9 Best Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone

Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone – Best Trippy Photo Edit Apps:

There are hundreds of photo editing apps available in iOS App Store. Therefore it is difficult for the user to find out one of the best trippy photo editor apps for iPhone.

Photo Editor App is necessary for every smart phone user. In order to edit your photos, you must have the best trippy photo editor app for iPhone. The trippy effects and psychedelic filters will turn your normal photo into a masterpiece picture.

Best Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone

Best Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone

We have conducted an experiment where we have used many popular apps on our iPhone X device. As a result of experiment, we have found some really nice trippy photo editor apps which are mentioned in below list.

  1. Trippy App
  2. Snapseed App
  3. Enlight App
  4. Glitch Wizard App
  5. VSCO App
  6. SpaceEffect App
  7. Affinity Photo App
  8. Hyperspektiv App
  9. Prisma Photo Editor App

Now we will discuss each of the above mentioned best trippy photo editors apps for iPhone in detail.

Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone Review

01. Trippy App

Trippy is a free photo editing app for iPhone and iPad devices. The Trippy App comes with variety of camera effects and many different filters. It is the best trippy photo editing app for iPhone to take your pictures to the next level. In order to install this application, you should have iOS 9.0 or newer version on your iPhone. Trippy app is free to use, but you have to pay some amount to unlock all filters in the app.

trippy photo edit apps

Trippy app contains duotone madness, acid trip, texture packs, bokeh effects and psychedelic filters. You should add various effects to get realistic digital art on your picture and show it to your friends on social media.

The Trippy App has amazing trippy filters to add digital art and style to make your picture different than your other pictures in photo album. It has most insane and unusual filters you have ever seen. The Reds, Blues and Greens will swirl and twirl to create unique photos.

02. Snapseed App

Snapseed is also best trippy photo editing apps for iPhone. It is developed by Google for iOS and Android device users. The Snapseed App is completely free, you don’t need to pay a single penny to turn your regular photo into a professional picture. Snapseed is available in more than 40 languages for your convenience, you can download the app from your iPhone app store.

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trippy photo editing app

Snapseed allows you to save your edited pictures at very high quality which keeps the same resolution of the original picture. It has 29 different tools and filters which will turn your normal photo into a photographer’s masterpiece.

The Snapseed App has Glamour Glow feature which is very useful for adding a glossy and fashion oriented look to your pictures. Face Enhance filter is focused to make your photo look more beautiful by concentrating more on face-specific lightening and skin smoothening.

03. Enlight App

Enlight is a powerful Photoshop like app for editing photos in a different way. The Enlight App is the most comprehensive, high quality and best trippy photo editing app for iPhone. Kindly note that this app is not free, you need to pay $3.99 to download and install Enlight application from your iPhone app store. You can use the Help option in app to learn how to use various tools within the app while editing your pictures.

trippy apps

Enlight App has perfect and selective control over tone, color and details of the image. You can adjust them to create a mind blowing picture. Analog & Duo Filters allow you to reproduce the style of classic cameras and vintage film as well as add light leaks and custom vignetting for a retro feel.

The Enlight App creates amazing painterly effects to transform your photos into realistic looking sketches and artistic masterpieces. The Photo Mixer feature lets you create photo montages, merge photos with various blending modes and overlay two photos with a double exposure effect.

04. Glitch Wizard App

Glitch Wizard is a powerful app that creates animated and still pictures with preset glitches. The Glitch Wizard App gives you the power to glitch your photos, videos, GIFs and share them on social media. It is the best free trippy photo editor app for iPhone as it can run images through audio filters. You should have iOS 7.0 or newer version to get Glitch Wizard App on your iPhone.

trippy photo edit apps

Glitch Wizard has 30 unique glitches to experiment with your photos to give them completely different look and feel. It manipulates image hex and applies amazing techniques to create unpredictable and beautiful results.

The Glitch Wizard app interface is designed with a standard camera icon at the bottom and a list of featured glitch artwork & trippy effects. It runs the images through audio filters and also turns the pictures into animated GIFs and videos with glitch effects.

05. VSCO App

VSCO is an app that allows you to create beautiful photos and videos. You don’t need to use a computer as VSCO App provides all photo editing features on the iPhone. You can download this free and best trippy photo editing app for iPhone from the app store. Thereafter you need to pay $19.99 only if you want to buy yearly VSCO membership to access all the features.

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trippy photo edit apps

VSCO App comes with powerful presets and editing tools to create variety of beautiful pictures and videos on iPhone. It allows you to edit your photos with 10 VSCO presets, contrast, saturation and grain. You can share your photos to get a chance to be curated by VSCO.

One Year VSCO Membership is a great offer to access more than 170 presets and highly advanced editing tools to change appearance of your picture. You can recreate vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji, Agfa and others with Film X. The HSL, borders and video editing tools are also useful.

06. SpaceEffect App

SpaceEffect is a light weight application available to download for free on the Apple iOS App Store. Its attractive effects and filters make it the best trippy photo editing app for iPhone. With help of SpaceEffect App, you can add multiple effects and texture on one picture to make it look unique and beautiful.

9 Best Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone

SpaceEffect App contains more than 75 cool effects and more than 10 brushes for photo editing and to impress your friends with cool layered picture effects. You can create a unique picture by using color effects, glow effects and flame effects in one photo.

Add another FX is a function in SpaceEffect for adding multiple style effects on one picture to turn in into a masterpiece. It allows you to make magical pictures by stacking different effects and adjusting effect opacity & brightness.

07. Affinity Photo App

Affinity Photo is the most powerful and best trippy photo editor app. It is a raster graphics editor developed by Serif Labs for iOS devices, Mac computer and Windows PC. Because of powerful performance and constantly developing features, the Affinity Photo App is often considered as a true Photoshop Killer application for Mac OS and iPhone users.

trippy photo edit apps

Affinity Photo provides live, real time editing, massive 100+ megapixels image support and live panning & zooming at 120 fps. It works with all standard image formats like PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SVG, EPX, EXR, HDR and PDF. It can also open, edit and save Photoshop PSD files.

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With professional image processing, Affinity Photo App can adjust exposure, blackpoint, clarity, vibrance, white balance, shadows, highlights and much more. It has intuitive selection brush and refinement to make selections simple. The dedicated liquify persona provides free hand control over warps, twirls and pinch.

08. Hyperspektiv App

Hyperspektiv App is a photo and video effects application developed by Phantom Force. The Hyperspektiv App provides limited features in free version, you have to buy monthly premium @$2.99 or semi-annual premium @$11.99 to access full features of the app.

trippy photo editor app

Hyperspektiv filters are designed with an innovative art to let you discover your potential to edit the photos in the most different way. It provides editing in portrait mode for creating pictures for Instagram Stories, it also adds new filters time to time to give you new psychedelic effects.

Hyperspektiv is an easy to use app for creating glitchy, psychedelic images with unlimited use of 11 beautiful stock filters. In premium version, you will get HD photos+videos export, 48+ filters library, real time HD capture and adjustable bit-rate up to 20 MB/s.

09. Prisma Photo Editor App

Prisma Photo Editor is an iOS app that uses neutral and artificial intelligence. It is the best trippy photo editor app for iPhone with the ability to make your photo look like Pablo Picasso. It comes with a free trial version and offers monthly and annual subscription in in-app purchases. You should have iOS 11.0 or newer version to install Prisma app on your iPhone device.

trippy photo editor

Prisma has the largest collection of different artistic styles including more than 300 art styles it its art filter library. The Image Enhancement Tools are useful to improve the results after applying art filters to your photo.

In the Photo Enhancement Mode, you will get a wide range of photo editing tools such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, exposure and many more. Prisma Labs releases a new art filter on daily basis, so you will get a new filter on everyday when you open the Prisma Photo Editor app.

Final Opinion:

All the information given above about Top 9 Best Trippy Photo Editing Apps for iPhone is true and fair. Each app in our list is a great app in its own way, the numbers are given for your convenience and not as ranks. You should download and use several apps on your iPhone and then decide which app you want to buy to edit your photos and videos in future.