7 Best Ways to Open Outlook .MSG File on Mac

How to Open .MSG File on Mac – Best Way to Open and View Outlook MSG File on Mac:

MSG is the email file format of Outlook App. The Windows Computer users get Outlook App pre-installed as a part of Microsoft Office, but it’s not free for Mac Users. If you are switching from Windows PC to Mac, you may have old emails in Outlook. The Mac System cannot read these email messages directly, because Apple Mail saves the emails in EML format. So you have to get help of a software to open .msg file on Mac. Here we will explain everything about how to open MSG File on Mac with help of some free and paid third party apps.

What is MSG File (.msg)?

MSG File is the email file in Microsoft Outlook. The emails you send and receive on Outlook Email Client are always in MSG format (.msg).

What is Default File Format of Apple Mail App?

Apple Mail works as a free email client on Mac and iOS devices. The email file on Apple Mail is stored in EML format (.eml).

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Can I use Outlook on Mac?

Outlook is a part of MS Office and it is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Some people have confusion about using Outlook on Mac. So the answer to your question is Yes, you can use Outlook on your Mac. You need to sign in to your Outlook Account to access all your emails on Mac. The Outlook App contains all the features.

How to Open Outlook MSG File on Mac

Open .MSG File on Mac

In order to open MSG File, you should have Outlook Email Client App on your computer. The Outlook comes with Microsoft Office Package for Windows, Mac and other operating systems. You cannot open MSG File on Mac directly in Apple Mail. However, there are many different techniques that can help you to open Outlook MSG File on Mac. There are three ways to use Outlook on Mac which are as under:

[I] Browse Outlook.Com:

You can use Outlook Mail Service online on your Mac. All you need to do is to visit Outlook.Com in your web browser and sign in with your username/email and password. Thereafter, you can access all your emails (MSG Files) at Outlook.Com on Mac.

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[II] Buy Office 365:

Microsoft Corporation has developed Office 365 for Mac. The Office 365 Package includes Outlook inside which you can use on Mac. You will be able to open .msg file on Mac after installing the Office 365 into your computer. You have buy Office 365 for Mac from Microsoft, only then you can install and use it on Mac. You will get Outlook App in Office 365 to open MSG File on Mac.

[III] Install Windows on Mac:

There are some software that allow you to install Windows on Mac and keep both the Mac OS and Windows OS simultaneously on Mac Computer. This process may be annoying for some users, because it takes time to install Windows OS on Mac PC. But it is worth doing as it’s a one time process. Once you have installed Windows on Mac, you can get MS Office and use Outlook App free for lifetime.

7 Best Ways to Open Outlook MSG File on Mac (without Outlook)

We have discussed about how to open .msg on Mac with Outlook.Com and Outlook App. But it is not mandatory that you must use Outlook to open MSG File on Mac. We have a conducted a research to find the techniques to view and open .msg files on Mac without Outlook. Here we provide the best ways to open Outlook MSG Files on Mac as follows:

  1. MessageViewer Online
  2. MSG Viewer for Outlook
  3. MailRaider
  4. MSGViewer
  5. MSGConvert
  6. Use Online Converter: MSG to PDF
  7. Change .msg File Extension

Now we will explain each & every method about how to open MSG file on Mac in detail.

01. MessageViewer Online

Encryptomatic LLC has developed MessageViewer Online to provide free .msg and .eml file viewing service. This is not an app for Mac OS, it is an online service. In order to use this service, you must have a Mac or other computer with working internet connection. You need to visit MessageViewer Online Website and upload your MSG or EML format file. Don’t worry your data and email messages are fully secured on MessageViewer Online Servers. After the file is uploaded, you can open .msg on Mac and read the email message.

open msg file on mac

Features of MessageViewer Online

  • No Registration, No Sign Up, No Sign In Required.
  • Free for Now and Free For Lifetime.
  • Open and View Unlimited Outlook MSG Files.
  • Simple Upload and View System.
  • Up to 75 MB Large File Upload Capacity.
  • View MSG Files (.msg).
  • View EML Files (.eml).
  • View Winmail.dat Files.
  • Access All Email Attachments.
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02. MSG Viewer for Outlook

This is one of the best apps to Open MSG File on Mac. The MSG Viewer for Outlook is the top rated app to open Outlook MSG and Winmail.dat files on Mac. You can download the MSG Viewer for Outlook App on your computer from Mac App Store. However, the trial version is free and has limited features. If you wish to get full access to MSG Viewer for Outlook, you need to buy its paid version @$17.99. Once you buy the MSG Viewer for Outlook, you can immediately download the app on your Mac and start using it.

open msg on mac

Features of MSG Viewer for Outlook

  • View MSG Files.
  • View OFT Files.
  • View Winmail.dat Files.
  • Export to .eml (Email).
  • Export to .vcf (vCard).
  • Export to PDF.
  • View Email Attachments.
  • Open Multiple MSG Files with Batch Processing Option.

03. MailRaider

MailRaider is developed by the 45 RPM Software Company. It is available in three different versions i.e. MailRaider Standard, Pro and iOS. The Standard and Pro versions are compatible on Mac PC and MacBook, while the iOS version is for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. If you have limited use of MailRaider App i.e. want to open Outlook MSG Files on Mac then buy its standard version. You can buy MailRaider @$3.99 from your Mac App Store.

open .msg on mac

Features of MailRaider

  • Open MSG Files (.msg).
  • Open EML Files (.eml).
  • Open OFT Files (.oft).
  • Export to RTF (.rtf).
  • Export to EML (.eml).

Features of MailRaider Pro

  • Open winmail.dat (TNEF) Files.
  • Open MailRaider Pro .xml Files.
  • Export to Contacts (vCard).
  • Export to Calendar.
  • Export to MBOX.
  • Export to PDF.
  • Export to .xml.
  • Bulk Processing.
  • Display Mail with formatting.
  • Support MacBook Touchbar.

04. MSGViewer

MSGViewer is a free app to open .msg file on Mac. You can also use this software on Windows and Linux operating systems. The MSGViewer works perfect to read Outlook MSG Files when Java is installed on your Mac. In case you don’t have Java, first download & install it and thereafter install MSGViewer to open MSG on Mac. In addition to open and view, it can also export .msg files to MBOX and EML formats.

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opening.msg on mac

Features of MSGViewer

  • Open MSG Files (.msg).
  • Export MSG File to MBOX.
  • Export MSG File to EML (.eml).

05. MSGConvert

MSGConvert is not an MSG Viewer, it is a converter. You can convert any Outlook MSG File to MBOX with help of MSGConvert Software. The MSGConvert allows you to perform batch process to convert multiple .msg files at once. After completion of conversion process, you can open .msg file on Mac as you open a normal text file.

Features of MSGConvert

  • Convert MSG File to MBOX (.msg to normal text file).
  • Support Batch Processing to Quickly Convert Multiple MSG Files.

06. Use Online Converter: MSG to PDF

An Online Converter is the best way to open MSG file on Mac. You don’t need to buy any paid app or download a software on your Mac. All you need to do is just convert the .msg file to .pdf format. Once the MSG file is converted to PDF, you will be able to open, view and read the .msg file on Mac. There are many online converters, you can choose any of the following to convert your Outlook MSG File to PDF.

Best MSG to PDF Online Converter List

07. Change .msg File Extension

It seems strange, but you can open MSG file on Mac also by this method. Just change your email file extension and you will be able to view it on your Mac. You need to edit file details/information and change its extension (format) from .msg to .eml or .txt to open it on Mac. You can also try to open .msg file in Mail App or TextEdit on Mac with help of “Open with” option. When you change the MSG file extension, you may lose the formatting of your email that was showing in Outlook.

Final Words:

All the information mentioned above about How to Open Outlook MSG File on Mac is true and fair. The methods given above are working on Mac PC and MacBook as per our best knowledge. You should choose the App or Website which is most suitable for you to open .msg file on Mac.

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