How to Update Python on Mac Terminal

how to update python on mac terminal

The Mac user should keep all the things updated so that device can work smoothly without being pause. Updating Python on Mac is quite easy and quick to be done by anyone. There are many benefit of having upgraded version of python on your Mac device. So, let’s get know about How to Update Python … Read more

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How to Set up and Use Find My Friends on Mac

How to Set up and Use Find My Friends on Mac – How to Use Find My Friends on Mac Computer: Find My Friends is very useful tool for all Mac users. On your Mac System, you can use Find My Friends Widget and also access it at The Find My Friends allows you … Read more

Rainmeter for Mac – 8 Best Rainmeter Alternatives for Mac

Rainmeter for Mac – Best Rainmeter Alternatives for Mac: Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool for Windows operating system. The Rainmeter does not support any other OS than Microsoft Windows. So you cannot use Rainmeter on Mac System. However, there are some apps for Mac which are similar to Rainmeter. We will show you the … Read more

8 Ways to Fix Discord Update Failed on a Mac:

check discord server status mac discord

Do you also get an error message saying Discord Update Failed while using the Discord app on your Mac? Well, it is because the discord app failed to update. Sometimes, Discord needs an update to work with new features and also bug fixes. The Discord app comes with the ability where it automatically updates to … Read more

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How to Block or Unblock Websites on Mac Terminal

how to block or unblock websites on mac terminal

Blocking and Unblocking websites on MacBook is one of useful features. This can be helpful for you when your Mac device has many users. It is best facility when you want to stop kids from vising certain websites. So, in this article we will discuss about how you can Block or Unblock Websites on MacBook. … Read more

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How to Control PS3 with iPhone

how to control ps3 with iphone

You can control Your play station 3 video game consoles with iPhone. Even, you can also try to connect it with iPod touch and Apple MacBook with it for controlling instead from its remote. If you connect iPhone device with PS3, it enables you to control streaming videos, YouTube and Hulu besides games. In this … Read more

Remove Genieo from Mac: 3 Best Way to Remove Genieo from Mac

How to Remove Genieo from Mac – Best way to Remove Genieo from Mac OS: Genieo enters your Mac system as a fake update and modify your browser settings. It changes homepage settings, new tab, URL and other settings without your permission. Genieo will also show popup ads and disturb your browsing experience. Therefore you … Read more

OCR Software for Mac: 10 Best Amazing OCR Software for Mac

Free OCR Software for Mac – OCR Software for Macintosh: OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. You need an OCR Software for Mac to convert scanned images & documents into editable text formats. Whether it is your business agreement or purchase/sale invoices, you can scan them on Mac to get in digital format. Thereafter you … Read more

9 Best Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone

Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone – Best Trippy Photo Edit Apps: There are hundreds of photo editing apps available in iOS App Store. Therefore it is difficult for the user to find out one of the best trippy photo editor apps for iPhone. Photo Editor App is necessary for every smart phone user. In … Read more

Mac Studio Storage Not User-Upgradeable Due to Software Block

mac studio storage not user upgradeable due to software block

Recently people are talking about the topic of removable SSD storage. Because not long ago, a YouTuber named Luke Miani stated some interesting facts by claiming that the Mac Studio’s SSD storage is not currently user-upgradable due to a software block, even though it is not soldered down. Luke Miani discovered that the Mac studio’s … Read more

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