Where is the Utilities Folder on a Mac

Just switched from using Windows to Mac? There is a great possibility that you might be confused and wondering why can’t I find the Utility folder. And Where is the utility folder on a Mac?

If you didn’t know already, your Utility folder contains many tools for Mac like Bootcamp Assistant, Monitor Activity, Disk Utility, Terminal, and many more helpful tools. Utility Folder is an essential and default folder that comes with macOS.

You may have probably seen the utility folder somewhere but couldn’t find it as this folder is inside the Application folder. So, new Mac users may have difficulties finding the Utility folder on the Mac.

However, it is not impossible. If you are also looking for a way to find the Utility folder on a Mac, then you are at the right place. I will help you understand what is Utility folder is and where to find it on a Mac. Keep on reading to find out!

What is Utility Folder on a Mac?

Basically, a utility folder is an in-built folder that contains several system utility applications that are designed to optimize computer performance. This folder is an in-built default folder in macOS.

It is a very essential and helpful folder that contains tools like Disk Utility, Terminal, screenshots, and many more. You can use Disk Utility on your Mac to manage internal and external storage devices.

where is the utilities folder on a mac
where is the utilities folder on a mac


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This Utility folder has some of the apps that help to meet daily tasks like the screenshot, Terminal, etc. It is necessary to know where is utility folder on a Mac as you may need to use any of them.

If you are new to using Mac and not finding the way through the utility folder can be hard. But, don’t you worry anymore, I will show you the process of finding the Utility folder on a Mac. So, without any further delay, let’s do this!!

Where to Find the Utility Folder On a Mac?

There are many ways to find and access the utility folder on a Mac. Follow the given below steps to find out how to:

#1. Using Finder to Go to the Utilities Folder:

1. On the Mac, Go to Finder.
2. From the Finder menu, select Go -> Utilities.

using finder to go to the utilities folder

#2. Use the keyboard shortcut to access Utilities Folder:

Another easy way to access the utility folder is through the shortcut method. This method is straightforward for users. To do so:

use the keyboard shortcut to access utilities folder

1. Press Shift + Command + U keys simultaneously on your Mac keyboard.
2. After that, the Utility folder will appear on the screen.
3. And that’s it is.

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#3. Use the Spotlight Search:

You can even find the Utility folder using the Spotlight search. Learn how to? Follow the given steps:

1. On your Mac, launch Spotlight in the menu bar or press the Command + Space bar button.
2. In the search field, type as Utility and click it.

#4. Use the Finder Option:

You can also use the finder option to find the utility folder on your dock. To do that,

1. Move to Finder and click the Application option on the left side of the mac.
2. Then go to find the Utility folder.

If you simply want to use the Utility folder more often, then you can also add it to your Dock for easy access. To do that, open Finder, then click Applications and find the Utility folder. Now click the folder and then just drag the folder to the right side of the dock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Get to the Utilities Folder On My Mac?

The Utility folder can be found in the utility section of your Dock if you have a Utility folder within the Applications folder. The Finder has access to all utilities. To view utilities, click on Go and then select Utilities. Use your Spotlight search to type Utilities.

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Q. What should be in the Utility folder on a Mac?

As I have explained already, Mac’s utility folder contains many system utility applications which are designed to optimize your computer’s performance. Here are some of the utility applications given below: 

  • Activity Monitor.
  • Airport utilities.
  • Terminal.
  • Audio MIDI setup.
  • Bluetooth file exchange.
  • Digital Colorimeter.
  • VoiceOver utility.
  • System Utility.


The idea of knowing where the utility folder is and how to access it on your Mac when needed is essential. The Utility folder contains many helpful applications, and not knowing where to find and access it can be irritating.

I understand that if you are new to Mac, you may face difficulties to find it. But not anymore! I have explained different methods to access the Utility folder on your Mac. Hopefully, for the new users of the Mac, this guide will help you understand what the Utility folder is and where to find and access it.

Just a reminder that, with new updates and versions, the Utility folder changes with additional items. If this guide has been useful to you, then please kindly share this guide with others for their help.