Where are Voice Memos Stored on Mac

Maybe you have recorded some important meeting or message on Voice Memos, but you can’t find where it is stored on a Mac. Voice Memos is one of the essential tools for every user, as it is very convenient to use.

If you are a new Mac user, then you already know how easy it is to use Voice Memo, you can easily record meetings and conversations. But, the only issue they have gone through is they can’t find where voice memos are stored on a Mac.

In this guide, I will show you where Voice Memos are stored on Mac and how to find them. Without wasting any time, let’s get into it.

Where is the Voice Memo Files Stored on my Mac?

After recording meetings and information you want to access their storage location on your Mac. If you didn’t know how to, then you can do this using Finder. Follow the given below steps.

But, before going through the steps, I will provide you with the path to find the location of the Voice Memo. The following is the path to the location of the Voice Memo:

$HOME/Library/Application Support/com.apple.voicememos/Recordings

Follow the steps to locate the files:

1. Open the Finder.

2. In the search field in the top right corner of the window type com.apple.voice.

3. Select This Mac to search in.

4. Click on com.apple.voicememos folder in the results.

where is the voice memo files stored on my mac


5. You should see the Recording subfolder. It is advised that you drag and drop it to your favorites on this step.

6. From this step, you will always be able to quickly reveal your voice memos as m4a files in your Finder.

7. Now you can go to the Recordings folder and see all your voice memos as .m4a-files:

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where is the voice memo files stored on my mac 1


Now, that you know where to find Voice Memos on a Mac. You must want to know how to save Voice Memos as files to your desired location.

This might be one of the most essential things as you can easily find your files when you saved the Voice Memo as files in the Desired Location.

How to Save Voice Memos as files to your Desired Location:

  1. Launch the Voice Memos app.
  2. Record a new memo or locate an existing one in the left pane of the Voice Memos app window.
  3. Minimize all other windows to be able to see the empty area of your desktop if you want to save a voice memo to the desktop.
  4. Take your cursor over the memo you wish to copy and make sure the cursor displays as the arrow.
  5. Hold down a voice memo, drag it to the desktop and finally drop it.

How to rename your Voice Memos:

Do you want to rename your Voice Memos, you can also do that. By default, your Voice memos will be saved with “New Recording number” but you can change it anytime.

You can rename the voice memo with your desired name so you can easily recognize it whenever you wanted to. Here I will show you two ways to rename Voice memos.

  • Renaming the Voice memo from the list:
  1. Click on the voice memo in your list and then click on the name to put your cursor inside the field.
  2. Use Delete to remove the current name.
  3. Type the new name.
  4. Hit Enter.
  • Renaming the Voice memo from the Menu:
  1. Select the voice memo on your list.
  2. Click File > Rename from your menu bar.
  3. Type the new name.
  4. Hit Enter.
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How to Recover Deleted Voice memos on Mac?

It might be possible that you have accidentally deleted your important voice memo. You must be thinking that you can’t recover them again, but the thing is you actually recover them.

Yes, you heard that right, you can actually recover deleted voice memos on your Mac easily by following the little process.

Here is how you can recover Deleted Voice memos on Mac:

1. Open Voice memos on Mac. Click on the Show Sidebar icon from the top Voice Memos Bar.

2. Select Recently Deleted Folder > and see all the Deleted Voice memos.


how to recover deleted voice memos on mac

3. Now, Select Individual Voice memos or Recover all Voice memos with the option, Recover All Option.

4. That is it. The Recovered Recordings will be moved back to the library.

how to recover deleted voice memos on mac2


5. Recovered Recording will be back saved to the Voice memos app.

How to Edit Voice Memos on your Mac:

Now that you learned how to recover and rename the Voice memo files, what if you have to edit the Voice Memo. You can cut and edit the parts of the Voice memo within the app if you wanted to. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Select the recording from your list and click the Edit button on the top right.
  2. On the Edit screen, you can move the blue slider to the exact spot in your recording.
  3. Or click the Play button and then hit Pause when you get the place you like to edit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where do Apple Voice memos go?

If you have signed in with your Apple iCloud Settings, then your recording is saved in iCloud and located automatically on all your devices in which you have logged in with your same Apple iCloud ID.

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Q. Are there Voice memos on Mac?

There is a voice memo on your Mac. Voice is one of the best applications that allows you to record meetings, lectures, song ideas, and more. Just click red button, record the meeting, save it, and you are good to go.

Q. How long can voice memos record on Mac?

You will be happy to hear that there is no limit on the voice memo. It means you can record any meeting for hours if you want to. But, the only thing that you must keep in mind is that you must have enough storage on your Mac. Otherwise, it will be not going to record.


Did you understand where Voice memos are stored on a Mac? It is quite a process, but if you follow the steps properly, believe me, it is easy. Occasionally, users face an issue and can’t really find where the voice memos are stored.

But, not anymore after reading this guide, you will not only learn where files are stored, but also you will learn how to edit, rename, and recover Voice memos easily. You can even add the recording folder to your Favourites which is the best option.

I hope, you understand where voice memos are located and can easily find them whenever you want to. I appreciate it if you share this article with your friends and family. Thanks for reading, and keep supporting us!!