MacBook Silver VS Space Grey, which MacBook should you buy?

Which MacBook should we go for? Is it MacBook Silver or Space Grey? It might sound simple for some users to choose one color but, for some, it is a big deal.

Having confused about choosing MacBook Silver VS Space Gray from the same company can be indeed a hard decision. Especially if you are new to using Mac, it must be hard to decide which color you should go for.

However, both MacBook silver and Space Gray come with their own unique look. But, the question still remains the same, which one to choose MacBook silver or Space Gray?

I will give you a detailed explanation of these two colors in this article. So, if you are the one who is interested in buying MacBook and can’t decide on the color, then you are at the right place. So, why wait? Let’s get into it.

macbook silver vs space grey

Space Gray MacBook

The Space Gray MacBook is for you if you want a sophisticated look. This space gray MacBook comes with incredible modern space gray color which is slightly darker than a gray color.

It offers you a shining metallic finish that will be attractive to anyone. Its attractive sleek modern look will appreciate your style and make you stand out. This Space Gray design is perfect for you if you want to go for a little darker side.

So, if you are searching for a MacBook which is sophisticated and stylish, then Space Gray MacBook is made for you.

Silver MacBook

If we are talking about the Silver MacBook, then it is a color that everyone adores. Silver MacBook comes with a classic silver color which might be the basic, but most popular color for Apple users.

It is designed with a light silver with a metallic finish which will shines when you take it outside for work. This color is very lighter than the Space Gray but perfect for the professional look.

For anyone who wants to go for a sleek and professional way, then you can go for the Silver MacBook.

Space Grey VS Silver MacBook

Even though Space Gray and Silver MacBook both are similar, but still it does make large difference. The MacBook Space Gray and Silver both colors are beautiful with it’s own look. But, in the end it’s up to you to decide which color will match your personality and the environment you are living.

macbook silver vs space grey 2
macbook silver vs space grey 2

If you want to go for silver color, there is no doubt that it is the most iconic color of the Apple. It offers you classic as well professional look, you may have already seen the iPad and iPhones with the silver design.

If you are a writer and looking for the MacBook which offers you clearer and contrast to black keyboard, then silver it great. But, the only problem with silver is it can reflect light, so chances are more that the light would distract you. While, if we talk about Space Gray the darker and dull space makes it easier for you to work in lighter environment.

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Space Gray kind of a new, sleek, modern color that everyone wants to try to use. As we use MacBooks in our regular life, possibly there are chances to get scrapes and scratches on the laptops.

It is true that both MacBook comes with recycled aluminium that will surpass any small scratches. However, Silver MacBook would the win to hide scratches more effectively, while Space Gray is great to hide the darker scruffs.

Just giving you heads up that Space Gray MacBook will be going to discontinued soon, so if you are interested to purchase Space gray, I recommend you to buy it now.

Their is no denying that silver will be going to an Apple’s iconic color. We always see Silver MacBook in market, but it is sometimes good thing to change up a bit and go with a grey theme.

To finish this off, I want to clear that the only difference in this two is only color, but you will get the same specifications. So, don’t take much stress about color and choose the one that you will attract to.

As you have to use MacBook for your daily work, you must enjoy using it. On that note, Let’s check some detailed comparison of MacBook Space Gray VS Silver:

14-inch or 16-inch: Comparison

Apart from deciding which color you must get, there is another question that comes in mind to many Mac users. Should I purchase a 14-inch or 16-inch MacBook? Both models are indeed the same except for their sizes, obviously which are 14 inches and 16 inches.

If you are interested in owning 16 inch MacBook, it contains a larger battery, and also long-lasting battery life than 14 inches. Both models are very high-end and incredible models with lightweight and convenient designs.

The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook models do share key features like chip configurations, display technology, and connectivity options. Although, both models 14-inch and 16-inch do have different design aspects, features, and capabilities, but not too much change.

It’s up to you if you want to spend more money to buy a 16-inch or stay with a 14-inch MacBook. The only thing you must decide is the color that you want. Owning something this expensive and important it is crucial to decide on the right color for you.

It’s Time for you to Decide: light or dark?

Once after deciding your style, needs, and environment, it’s time for you to decide which color to choose. Should you go for silver or space gray? If you are a person who wants to go for more of a black side, then Space Gray might be the one you should choose.

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It is not purely black, but it gives the effect of black. Despite its incredibly sleek design, the Space Gray MacBook changed and shows its appearance according to the environment.

In some lights, the space gray MacBook turns to pure black, and when the light changes it starts becoming lighter. So, if you want to have this type of change you can definitely choose dark.

But how can we forget Apple’s iconic color which is silver or you can say light. Silver color can be most basic, but it is classic and will never get old.

Other devices from Apple like iPhones and iPads also come in silver color, which means every Mac user may have used silver in their life.

Apart from being basic, the silver MacBook comes with incredible brightness and design that makes you professional and stand out.

In the end, if you are classic and love to be classic, then Silver MacBook is best for you. And if you want to go for the darker side, then Space Gray MacBook is all yours!!

Scratches and Scrapes How many will you accept?

As a regular MacBook user, it can possibly happen that you may drop your MacBook. What if you drop MacBook without even having a case on it? It might get some scratches and scrapes from the drop.

But, the thing you might know is the silver MacBook can hide the scratches more than the Space Gray. Some of you might understand how difficult it is to select one color.

Even though both, Silver and Space Gray are almost the same to some users, but still can be very different from each other.

The MacBooks Silver and Space Gray are wrapped in recycled aluminum and can surpass minor scratches and scrapes. However, Silver MacBook might be a great option to choose as it is better at hiding minor scratches and scrapes.

If you don’t really care about Scratches and scuffs, then you may go for Space Gray. As a result, it is crucial to look out which color will be going to be best for you.

Go for the silver if you want to hide the scratches, and it also keeps your Mac looking new for a long time. If you want to go for darker color doesn’t care about scratches, then you can select Space Gray.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Space Gray More Expensive than Silver?

Yes, the Space Gray is more expensive than the silver MacBook. You must be wondering why? It is because the Space Gray finish is kind of more expensive than the silver finish. It’s because the space gray requires a darker oxide layer, which can be more difficult to achieve than the lighter silver oxide layer.

Is Space Gray Easier To Scratch Than Silver?

The Space Gray and Silver MacBook are indeed the same, but the Space Grey aluminium is capable of getting more scratches than the silver aluminium. As well as, the darker color makes the scratches more visible than the Silver.

What is the More Eye-Catching color, Space Gray or Silver?

If we are talking about eye-catching, then Space Gray can be more eye-catching than a silver MacBook. Space Gray color is also a new and stylish color that will attract users. While silver is a popular color but kind of basic. If you want a Mac with a different style, then you can go for Space Gray.

Does the Space Gray MacBook Discolor?

Many users think that Space Gray MacBook discolor at times, But it is totally wrong. Both colors are made equal with the same designs.

Which MacBook color is most popular?

MacBook comes in many amazing colors, but Silver and Space Gray MacBook are the most popular color. Both of them come with their own unique style and design. If you want to know more details about both colors, then I have already explained them in detail in this article.

It’s a Wrap

Silver or Space Grey MacBook? No matter what you choose will offer you the same functionality and features. As MacBook is one of the popular devices, which comes in some incredible colors in which two of them are Silver and Space Gray.

But the confusion starts when you can’t decide whether to get Silver or Space Gray. To solve your confusion and make you free, I have explained the differences between Space Gray and Silver. They both come with their own design, features, and benefits.

Like with silver, you might face the issue of lighting, while in space gray, the scratches can’t be hidden much. When you are trying to invest in such a big purchase, it is crucial to be sure and make the correct decision.

As you can’t take a turn back, so choose properly. Hopefully, this guide will help you and make you sure about your color decision.

So, which color did you pick? Is it a Silver or Space Gray MacBook? Thanks for reading, and keep supporting us!!