MacBook Pro Battery Draining So Fast: Why and How to Fix it

Most of mac users have faced the battery draining issues early or lately. As, the battery life of your MacBook pro device depends on its usage. So, you should use your MacBook wisely by keeping some hacks and tips in mind for saving it from draining.

macbook pro battery draining so fast
macbook pro battery draining so fast

In this article, we are going to discuss about Why Mac Pro Battery Drain So Fast and How to Fix it.

If your Mac needs to be charged more than it needed before, then there may be issue of battery draining. So, You can try some solutions and also keep in mind some additional hacks that will help to improve battery life. As, here we will discuss about reasons and solution besides some tips that can keep your Mac Pro’s battery away from draining.

Reasons: Why MacBook Pro Battery Draining So Fast ?

There can be many reasons behind battery draining issue. So, here we are going to discuss about Why MacBook pro battery draining so fast. 

Overuse :

Overuse of MacBook pro or any other device can be cause for battery draining. As well, the if you have raised the use of multiple software at same time, then battery draining issue can occur. Mostly, this both reason of overuse are common in battery draining issue.

Poor storage method :

When you leave your MacBook pro with overloaded storage in low battery condition, then the battery draining issue can arise. Moreover, this situation can happen when you leave mac with 20% or less charge for more than 2 days.

Worse condition of battery :

The worse condition of battery also cause the battery draining issue. Battery condition can be poor if you have dropped your mac accidently. Otherwise, it can be also happened when you are using Mac pro from long time and battery reached to its end of life stage.

Battery doesn’t charge up to 100% :

Sometimes, the battery stops to charge fully and hang up between certain percentage such as, 93% or 95%. So, this was also a sign that there is some issue with battery.

How to Fix: MacBook Pro Battery Draining So Fast

When your MacBook Pro isn’t charge properly then you should try some easy and quick hacks before trying any solution. You should first check the charging port and clean up them. Moreover, you should also ensure that the MagSafe connector’s pins are properly plugged.

If still your MacBook Pro device not charge even after trying above given hacks, then go for any solution. You can choose any fixing way appropriately as per your convenience.

Solution 1- Update all the things :

The older version of Mac Pro device can also be reason for battery draining. As, there are no new features or upgraded system to make your work faster and smoother. So, you should also keep your MacBook Pro device updated. For updating application of your device, go through following steps.

  1. Open App Store from Dock or Finder.
  2. Click on Updates option from the left side panel menu.
  3. Then tap on update option of all the software, you want to update. Or you can click on update all option for updating all of them.
  4. Enter your Apple password if needed.
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As well, for updating Non-Mac App Store apps, you can go to menu bar and look for ‘Check for updates’ option. You can find this option in App menu or Help menu section. If updates are available then update those Non-Mac App store applications.

Solution 2- Turn off Keyboard Backlight :

The Backlight is a standard feature in all the Apple laptops. This Backlight feature enhances look of MacBook Pro device which makes it people love more. However, this keyboard lights also uses Mac’s battery faster than you can every imagine. Thus, if you want to keep your Mac device away from battery draining issue, you can turn off backlights.

  1. For turning off backlights, Go to System Preferences.
  2. Choose keyboard option.
  3. Then click on Turn keyboard backlight off option.

Solution 3- When there is poor storage :

If your Mac storage have more data and documents then you should charge it enough to save it from draining. Following are some suggestions that you should keep in mind.

~ Most of MacBook Pro devices are made with the lithium-ion batteries. So, You should charge your MacBook pro up to 50% if you are not using it for few days or a week.

~ If you keep the same stored data in Mac and you have no use of it for some months, then you should charge it to 50% on every 6 months. 

~ If there is other type of battery inclusive in your mac then, you should keep their storage instructions in mind for saving Mac battery from draining.

Solution 4- Reset MacBook SMC (System Management Controller) :

Sometimes, resetting System management controller of your MacBook can also resolve issue of battery draining. This solution is mostly helpful when your Mac stops to charge itself before reaching to 100%.

Before trying this solution, charge your mac with Mac adapter up to 100%. And use it for two hours by keeping the charge plug connected even it is fully charged. Then unplug it and use it until battery goes down to 0%. After that, let mac device shutdown by itself and leave it for 5 hours before turning it on back. 

Now, the battery of your MacBook pro device is calibrated. if the battery is not calibrated, then reset MacBook SMC by following the steps given below.

  1. First of all, Turn off your Mac pro device.
  2. Press Shift+ Ctrl+ Option Keys together on the left side of keyboard and Press power button same time for 10 seconds.
  3. Leave all the keys.
  4. Press power button once, and then boot your MacBook Pro device.
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Solution 5- Find out which software uses more energy :

You should keep in view that which software uses more battery of your MacBook. For finding out this, follow steps that given below.

  1. Go to ‘Applications’.
  2. Then go to click on ‘Utilities’ option.
  3. Find out ‘Activity Monitor’ option which will show you the Number of MBs or GB that are used by files or software.
  4. Now, you can adjust the software from using battery as per your preference.

Solution 6- Change basic settings of Mac :

You should also change some basic settings of MacBook Pro for saving it from battery damage. In this basic settings, you should be careful for certain settings as per below.

~ Bluetooth :

You should turn off your Bluetooth connection whenever no device connected to it. Just tap on Bluetooth icon and click ‘Turn Bluetooth off’ option.

~ Brightness :

You should keep brightness dim of your MacBook pro device. As, more brightness of screen is harmful for not only device but also for your eyes. If your device is of older version, then press F1 for decreasing brightness. Whereas, if your mac is of new version with touch bar then just tap on smaller-sun icon.

~ Background software :

You should only keep software on that you are using. If you keep all the software running in background then it may also be reason for battery draining. So, just keep all other software close that uses high amount of battery except the tabs you’re using.

~ Energy Saver Preference :

You can also adjust your Mac pro’s Energy Saver Preferences for saving it from battery draining. Open ‘System Preferences’ and then ‘Battery’ or ‘Energy Saver’ option. You can reduce Mac device’s sleep time duration to save battery.

Solution 7- Change your Wall Adapter :

Sometimes, there can be issue with your wall adapter instead of Mac device’s battery. So, you should also change your wall adapter and try to charge mac with help of another adapter. If your adapter became dirty or damaged, it cannot be useful for charging MacBook Pro’s battery. You should change it as soon as possible.

~ You should try a different wall outlet for charging Mac.

~ Checkout that you are using appropriate wattage adapter that is advised to use for your Mac Pro device.

~ Clean Charging port and MagSafe connector before reconnecting charger into Mac device.

~ Also, Make sure that Pins of MagSafe connector are not stuck down. If any are, then unplug and plug it again to your MacBook.

Solution 8- Replace Battery of your Mac Pro device :

You can also think about replacing battery of your MacBook Pro if battery reached to end of life years. Otherwise, if there is any physical damage or dropped by accidently then you should checkout certain things about battery. After that, you should take any decision regarding changing battery. So, checkout battery status by going through following steps.

  1. Go to Apple Menu and hold on Option key.
  2. When ‘About this mac’ option changes into ‘System Information’, select ‘System Information’ option
  3. Then tap on ‘Power’ option from the left side panel.
  4. Now, you can check the battery condition and battery cycle.
  5. If condition of battery is in positive way then you have no need to change battery. But if, battery condition is in negative way, then it needs to be replace as soon as possible.
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If you have decided to change battery of your Mac device, then you should go to Apple centre. As, the professionals can advice properly that you should change battery of device or whole device.

Tips for improving life of your MacBook Pro device :

Following are some tips that can help you to save your Mac Pro’s battery from draining. You should keep this in mind while using Mac even if your Mac has no battery draining issue. These tips are helpful to enhance life of Mac device’s battery.

Delete extra files or software from device :

You should clean your MacBook Pro device from junk and unused files. As, the cleaning of this kind of files can improve efficiency of your device. Moreover, this process is easier to do with specific application without spending much time. You just need to follow the steps give below and cleaning process is done. 

  1. Download CleanMyMac X software in your device and open it.
  2. Go to the ‘System Junk Tab’.
  3. Then click on ‘Clean’ option for clearing extra files.

Use Apple Safari as default browser :

In the MacBook Pro device, you should use its default browser. So, if you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as default browser, then switch to Safari browser. The Apple has recently improved features of Safari. Therefore, it is better to use Safari and you will see the significant improvement in Mac battery life.

Make sure device is not overheating :

Your device can start to overheat when you are using it continuously for long time. Therefore, you could know device is overheating when it is hot to touch or fans are speedy than normal. Following are some tips that will help you if your Mac Pro is overheating.

~ Avoid multitasking.

~ Avoid placing Mac on lap or couch.

~ You should use desk or laptop stand while using mac device.

~ Only keep tabs on that you are using currently.

~ Keep your MacBook Pro device clean.

~ Use the default browser of device instead of others.

Final Words:

Here, we are wrapping up this article, with a hope that you have got enough information related battery draining issue. By using any of solution and tips, you can easily keep your Mac Pro device’s battery away from draining. In case, if you don’t notice any changes after trying many of above solutions, you can go to Apple Support centre.