Rainmeter for Mac – 8 Best Rainmeter Alternatives for Mac

Rainmeter for Mac – Best Rainmeter Alternatives for Mac:

Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool for Windows operating system. The Rainmeter does not support any other OS than Microsoft Windows. So you cannot use Rainmeter on Mac System. However, there are some apps for Mac which are similar to Rainmeter. We will show you the best alternatives to Rainmeter for Mac so that you can choose a suitable app for your Mac.

Best Alternatives to Rainmeter for Mac

The Rainmeter app allows the users to create beautiful skins and set them on their desktop. If you are looking for an alternative to Rainmeter for Mac then you have reached the right place. We have conducted a research to find out some really best alternatives to Rainmeter for Mac that offer exciting features. Here we provide the list and reviews of apps similar to Rainmeter for Mac as follows:

  1. GeekTool
  2. MenuMeters
  3. MiniUsage
  4. Hardware Monitor
  5. GKrellM
  6. iPulse
  7. Nerdtool
  8. Superbar

Let us discuss all the above mentioned best alternatives to Rainmeter for Mac in detail as under:

Rainmeter Alternatives for Mac

01. GeekTool

GeekTool is an application made for customization of desktop on Mac computer. If you want to use best alternative to Rainmeter for Mac then GeekTool is the app designed for you. It allows you to create desktop skins and customize it with various icons & widgets.

Rainmeter Alternatives for Mac

GeekTool has four modules named Shell, Web, Log and Image. With help of Logs feature, you can keep an eye on what is going on right from your Mac desktop. The Image module on GeekTool can capture a folder full of pictures, a network graph or a remote webcam and put it on your desktop.

In order to display something on desktop, you need to prepare a script in GeekTool. It will execute the script to get the information and display the output. The Web option lets you display a full web page on your desktop. You can also generate your own HTML code using your own script.

02. MenuMeters

MenuMeters is a set of CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Monitoring Tools. The MenuMeters is a free and open source application developed by Alex Harper for Mac OS X El Capitan. You can install and use MenuMeters on your Mac System with Mac OS X 10.4 or newer version.

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Rainmeter Alternatives for Mac

The MenuMeters monitors are true SystemUIServer plugins which are also known as Menu Extras. You can reorder these plugin with command-drag and remember their positions after restart of Mac System. The CPU Meter can display system load both as a total percentage and as the user and system time.

Its simple design and multiple features make MenuMeters the best alternative to Rainmeter for Mac. The Disk Activity Meter displays disk activity to local disks. The Memory Meter shows current memory usage and VM Statistics. The Net Meter displays network throughput and its menu shows current interfaces & their status.

03. MiniUsage

MiniUsage is a free utility tool app developed for Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later. It is a lightweight and the best app for Mac User who wants to monitor everything in Mac System. The MiniUsage displays all the information about software and hardware usage status right on your Mac desktop.

Rainmeter Alternatives for Mac

The primary function of MiniUsage is to inform the user what is going on in Mac system. The MiniUsage displays CPU Usage, Amount of Network Flow, Battery Status and other important details. It also shows the names of processes which are using high CPU on your Mac.

The MiniUsage is the best alternative to Rainmeter as it shows all required information in the desktop menu bar. This app takes a little space in your Mac and shows all important data on desktop. Therefore MiniUsage is the most suitable utility app for every Mac computer and MacBook.

04. Hardware Monitor

Hardware Monitor is a useful application for Mac OS operating system. It is designed to read out the hardware sensors built into specific Mac models. The Hardware Monitor shows the display of Mac system temperature, customizable labels and display options for all sensors.

rainmeter mac

Hardware Monitor saves periodic automatic recording and safe storage of history data. It will be helpful for you when your Mac is unstable and often requires a repair. The auto save option makes it the best alternative to Rainmeter for Mac you can ever have.

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The Hardware Monitor supports artificial sensors to monitor aspects of the Mac OS operating system. It monitors and displays CPU load, disk usage, number of processes, memory usage, paging activity, network interface activity, smart verification status and remaining battery capacity.

05. GKrellM

GNU Krell Monitors (also known as GKrellM) is a system monitor software. It is developed for Unix-like operating system that works on Mac OS, Windows, Linux and many more. In order to install GKrellM on Mac computer, you need to compile it with the code contributed by Ben Hines.

rainmeter mac

GKrellM is based on the GTK+ toolkit that creates a single process stack of system monitors. It supports applying themes to match its appearance to your window manager, GTK or any other theme. It has SMP CPU Monitor that can chart individual CPUs and/or a composite CPU.

GKrellM is able to display temperature, fan and voltage sensor monitors. But it can display all these details only if they are supported by the kernel and the mainboard hardware of your Mac System.

06. iPulse

iPulse is a visual system monitoring app developed by the Iconfactory. The iPulse App comes with ten inbuilt presets so that you can quickly set it up on your Mac System. You can also add new looks to iPulse from the Iconfactory.

rainmeter mac

iPulse app is fully compatible with rootless system integrity protection. it is designed to securely use system resources. The iPulse has a compact, clever and fully customizable interface. It presents Mac OS information in both way i.e. graphically and with text.

The iPulse app monitors Mac OS Statistics of CPU activity, System load over time, Network bandwidth and activity, Memory activity and usage, Battery & wireless signal strength, Disk usage and Current time and date.

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07. Nerdtool

Nerdtool is an all in one tool designed for Mac OS X. It comes with an interface divided into two parts i.e. log group selector on the left side and log editor on the right side. It has shell support plus both local and online image support.

rainmeter mac

The Nerdtool allows you to display many things directly on the top of your desktop. The list of such things includes weather reports, headline news and system vitals as well. The Nerdtool provides constant file monitoring, that’s why it is the best alternative to Rainmeter for Mac OS X.

Nerdtool can display shell outputs with ANSI escaped formatting. It can manipulate color, size and font of the final output. It has magnetic logs and other tools for layout assistance. The Nerdtool is also capable to display images, HTML documents and other higher forms of media.

08. Superbar

Superbar is a free menubar application for Mac OS. The Superbar app allows you to customize whatever is possible from your Mac menubar. You should add the shortcuts of apps and tools to Superbar so that you can quickly access them right from your Mac desktop.

rainmeter for mac

The Superbar App lets you add your desired apps, snippets, bookmarks and commands to the menubar. With help of Superbar customization features, you will have all your favorite stuff at your fingertips. Therefore Superbar is one of the best alternatives to Rainmeter for Mac.

You can extend and customize menus as per your preferences. The Superbar also supports Emojis. You can add apps, folders and system preferences to Workspace section and create shortcut for any system command. Superbar offers to run commands in background or in a new terminal window.

Final Opinion:

All the information given above about Best Alternatives to Rainmeter for Mac is true and fair. The alternative apps we have shared here are free and useful for every Mac user. You should download the alternative app which is suitable for your use on Mac computer.

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