t use as much as you can. Whether it’s files, messages, videos, pictures, or apps. That will help to free up some space and also loads the iPhone storage properly.

6. Connect your iPhone to the computer:

If the iPhone storage is not loading issue is still continuous, then try to connect your iPhone to any computer. Connect your iPhone to any computer either Mac or Windows using a Lighting connector.

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Plug the lightning connector into the USB-C port at the bottom of your phone and the larger USB port on the computer. Sync the iPhone using the computer, it will be fixed the storage not loading the synching of the phone. Did it fix the issue or not? 

7. The Other Storage Bug:

Are you the one who is facing an issue with iPhone storage not loading after updating to iOS 15? Is your device going as far as displaying zero KB used? Well, this issue started to come into awareness after the update of iOS 15.

iphone storage showing zero kb used

A Reddit user has uploaded a screenshot that will show the iPhone Storage app displaying Zero KB of space used out of 64 GB available. Well, I guess Apple did not manage to fix the issue. And it started with the iPhone Storage not loading.

8. Turn off an iCloud photo on your old iPhone:

Perform all the above methods so far and still, storage is not loading? Then try to turn off an iCloud photo on your old iPhone. Don’t know how to do that? Follow the given below steps:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.
  4. Or go to iPhone Settings > General > Shut Down, and then drag the slide to power off.


9. Clean up iPhone Cache files:

To be able to load properly the iPhone storage, you should clear the cache files in your iPhone Storage. In order to read and load storage space data, it is necessary to clean up iPhone cache files here and there.

Generally, at times iPhone automatically clears the cache files on its own but, we don’t know when it will, right? So, we should clean up the iPhone cache files manually.

If you don’t know how to clear the cache files, then we recommended you to use the app called iPhone Cleaner which will helps you manually clean the iPhone cache files.

Simply download and install the iPhone Cleaner app on your PC, and connect the iPhone with the PC with the help of a USB cable.

  1. Run iPhone Cleaner and access the Deep Clean Mode.
  2. Click the System Cleanup tab.
  3. Then click the Scan button to search and find iPhone cache data.

For those who are wondering, an iPhone Cleaner is a fast and secure app and won’t cause any damage to your PC or data. This iPhone Cleaner can help you find large files in iPhone storage, clean up the privacy data, backing iPhone data with one just one click.


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This way you can easily clean your iPhone cache files. Is the iPhone storage started loading again?

10. Reset iPhone Storage:

After performing all the above-given methods and still iPhone storage is not loading, then it is time to reset the iPhone settings. But, very first it is good if you backed up your data safe if anything happens.

Now, the only option you have left is to reset your phone to factory settings and delete all data that you have on your iPhone. To do that,

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Go to General
  3. Go to Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  4. At last, Select Reset All Settings.

I know, it is a big step. Once all the process is completed your iPhone will be going to resort back to its initial layout. Now, you can easily restore your backed-up data if you want to, or you can initially set up the iPhone again from the scratch. It’s up to you.

 If some of you still facing the iPhone storage not loading issue even after your iPhone has been reset, then you need technical support. Contact your nearest Apple store, tell them your issue and if possible replace your iPhone with the new one. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 Why does my iPhone Storage not loading?

There must be many reasons your iPhone storage is not loading. Firstly, you should check your cellular data and see if there is any problem with that. You can also wait for a maximum of 3 minutes to check if the storage start loading. If still not any sign of loading, you can try any of the methods I have explained in this article and check if the issue is resolved.

Q.2 Why does my iPhone say Zero KB used?

If your iPhone storage space says zero KB used it means that your iPhone is unable to calculate correct storage use. Sometimes, it happens because of some bugs, errors, or because of network issues.

The bottom line:

This issue of iPhone storage space not loading is not as simple as it sounds. Not being able to access your iPhone storage space can be pretty hectic. Why it’s happening? Maybe because of a not-so-good cellular network, bugs, software updates, and many more.

Now that you are aware of why you are facing the problem with iPhone storage, I recommend you solve the issue with the help of the methods I mentioned in this article.

I am 100% sure that the troubleshooting methods will have probably fixed the iPhone storage not loading problem.

Hopefully, you have fixed them, and now iPhone storage is loading properly. If it is, then make sure to share this article with friends and family and teach them what to do when their iPhone storage is not loading!!