Odin for Mac – How to Download and Install JOdin3 on Mac

Odin for Mac – Download and Install Odin (JOdin3) on Mac OS X:

Odin is an Android Flash Tool for Samsung Galaxy devices. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone then you should know about Odin Flash Tool. You can use Odin for Mac to connect your Samsung device to your Mac. Here we will provide a complete guide regarding how to download and install Odin (JOdin3) on Mac System and how to use it.

Odin For MAc

What is Odin?

Samsung Inc. has developed Odin Flash Tool for Samsung Galaxy Phones. You need to download and install Samsung Odin3 (latest version of Odin) on your Windows computer to connect your Samsung Android Phone with your PC. In case you have a MacBook or Mac computer, you need to use JOdin3 for Mac System.

What is JOdin?

Odin is developed and designed for Windows OS only, so you can use it only on Windows Computer. The Android Community and other developers have made JOdin software. The JOdin works same as the Samsung Odin Flash Tool. The interesting thing is that JOdin works on Mac OS X so that you can connect your Samsung Galaxy device to the Mac computer.

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Can We Use Odin on Mac?

Odin is officially developed for Windows operating system only. So you must have Windows PC to use Samsung Odin. If you have Mac then you need to use JOdin which is compatible for Mac. Don’t worry, the JOdin is almost same like Odin Flash Tool. The JOdin software contains all the features you have in Odin.

Features of Odin Flash Tool

The Odin Flash Tool comes with variety of features. You can perform various tasks on your Samsung Galaxy device by using these features. Here we provide all attractive features of Odin Flash Tool as follows:

Flash Stock Firmware:

When your Samsung Phone gets software problem, you need to flash it with stock firmware. Whether it is software brick, OS crash or boot loop problem, you can resolve by simply flashing the stock firmware. The Odin Flash Tool allows you to connect your Samsung device with Mac and flash stock firmware.

Flash Custom Firmware:

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This feature is very useful for users who want a modified custom ROM on their Samsung device. Odin Flash Tool allows you to Flash Custom ROM that will replace the Stock Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. After doing this, you will enjoy modified OS and new features.

Flash Recovery File (TWRP):

Just like flashing stock firmware and custom firmware, Odin Flash Tool provides some recovery features. You can Flash Stock or Custom Recovery File on your Samsung Galaxy Device by using Odin with TWRP i.e. Team Win Recovery Project. It will add some more functions on your Samsung Smartphone.

Flash Kernels (.tar, .zip, .img)

Odin Flash Tool allows you to Flash Kernels on your Samsung Galaxy Phone. With help of Odin, you can Flash Stock or Custom Kernels. Please note that you must have Odin Flashable Custom Kernel (.tar) and the Kernel File must be compatible with your Samsung Device.

Flash Root Package (MD5 and .tar files)

In order to have complete access to your Samsung Device, you have to obtain root access. You can get that by flashing root package on your device using the Odin Flash Tool. The Odin allows you to flash MD5 and .tar files.

Requirements for Odin on Mac

You can use Odin (JOdin) on your Mac System if you meet its basic requirements.

  • You must have Mac computer or MacBook with Mac OS X Latest Version.
  • You must have Original USB Data Cable to connect your Samsung Device to your Mac System.
  • If there is Smart Sync or Samsung Kies Software in your Mac, Uninstall it before you download JOdin on Mac
  • You have to install Java and/or Heimdall on Mac so that JOdin can run smoothly.
  • Your Mac must have latest USB drivers to detect your Samsung Device via USB Data Cable.
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Latest Version of Odin

Many people believe that they can use any version of Odin on Mac. But it is strongly recommended to use the latest version called JOdin3 on your Mac. The purpose of using the latest version is that it has better speed, less bugs and more features than earlier Odin versions. You can quickly connect your Samsung Phone and flash stock/custom firmware with JOdin3 Flash Tool.

How to Download and Install Odin on Mac

There are two different Odin software available for Mac i.e. JOdin3 Online and JOdin3 Offline. Both the software offer same features, so it’s up to you which one you want to use. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to download and install Odin on your Mac System:

01. Log on to JOdin Software Official Website.

02. Download “JOdin3 Online for Mac” or “JOdin3 Offline for Mac” as you prefer.

03. Wait till the JOdin3 file gets downloaded on your Mac.

04. Open JOdin3 file and extract all files to a folder.

Odin For Mac

05. Install Java, Heimdall and JOdin3 on your Mac System.


Odin for Mac - How to Download and Install JOdin3 on Mac

06. On completion of installation, the JOdin3 Home Panel will open on your Mac Screen.

Odin for Mac - How to Download and Install JOdin3 on Mac

After the JOdin3 is successfully installed on your Mac, you should Restart the Mac System.

How to Use Odin on Mac

You must have the Stock Firmware or Custom ROM or Recovery File ready to use for flashing your Samsung Galaxy Device with JOdin3. Thereafter you can open/launch JOdin3 on your Mac and connect your Samsung Device. Kindly follow the procedure given below to use Odin on Mac System:

Odin for Mac - How to Download and Install JOdin3 on Mac

  1. On your Mac, Launch JOdin3 Flash Tool.
  2. The JOdin3 home panel will soon appear on your Mac Desktop.
  3. Navigate to Files [Download] Section and select “PDA” option to open folder.
  4. Go to the folder where .tar.MD5 file is saved, select that file.
  5. Turn Off (Shutdown) your Samsung Device and Turn it On (Boot) in Download Mode or Odin Mode**.
  6. Connect the Device to your Mac with help of Original USB Data Cable.
  7. Check Message section in JOdin3 to know if your Samsung Device is connected to Mac.
  8. Go to “Option” Section and Uncheck all the options except “Auto Reboot.”
  9. Click on Start button to begin the flashing process.
  10. When the flashing process gets over, your Samsung Device will reboot.
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**In order to boot your Samsung Device in Download Mode or Odin Mode, you need to switch it off. Thereafter press Home, Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously to boot it in download mode or Odin mode.

Safety Tips for Using Odin:

When you flash stock firmware or custom ROM, the Odin installs it on connected Samsung Device. This process deletes all data and media on device. Therefore you should use Odin with our safety guidelines. Here we provide some safety tips for using Odin on Mac as follows:

  • Take backup of your Phone Data to your Mac Computer.
  • Take backup of your contacts, messages, chats and media to your Cloud Storage.
  • Charge your Samsung Device to Full before you perform flashing process.
  • Do Not interrupt the flashing process otherwise your device will be bricked.
  • Make sure you are flashing the correct compatible Android ROM on your device. An incompatible firmware/ROM will make your device permanently dead.

Warning: Please note that your Samsung Device Warranty will be voided if you flash a Custom ROM on your device using Odin on Mac. So it will be completely on your own risk, the Samsung Company will not provide any warranty service on Samsung Device with Root Access or Custom ROM.

Final Words:

All the information given above about Odin for Mac is true and fair. You should read and follow our guideline to learn how to use Odin on Mac to flash firmware/ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Device.

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