Things to do when Mac Wi-Fi connected but No Internet Access

How to Fix Mac Wi-Fi connected but No Internet Access: The Mac device should have an WiFi internet access in now a days. As, most of work process are done with the help of internet access on your device. No Internet access can result into the stoppage of your work during your working hours. So, if you are going through the same problem, here we are providing some quick fixes. These all solutions are very easy to follow and take short time.

The Mac Wi-Fi connected but No Internet Access issue could be resolved as soon as possible. Where-by, you can open web pages in your Safari or another web browsers. So, follow these given quick fixes and do check that mac has received internet access or not after each solutions.

Things to do when Mac Wi-Fi connected but No Internet Access :

Here, we are going to give you information about some quick fixes that may help you to have internet access in your mac device. And after using each solution, open web browser and check internet connection.

1) Check Network Issues :

First of all, try to find out that your mac has a problem related to network or not. This problem may be occurred when WiFi router/ modem is connected with more devices. And, if the another connected devices are using more internet, then your mac have this issue.

2) Use another site or application :

If WiFi is not connected with more devices, then try to use internet on another site or application. As, it may be possible that the server of that website is down at that time. In the same way, any particular application may have slow efficiency. So, you should check out your internet access on another application.

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3) Try to use WiFi on other devices :

You should use WiFi on another device even when another site or application is not working. If WiFi internet is working on another devices then there must be a problem with your Mac. In that kind of situation, you should restart your Mac device.

4) Restart Modem/ Router :

When it comes to network issue, you should also restart your modem/ router. There may be a router problem if Internet is also not working on other devices. So, just do as per the given following instruction.

  • Unplug your router/ modem.
  • Wait for at least 10-15 seconds.
  • Then plug your router/ modem back.
  • Wait for the device to power on completely and then try to connect your Mac again.

In addition, you should also keep notice about its updates. As, the upgraded version of router/ modem can offer more speedy network facility. Make sure that your mac has a short difference from router. Moreover, you should also check out that all the cable and connections are properly connected. When mac is connected with WiFi but not have internet access, it may be possible that any cable is damaged, cut or broken.

5) Internet Service :

If your device hasn’t internet access even you have restarted router, then there must be a problem with cable company or internet provider. This kind of situation is only possible in two cases.

  • There may be service outage problem where you have placed your router.
  • This may be resulted because of some issues with your account. For example, it can be happened when your account is suspended cause of any specific reason.

So, find out that which one condition has become to provide internet on your WiFi connection. And, resolve it as soon as possible to continue work on your mac device. However, if this problem is resulted because of network outage, then your Internet Service Provider should inform you about that issue.

6) Wi-Fi Recommendations :

Wifi Recommendations

Wi-Fi recommendations are also one of the causes when mac connected to Wi-Fi but not internet access. Mac tries to connect with another WiFi network which affects to its ability to offer fast and secure connection. If any WiFi is detected, the WiFi Menu bar shows you notification. So, just check it by selecting on menu bar and then WiFi icon. Go on recommendation option and see recommendation solution. And connect it again with your router/ modem connection.

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7) Restart your Mac :

If your mac is not having internet access even when you tried all above given solutions, restart your mac device. For restarting your mac, go on Apple menu and select restart option. As, sometimes turning off and on your mac device can resolve most problems. So, you can try this solution for connecting again your mac device with internet connection.

8) Forget Wi-Fi :

You can try to connect your mac with internet connection by forgetting WiFi connection. But, make sure that you have your router’s password handy before trying this process. Following are the steps if you want to forget WiFi and connect it again.

  • Go to the Apple menu and select on system preferences.
  • Click on Network option.
  • Select on ‘Wi-Fi’ from list give at left side.
  • Click on ‘Advanced’ and tap Wi-Fi tab.
  • Select the network that your want to forget from your mac device.
  • Click on the remove button (-) and agree to remove that network connection.
  • Go to the okay button and then press apply option.
  • Now, connect your mac device with your router WiFi and enter password.
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9) Update Your Software :

Make sure that you have updated your macOS software time-to-time. If you haven’t check that your mac is updated or not then follow these given steps.

For macOS Mojave or later versions :

  • Open system preferences.
  • Click on Software Updates.
  • If update is available then do as per onscreen instructions.

For macOS High Sierra and earlier versions :

  • Open the App store on your Mac device.
  • Click the Updates Tab.
  • Follow given onscreen instruction.

10) Date and Time Settings :

You should also make sure that your mac device’s date and time settings are set correctly. If it is not correctly set, then you can fix it by following these steps :

  • Click on Apple Menu and go to system preferences.
  • Select on Date and Time option.
  • Correct the incorrect date and time.
  • Select the closest city if you choose ‘set date and time automatically’ option.

11) Apple Support :

Even after trying all these solutions, if your mac is not connecting with internet then visit to the Apple Supporter. As, these solutions are helpful for fixing problem of WiFi is connected but no internet access.

Wrapping Up :

The Mac is connected to WiFi but no internet access is a very common issue. So, this issue can be solved by many ways. You can try any process to fix your mac device’s issue. We hope that these above given various processes may help you to fix your mac device’s issue. However, if it won’t be fixed easily then consult with near-by apple supporter.