What is BRCM-LVG under Shared Section in Mac and How to Remove It

What is BRCM-LVG under Shared Section in Mac and How to Remove It:

Mac Computer is known for its smooth Mac OS and amazing features. Many people shift from other Laptop to MacBook because Mac OS is faster, efficient and innovative. BRCM-LVG is an unlikely media server arising in Mac. You will see BRCM-LVG under Shared Section in Finder. This BRCM-LVG is a common issue happen with almost all Mac Users on one or the other day.

What is BRCM-LVG?

BRCM-LVG is a wireless storage setup created by the WiFi Internet Router.


BRCM-LVG appears in Finder Menu under Shared Section in Mac. There is no certain time period for BRCM-LVG issue, it can randomly appear at anytime to Mac Users.

Is BRCM-LVG Harmful to Mac?

When BRCM-LVG appears under Shared Section in Mac, the users start worrying. Most Mac Users think that BRCM-LVG is harmful to their MacBook or Computer. Well, it is not completely true. BRCM-LVG is a wireless storage setup from the Internet Router or Modem.

Is My MacBook Hacked by BRCM-LVG?

When BRCM-LVG appears in Mac, it does not mean your MacBook is hacked. The BRCM-LVG stands for a wireless storage or media server. This can happen because of your New Internet Service Provider or your Mac OS is recently updated. A hacker with same name (BRCM-LVG) can hack your MacBook but the chances of such attack are very less. Because Mac is also known for its mastery in security and encryption.

Everything you need to know about BRCM-LVG

You already know that BRCM-LVG is a wireless storage. The Mac System shows it up as Media Server PC under Shared Section. But there are some more layers around BRCM-LVG. We need to remove those layers to understand the term BRCM-LVG and its connection with Mac OS. Here we will give you complete explanation for everything you should know about BRCM-LVG.

When you want to use internet on Mac, you can get it by various ways. Internet Dongle, WiFi Router, Hotspot from Mobile Phone and Wired Ethernet are the most preferred internet options. Most Mac users prefer to buy Wireless Router to get internet on their MacBook. Time Warner Cable is the most popular Internet Service Provider in United States. You must be thinking about how all these are related to BRCM-LVG, let’s understand it further.

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The Time Warner Cable sells its Internet Connection with its Wireless Router named TC8715D or other router models. This Router provides Wireless Internet through WiFi and also offers Network Attached Storage (NAS) Service. You can transfer files from your MacBook to the Network Attached Storage Device. You can attach a Hard Drive or any other removable storage device to your Router to use this facility.

The TC8715D Router creates a Wireless Storage Media Server on Mac when you set it up first time. This media server name is BRCM-LVG because the main chipset of the router is made by Broadcom Incorporation. This can happen with any other router modem with Broadcom Chipset. Now you understand how BRCM-LVG is created by your Router Modem and show up under Shared Section in Mac.

Methods to Remove BRCM-LVG from Shared Section on Mac

First of all, BRCM-LVG is not a threat to your Mac System by any way. It is just the name of Network Attached Storage (NAS) Service provided by your WiFi Router Modem. Therefore BRCM-LVG does not harm your MacBook, it just allows you to share & transfer files from your computer to network attached storage and vice versa. Still if you find BRCM-LVG is embarrassing then we have some easiest methods to remove it permanently from your Mac.

Method 01: Change Network Sharing Settings to Remove BRCM-LVG from Mac

Some media servers are automatically come into your Mac System. This happens because there are some options which are ON and you don’t know about them. The Network Sharing and File Sharing Settings are helpful to resolve such issues. You need to change several settings in preferences option to get rid of BRCM-LVG showing under Shared Section in your Mac PC.

Kindly follow the instructions given below to Change Sharing Settings on Mac:

  • Go to Finder>Preferences>Sidebar Tab>Shared Section

After you reach Shared Section in above, Uncheck everything under Shared Section. First task is complete, let’s move towards next task.

  • Go to System Preferences>Sharing>File Sharing>list of Protocols for sharing files and folders
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In above settings, you need to Uncheck the unknown or unwanted servers/protocols that offer sharing files and folders over network. Some common protocols are SMB (Server Message Block Protocol) and AFP (Apple File Protocol).

After completing above two tasks, you are done. This method solves almost all media servers issues in Mac System. The BRCM-LVG will not appear anymore under Shared Section on your Mac. In case you see the BRCM-LVG still existing in your Mac then you have to apply the next method.

Method 02: Turn Off DLNA Settings and Reset the WiFi Router

As we know some settings are already ON in Mac System. Therefore, the WiFi Router Modem is able to create BRCM-LVG as media server on your Mac. It appears under Shared Section in Finder. we have found the ultimate method to remove the BRCM-LVG from Mac PC and MacBook. It may happen that the 1st method (above) can or cannot work on your Mac. But the 2nd method is 100% working on all Mac System computers.

This method includes making some changes in My DLNA, Digital Media Server and USB Settings. Thereafter you need to Reset your WiFi Router or Modem. We will explain this method in two parts to help you understand better and apply more easily. You can easily remove BRCM-LVG from your Mac by following the simple steps given here.

Part I – Turn Off DLNA, Digital Media Server and USB Settings

Kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Desktop Screen on your Mac.
  2. Select Apple Menu and navigate to System Preferences.
  3. Select the System Preferences tab to see all settings.
  4. Go to Sharing option to open list of sharing features available on your Mac.
  5. See File Sharing, Web Sharing and other sharing options.
  6. Uncheck the DLNA, Digital Media Server and USB Settings to Turn them Off.
  7. Press OK save the Settings and Close the settings/preferences window.

Part II – Reset WiFi Router Modem

Before you proceed to Reset your WiFi Router, you have to complete the Part I Process. If you have already turned off the DLNA Settings in your Mac then go ahead for next task i.e. Reset WiFi Router. Check your WiFi Router IP Address in Network Settings on your Mac. Once you have the IP Address, you can Reset your Router through following steps:

  1. Go to your Router’s IP Address using a Web Browser.
  2. Login with your User Name and Password.
  3. Access your Router from your Mac and go to Settings.
  4. Select “Reset” option to Reset the Router.
  5. Select your Router in WiFi Network options and connect it.
  6. Go to Router’s IP Address set up new user name and password.
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In case you don’t remember your Current WiFi Password, you can Reset it right from the Router Modem. It has Reset button, just press it and login to it IP Address with default username and password. You can find the default login details in Router’s User Manual or back of your WiFi Router. Then follow further steps to set it up again with new login credentials.

As you Turn Off DLNA Settings and Reset WiFi Router, the problem is solved. The Q fast IP check and BRCM-LVG don’t exist anymore on your Mac. You should verify the same in Finder, under Shared Section.

Scan your Mac System with Antivirus

BRCM-LVG starts appearing after Mac OS Update or after New Internet Router is connected. If you have not done any update in operating system or WiFi then the BRCM-LVG is a mystery. In such circumstances, you should Perform a Full Scan on your Mac System. Get an Effective Antivirus App for your Mac and scan Full PC to know if there is any virus, malware or harmful files. After successful scan and repair, your Mac PC or MacBook is completely safe.

Final Words:

All the information mentioned above about “What is BRCM-LVG under Shared Section in Mac?” is true and fair. The methods to remove BRCM-LVG are ethical and working on all Mac computers. For more queries regarding BRCM-LVG and how to get rid of it, kindly contact Apple Helpline at 1-800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753) or visit Apple Support Website at support.apple.com.

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